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SF923 Summary

SF923 Summary

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SF923 Summary
SF923 Summary

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Overview of DVS Policy Bill
The DVS policy bill makes several housekeeping changes to various permits and vehicle registrationsections to ensure that current business practices are consistent with the statutory provisions. In other areas, DVS proposes more substantive policy changes that impact motor vehicle dealers and grants thecommissioner necessary authority to conduct federally required criminal background checks of certainemployees.
DVS issues the 30-day base plate generally for any out-of-state commercial vehicle that is not registeredto operate in Minnesota. This bill removes the reference to the enumerated, transitory business types of circuses, carnivals or other amusement attractions in order to clarify its general applicability.The drive-away in-transit license plate is issued for the temporary purpose of transporting vehicles intransit from one destination to another 
within the state
. In response to numerous reports of fraud andmisuse of this plate as permanent vehicle registration from out-of-state law enforcement agencies, DVS isamending this statute to further clarify that this license plate is valid only in Minnesota.The Prorate unit may issue a temporary permit to motor carriers that have a short-term need for out-of-
state registration. Proposed changes in the bill define “on an occasional basis” to mean no mor 
e than one permit per vehicle within a 30-day period. This amendment would codify longstanding issuance policy inthis area.
DVS is proposing to repeal the “one
way trip permit” since a recent review of all motor vehicle
-related permits revealed that this type of permit has not been issued for over twenty years.
 Enhanced Driver’s License/Identification Card:
Enhanced driver’s license and enhanced identification cards (EDL/EID) are optional identity documents
and can be used for cross-border travel purposes (land and sea only) and cannot be issued for a periodlonger than eight years. These identity
documents cost more than a regular driver’s license or 
identification card due to the security features of the card.Because persons age 65 or older can receive State ID cards at a reduced rate and the card is valid for the
 person’s lifetime
, the amendments to these sections clarify that neither the reduced fee for a State ID card,nor the lifetime issuance provision, apply to an EID for a person age 65 or older.The bill also adds new language authorizing the commissioner to obtain criminal background checks onemployees whose job responsibilities include EDL-EID issuance. These background checks are required by the State of Minnesota Business Plan of Impl
ementation of Enhanced Driver’s License and
Identification Cards. However, in order to conduct these criminal background checks, the FBI must beable to cite a specific state statute that authorizes the background checks.
Commercial Driver’s License
DPS must also conduct annual background checks, of certain Exam employees who administer either the
knowledge or skills test for commercial driver’s license (CDL) applicants. FMCSA issued a final rule in

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