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Knowing the Beginning and Ending of Relationships

Knowing the Beginning and Ending of Relationships

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Published by Achiever

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Published by: Achiever on Mar 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Knowing the beginning and ending of relationships
 - MaitreyaIn the journey of each life you have met people all along. Some werethere for a short period and some continue to be with you in manylives. Each relationship has a deep meaning and an impact on us.Some very brief relationships leave a long-term mark or scar whereassome lengthy relationships seem meaningless. It's because life path isa continual journey of coming back again and again. The accumulatedinbuilt memory and karmic actions of our past keep bringing you closerto some people.You love, hate, grieve, sob, hurt, get hurt and get kicks out of relationships. No relation is permanent except the one with your ownself and its connection with the root.
All relationships are temporary. Some appear to be temporarilypermanent and others permanently temporary. These oneskeep coming in each life in different form as if chasing us.
 The biggest challenge in any lifetime is to let go and to separatewithout pain or to manage the separation. I will send you somemessages on how to handle these separations in coming days.Meanwhile please remember and learn to value any relationships youmaintain even though they may appear meaningless or colorlesstoday.Meet each person you know as if it is the last day of your meeting.You don't know if you will ever encounter them again. Your acquiredand false sense of security in mind will abhor to think that way forcingyou to ignore this reality but note that all what you see today istemporary. This appears and sounds very cruel, hurtful andunbelievable but this false security is as solid as the dry paint on yourhouse.Keep this always in your mind that you have a very limited time tomeet and inter-act with people in this life. NOW you have the time, willand possibility. You don't know when the next opportunity will come.
Do not wait for tomorrow to love. If you cannot love today please donot hope for the tomorrows, as it may never be there. YOU ONLY havetoday to love and do whatever you can for people you love. Forget therest.
What you see is NOT what you SEE and whatyou get
 If you wear expensive clothing but have no materialpossessions, will you be considered rich by the world? Or if you arevery rich and wear a simple dress will you be poor? One of the mostfrequent routine things most people do is to visualize a person by theirappearance and immediately pass a judgment in their heart. Never judge someone by skin. There may be more colors behind that white,pale, brown or black skin, which you may not find even in the rainbow.Never judge someone for his thin appearance, there may be a hugepersonality in that frail body or for his big physique, there may be acute little innocent baby in that wide body. Never judge anyone withpoor looks, there may be hidden, God's most precious gifts in thatmind.Never judge anyone who appears to be ugly to you because the beautyof universe may lie behind that horrid ugly mask. If you really want tomake friends & KNOW people, delve into their mind.Value their mind, talents, the substance in their soul.The content 'inside' is more important than the exterior colors. Likeadvertising & deceptive packaging, MOST appearances seen by plaineyes are NOT what they are. You can save a great deal of time;resources and life if you look behind the glitter.
Maitreya's Practical list to express LOVE andachieving total peace, harmony and success
 Loving is manifested in millions of forms and loving in any form isconnecting with life and all that is living is directly connected to theultimate super creative reality.As you cross the timeline and look back humanity has always defined
love with their own knowledge, experience and styles yet love does notrequire any language to express itself. As you don't need any languageor religion to talk to God, likewise you don't need any language or manmade object to express love.Love can be expressed in as many waysas you want. Do not misunderstand love.Fake, moralistic, fear inducing, unreal, stale, mass-marketed, you-are-the sinner type philosophies have distorted love to such an extent thatlove is reduced to touch and sensual pleasures. That's like sellingadvance tickets to heavens and paradises.Remember - teach others that Love is also:* To help someone without any greed, self interest or ulterior motives.Sharing is to create love* To not hurt any living organism even at times you are hurtknowingly. Real strength is gentle.* To not hurt others by words or actions by projecting innerinsecurities, turmoil and fears. Deal your stuff dont victimize others.* To sacrifice one's pleasures or rewards to bring happiness to peopleyou care. Real pleasure is to let go.* To only see the best part of others and ignore their worse traits. Godmay appear in any form.* To forgive and forget forever and not keeping any resentments.Retaining resentment is cancerous.* To accept your weaknesses, run routine checks for error andmistakes. Knowing self opens inner love source.* To thank for all the good and worse things life and people have givenyou. Thanking is accepting the destiny.* To not making others feel guilty for their failures to please yourself.Our failures are necessary to succeed.* To not keeping guilt for your failure to please others. Pledge to dobetter next time.* To not expect anything in return for all the favors you did to all.

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