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Realize Your Power.

Realize Your Power.

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Published by Achiever

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Published by: Achiever on Mar 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Realize Your Power - Estimating your worth
 Take a small seed in your hand and look at it. It appears so lifeless, tiny and almostinsignificant. But with some soil, water, sun heat, air and the fusion of cosmic spark -that little seed transforms into something thousands of times bigger than itself.Note the scale and see that there is a large tree hidden in that small seed. Quitesimilarly, in your almost invisible, quasi-forgotten soul - lies a huge universe that ishidden and inherent like tree in the seed. You are capable to do almost anything you can dream of; you carry the wholeuniversal energy in and around you. Many of the low times in life, we think ourselvesworthless, incapacitated, virtually enslaved and at times surprised 'man what am Idoing here? what is our mission on this earth etc'.I inform you - You do have an important mission and you are already contributing tothe visible world - through your talent, hard work and pool of energy. Never under-estimate yourself nor feel lonely. Your world is created by your work and creativity. You only have to act - the BEST you can, the real DOER is the creator - who like aprompter of theatre delivers you the script.
Something that holds your growth? IS IT FEAR?
 When you get up in the morning - make a point that you get up like a lion - sure of yourself, bold and fearless. Before that you may have to work on the fear.Fear starts from 1st day of life, out of insecurities or of feelings of losing what youhave. Fear is NEVER of unknown but the known and what you 'possess'. You fear, of what you already KNOW quite well. Fear resides in deep pockets of mindlike a bug - hidden but lively. Fear can be one of the basic reasons of failures of life.Fear creates walls around us, forces us to take incorrect decisions, on the other hand,fearlessness will give you boldness, peace, preserve energy.BUT NEVER run from fear - running from it IS real fear. Stop, think, and follow thetrack of fear back in your mind's archives. Find it, face it, and deal with it now. You must REMOVE it by surgery of deep meditation, by ceasing all knowledge storedin mind. I Repeat that fear resides in knowledge not in the unknown. Your life will beon the super fast track after this silent process.
Should you be waiting for that perfect great moment? How to dis-attachfrom a conditioned life and get going?
 While it is important to plan with prudence, wait for the right moment to take thedecision for important and not-so-important things of life; many times we forget toenjoy the present, thinking that one fine day when a certain thing happens we will doso. Expecting that a certain thing will happen at a certain moment and then a certainidea will come to mind and then from thereon you will start enjoying life; is nothingbut a deception that actually take us far from reality of life. This conditioning of mindin reality makes our life conditioned. Anything that takes us far from reality is unrealand one cannot live waiting for the unreal. How many great works of art are
conceived but not created, how many great relationships start but die an immaturedeath, how many great decisions of life are to be made by us but missed and thusare missed great opportunities of life. It is not that opportunities do not return, theydo almost every day, but they are not the same. Apparently, Time passes through us,unknowingly we assume we pass through time, although in reality time neitherpasses nor moves but our own reality does passes and moves to another reality.If you are able to see the big picture of your life and can plan at least certain thingsas per your desires, and take the right decisions in their right time, it is fairly good. Inthis case, even if you miss few opportunities, it won't affect your overall actions.However if you are stuck in one fixed place for long time without moving anywhereand feel that life is nothing but a boring routine, without any joy and a repetitiousexercise that never ends, you need to do some introspection and look within carefullythat which is holding you from taking important decisions. If nothing is happening inyour life and you find it boring, it means that you are not taking your decisions intheir right time but keep them suspending in an interminable unknown future thatswallows all your good times. Lets make our mind cold, warm our heart up toevaluate this important fact of life. If Earth waited for better and more, it would stoporbiting and soon collide and disintegrate. Each atom all around you and inside is fullof life, vibrating at total noiseless speed, enjoying the music of life, living right besideyou. You live a conditioned life whereby you say, that one day you will have this and thenyou will do that. This conditioning of life is in reality self-framing yourself in a boxwhere you put your self and cover with the lid of excuses. The excuse to NOT liveyour life is a serious denial of life. When we deny the reality of living, we are notliving but lying like a vegetable that expects to be eaten or be disintegrated bymicroorganisms, in other words we are letting nature take our decisions andremember that decisions taken by default or by nature are neither going to be fairnor as per your dreams. If you don't live each moment of life now, you are not livingfully as you should be doing. Please be good to yourself, review your life andstraighten out all loose ends and define your living. Once you do define then justreverse the course and undo all what you do. This is the precious moment that youhave been waiting for. Each impulse of life that makes this moment precious isworthy to appreciate wherever you are, whatever you do, in whichever state of mind.Remove the self-imposed conditioning and start living.Once you change your attitude of will-do-when-that-happens to lets-do-now; thesurroundings and ambience around will change instantly. Do not attempt to store thisfleeting life. See the essence of life that is pure love. Try dehydrate your resentment,guilt, anger, frustration to failures of past and let them dry and disappear. Water thefruits of love and compassion and see how your life grows wild like a tropical tree. Donot block your present for a beautiful future. It is ok to save some money andresources for future but don't save your love, goodtime, hot foods and your smiles forfuture. They are only good while they are fresh. Stale love, times and foods make yousick. Reverse your attitude and DO whatever you want to do today. The horriblepeople will become friendly, dry will become green and bored life will becomeinteresting. Do not wait for the BETTER or MORE. It can't be better than now. Acceptthe ENOUGH in hand as optimum and stop chasing for more and better. You will startliving with joy. Feel the joy in you and everything will be full of joy all around you.Now don't hold life, let it live please.
 Your real you ? Are you really aware of your genuine personality or you are just living a quarter or half life? Personal Growth � How to really achievemore and grow fully?
Every single living human being is an extremely complex yet a complete and perfectcreation of this universe. The enormous synchronization of billions of cells constantlykeep creating us and giving us new life, renewing us yet how many of us live a totaland complete life?I find that in the entire humanity only about 2 or 3% of people really LIVE their life totheir fullest potential. Majority of us are in reality living from 5 to 30% of ourpotential. People give zillion causes like poverty, environment, government, god,religion, education and social conditioning and many other ready made answers totheir situation to defend their partial living. If you start thinking NOW you will alsofind many excuses to justify your situation. The truth is that the majority of humanity is lost in so many self created webs andthreads that we become like spiders running around the threads but the tragic thingis that instead of getting out of the comfortable webs, we weave more and more silkythreads to create more and more prison like encasing of our soul and our personality.Without getting offended and being as realistic as possible, sit down and think if youare really living a life to your fullest potential? I do know your answer in advance.Let us find out what exactly happens to us once we are created and why do wevolunteer to go to the self created prison and hide ourselves there. The reality is thatmost of us do not sprout the seed of real self or personality properly and in manycases its growth is hindered by our own mis-actions and lack of understanding thetotality.I am not talking success or failure here as those are totally virtual, rather unrealstates of mind nor I mean any achievements. Our real personality means our truepotential and how do we liberate ourselves from the self created web and RELEASEourselves from the closet or seed.A personality that is not totally liberated or free is in reality hidden in a secret box.What you exhibit, show or demonstrate to others is only a very limited view of ourtotal sum of personality. Why? Because we inhibit our real self. You may have noticedthat we keep the best dresses and personal things in closets self assuring that we willuse them on a certain occasion. Likewise we keep the best of our qualities hidden inour seed thinking one fine day we will unlock or manifest those qualities. Howeverthe truth is that those beautiful dresses remain most of the time hidden and becomepart of your private museum and likewise the most beautiful of your qualities remainhidden in your private mind which later on become cumulative guilt and unfulfilleddesires and the consequence is that we remain unfulfilled and we live only partiallywith casual dresses and with 'casual' qualities.A semi-grown or half growing personality is an inhibited and imprisoned personality. The word Inhibit also means choke, constrain, constrict, crimp, curb, diminish,discourage, dissuade, forbid, hamper, hinder, imprison, interdict, oppress, prevent,prohibit, quench, repress, restrain, retard, snub, stifle, stop, suppress, veto, withholdand forbid... Trust me this is exactly we DO to our personality and we lock our truepotential and never can really grow. It is like a seed planted in a small pot in anursery that never actually is re-planted to really start growing on its own.IF you sit down today and observe you will see how many of these verbs with thesame meaning apply to you and the sadness and frustration that will engulf you byknowing how you have been restricting your own growth is exactly I want you to feel

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