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Briefing by HFM on 07 March,13

Briefing by HFM on 07 March,13

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Published by: t__j on Mar 11, 2013
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Diplomatic Briefing by Hon’ble Foreign Minister on ‘
the RecentViolence and Atrocities committed by Jamaat-Shibir and theirAllies
’, Thursday, 07 March 2013,
UNCLOS Conference Room atthe Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka
Excellencies,Members of the Diplomatic Corp,Dear colleagues,I thank you for your presence this evening on a short notice. I felt itnecessary
to share with you our Government’s perspectives on the
recent incidents of violence and atrocities that we have experiencedin different parts of the country. I also wanted to share somemessages that we would like to convey to our friends in theinternational community.As you are all aware, the orchestrated violence and reign of terroracross the country was unleashed in the aftermath of theInternational Crimes Tribunal-1 (ICT-1)
verdict on 28 February 2013convicting Mr. Delowar Hossain Sayeedi of crimes against humanityand sentencing him to death for the charges proved against himbeyond reasonable doubt. Mr. Sayeedi, who is also the Nayeb-e-Amirof the Jamaat-e-Islami Central Committee, has been found guilty bythe Tribunal of committing murder, rape, torture, persecution, forcedreligious conversion and abetment during Bangladesh War ofLiberation in 1971. It may be noted that the Tribunal has alsoacquitted him on a number of charges.It is well recorded that the leadership of the Jamaat-e-Islami and itsaffiliated students wing Islami Chhatra Shibir have been engaged in asystematic propaganda at the local and international levels toundermine the war crimes trial process and implicate the ICTBD incontroversies ever since the trials started in 2010. However, since thepronouncement of the first verdict by the ICTBD on 19 January thisyear, these radical and extremist quarters had publicly launched anationwide continued offensive of violence and criminal activities
that have created mayhem and a serious threat to Bangladesh’s
national and public security and law and order.It may also be noted that there has been nationwide unprecedentedand spontaneous mass uprisings of the youth of Bangladesh, inspired
by the ‘Shahbag
Movement’ at the ‘Generation Square’ in Dhaka,
since 05 February 2013 which widely covered by the domestic media,had peacefully but firmly protested the ICT-
BD’s second verdict
against Mr. Abdul Quader Molla as disproportionate sentence. Thesepeaceful protests have set a global example of how a youth lednational movement can exercise freedom of expression and assemblythrough peaceful demonstrations. The ICT verdicts and the peacefulnationwide protests in fact had initially been the main source ofoutrage of the Jamaat-Shibir cadres and perhaps placed them at astrategic back-foot.However, they soon re-emerged on the scene with their nefariousdesigns, including attempts to malign the Shahbagh movement andtargeted attacks against the
social bloggers andorganizers with a view to weaken the movement. They havesystematically incited fabricated propaganda against the bloggersand organisers of the movement for being involved in anti-religiousand anti-Islamic activities using religion for political ends. Theiralleged incitement in radicalizing the youths that were involved in
the murder of the blogger movement’s leader Ahmed Rajiv
Haider iswell established now.They even made a public threat to create a civil war like situation inthe country if the ICT verdicts convicted their leaders of charges ofcrimes against humanity and genocide or unless there was a reversalof the court verdicts. The widespread violence and atrocities that wehave witnessed across the country in the last few days has been amaterialization of that threat. These threats made it evident that dueto its failure to come to terms with the past war crimes of its leadersand purge itself of its tainted leadership and legacy, the Jamaat-e-Islami has lost its standing and credibility as a political organisationamong the mainstream Bangladesh population. The Jamaat-Shibir is
currently faced with almost an existential crisis and, true to theirhistorical nature of making their points and protests throughdesperate violent and terrorist means, they would not cede the
ground without creating complete anarchy and their intended ‘civilwar like situation’.
As a Govern
ment responsible for ensuring its people’s protection and
well-being, we cannot allow such atrocities to be committed withimpunity and in an indiscriminate manner. There is no way ourGovernment would show any tolerance to violent and unlawfulmeans of protest that the Jamaat-Shibir has opted for to strike a blowto the democratic and secular foundation of this country and itssocio-economic stability.One would notice that the reign of terror that the Jamaat-Shibirwanted to create in the country had an unmistakable resonance withtheir heinous activities during the days of 1971. They have resorted tocreating fear, misgivings and insecurity among the civilianpopulation and have launched violent and targeted attacks againstthe police, BGB, RAB, Ansar and other public officials and theirfamilies. We have shared with you a list of atrocities committed bythe Jamaat-Shibir sicne 28 February in different part of the countryand the casualties that occurred.Firstly, like any terrorist organization, they have mounted attacksagainst certain key point installations around the country such aspower stations, television centre, police stations, local governmentand district administrative offices and trains and rail lines. They havemade it a point to create anarchy by striking at infrastructures andpublic transports even at the potential cost of causing massive loss ofhuman lives. They have not even spared the Shaheed Minars fromtheir marauding spree to desecrate the symbols of our national unityand identity. These are planned and deliberate attacks not justagainst the Government, but against the State of Bangladesh.Secondly, you would perhaps notice that there have been systematicattacks against strategic institutions or installations that would

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