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Lessons Learned from eplanet ventures "Pakistan: A Story of Technology, Entrepreneurs and Global Networks"

Lessons Learned from eplanet ventures "Pakistan: A Story of Technology, Entrepreneurs and Global Networks"

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A group assignment for Innovation class discussion. Please share your knowledge and give your rate
A group assignment for Innovation class discussion. Please share your knowledge and give your rate

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Fez Research Laboratory on Mar 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MM 5011Knowledge Management and InnovationGroup AssignmentPakistan: A Story of Technology, Entrepreneurs and Global NetworksLessons LearnedSyndicate 2 X.46 (Great Leaders Syndicate)29111311 Haidir Afesina29111328 Hendra Winata29111329 Mita Listyatri29111338 Andek Prabowo29111344 Aprian Eka Rahadi29111384 Chairunnisa Mirhelina N29111387 Franciscus Xaverius Kresna P29111393 Agung Indri PramantyoMASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONSCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENTINSTITUT TEKNOLOGI BANDUNG2012
Company Overview
ePlanet Ventures, a technology fund based in Silicon Valley founded by Asad Jamal. Asad is a Pakistani withBachelor`s degree from the London School of Economics who spent most of his life overseas. He successfullydeveloped business in the advertising, media, communications and wireless, computing software, consumer internet, and other market spaces. As a venture capitalist he always look for new horizons.
To be one of the first venture capital entrants enter Pakistan with its largely untapped market (the growth of middle class).
Doubt that Pakistan condition with its mere 60 years old will be sustainable for investor despite of their growingmiddle class.
Lesson Learned
Fact#1 Leadership
 President Musharaf`s policies appeared to invigorate Pakistan`s economy and stimulate entrepreneurship withinthe country regardless of uncertain political future.
Lesson Learned
Country`s leader vision as dealmaker has to put as a consideration before entering the marketLeadership is a vision to build hope, trust and optimism through opportunities for the future (Kouzes and Posner,2002).
Other Country Experience
Taken from Dubai: A Star in The East by Balakrishnan (2008), it was His Highness Sheikh Mohammed BinRashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai who has transformed Dubaiinto the number one investor destination in its region. Through his visionary leadership made the policy easier and be trusted for investors to invest in infrastructure and tourism
Fact#2 GDP
 Pakistan, the 6
most populated country in the world with GDP growth around 7% per year since 2002, hadlarge market, cost-base and talent, and family connections dominance.
Lesson Learned
Higher GDP means higher buying power High-populated country is an emerging market (Kertajaya, 2002)
Other Country Experience
Taken from Markplus Conference 2011, since 2010, Indonesia has becoming the most attractive destination for foreign investor because of its high rate consumption and huge resources. It can be seen from GDP annualincrement stability followed by the increasing of FDI in end of 2011 (foreign direct investment) i.e. 11.5%(www.bkpm.co.id). Thus Fontera plans to invest in new Indonesian plant, Honam P builds cement factory for 45trillion and China with South Korea to invest in straight bridge.
Fact#3 Regulation
 According to the World Bank’s “Doing business 2008” report, the country ranked highest in South Asia incategories such as “Starting a Business” and “Protecting Investors” because of its recent policy trends of liberalization and deregulation (Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds).
Lesson Learned
Good law enforcement attracts investor To attract FDI, a country needs resources, law enforcement and infrastructure (Salvatore, 2004).
Other Country Experience
Taken from Hermawan on Marketing by Kertajaya (2002), after its revolution, in 1970 China allowed investor especially multinational company to start their business by ensuring their safety and promising country politicsand economy sustainability. Thus made China number one for FDI recipients in the world. A company such asSK-II built and developed its factory in China.
Fact#4 Culture
 The culture was still one of family-owned businesses with limited professional management that made trustedmanagement was hard to come by in Pakistan as the concept of equity and options were new in Pakistan.
Lesson Learned
 New concept needs research, patient and collaborate with local business peopleTo introduce new product and concept to the market, the need of local knowledge and influence are needed togain people acceptance (Drummond, Ensor and Ashford, 2008).
Other Country Experience
Taken from Hermawan on Marketing by Kertajaya (2002), Wal-Mart failed its concept in Indonesia in 1998 ashypermarket that offered value of low price with product varieties. They failed to understand the local behavior,impatient and reluctant to adapt with the business system. Thus Carrefour that came after Wal-Mart was gainsuccessful time with their understanding of Indonesian system.
Fact#5 Labor
 Pakistan’s talent pool was generally 30-40% cheaper than India and China despite of expensive price of realestate, unreliable supply of electricity, water and other utilities.
Lesson Learned
Cheap labor is huge resources

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