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How to Work With Bloggers to Maximize Promotion

How to Work With Bloggers to Maximize Promotion

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Published by Heather Mann
from my CHA Winter 2013 session
from my CHA Winter 2013 session

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Published by: Heather Mann on Mar 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHA Seminar 2013
Topic: How to work with Bloggers to Maximize Product PromotionDate & Time of Presentation(s):Saturday, 1/12/20135:00:00 PM – 6:00:00 PMProgram Format: panelSpeaker Role: Moderator (Heather Mann)Topic: How to work with Bloggers to Maximize Product PromotionDescription: Do you want to work with bloggers, but don't know which bloggers to work with, howto work with them, and if it is even worth your time, money and effort? In this panel, we will helpyou figure out when to work with bloggers, how to maximize results from your partnership, andwhat things to look for in choosing bloggers to partner with. We will teach you how to getmaximum exposure by working with bloggers, what bloggers want, and how to use your marketing resources to best appeal to the millions of fans of craft blogs.We will discuss:- Why should I use blogs instead of traditional media?- How can bloggers help me promote my product?- How can I find the right bloggers to promote my product?- How can I make sure the blogger will promote my product in a way that is compatible with mybrand messaging? Audience: Retailers, ManufacturersSeminar Level: Experienced Beginner to Intermediate
How to work with Bloggers to Maximize Product PromotionOutline:
I. Why are bloggers effective? A. Personal, Personality, RealB. Consumer Trust factor. IndependentC. Exposure: Immediate & Long TermD. Authority “People don’t trust entities. People trust people.” - Tim Ferriss, author of The4-Hour WorkweekII. Why Blogs vs. Traditional Media?77% of internet users read blogs52% of blog readers said that a post affected their decision46% of consumers indicate that they trust traditional media less than they did five yearsago A. Blog reach vs. magazine media reach (how many readers are reading blogs?magazines?)B. Blog engagement vs. magazine media engagement (how many times will readers see
How to work with Bloggers to Maximize Product Promotion
Heather Mann -heather@dollarstorecrafts.com- Beckie Farrant -infarrantlycreative@gmail.com  Alexa Westerfield -swelldesigner@gmail.com
your advertisement?)C. Cost effective: blog sponsorship vs. cost of magazine advertisingD. Social media credibility for your brandE. Reach a new audience with blogsF. People are on social media, reading blogs, looking for ideas and products on PinterestG. Bloggers are INFLUENCERSIII. How can bloggers help me promote my product? A. Types of sponsorships to consider:1. Sponsored post2. Brand ambassador or spokesperson3. Sponsored pins, tweets, FB mentions, twitter chats4. A blogging campaign (more than one blogger)5. Giveaways6. Send product to blogger for review/project design7. Advertising8. Don’t forget a blogger must discloseB. Ask blogger how she envisions working with your brand - she knows what her audience would respond toC. What bloggers want - Know what motivates the blogger: One or more of the following:1. Visibility2. Money3. Authentic interaction - to be heard, understood, and valued4. To stay true to herself/her blogIV. How can I find the right bloggers to promote my product?How does this cooperation fit with larger corporate strategy? What are you hoping to achieve?
What are the measurable outcomes? A. Bloggers are looking for meaningful relationships1. Start small, with simple interactions (usually via social media)2. Build on successful interactions3. If someone does a great job, keep working with them4. Don’t forget to make sure everyone wins & gets what they want/needB. Finding the right influencers1. Monitor social media channels for bloggers who mention you on Twitter, FB,Pinterest, etc.2. Google Alerts will tell you when a blogger mentions you by brand name - theyare already brand fans3. Google Alerts for generic terms related to your products - find bloggers who areworking in your area and reach out to them4. Referrals: Ask around to your colleagues and fellow CHA members for referrals5. Hire Someone: Use an agency to secure well-chosen, reliable bloggers toshare your brand message
How to work with Bloggers to Maximize Product Promotion
Heather Mann -heather@dollarstorecrafts.com- Beckie Farrant -infarrantlycreative@gmail.com  Alexa Westerfield -swelldesigner@gmail.com
 Agencies like: Blueprint Social, Social Chorus, BlogFrogC. Not all bloggers are created equally1. Size matters, but it isn’t everythinga. How to gauge a blog’s size? (About page, media kit, social medianumbers, Compete.com, Alexa.com)2. Look at social media presence, interaction, fan engagement3. Look at previous sponsored posts to see what the tone & quality is4. Start small to get a feel for blogger and her level of professionalism, andwhether the relationship will work or notD. Approaching Bloggers1. Know what motivates your blogger (when in doubt, ask)2. Keep it "you" focused, not "me" -- what’s in it for the blogger?3. Start with a small request4. Qualify yourself - let blogger know if you have worked with other bloggers, or what your intentions are5. Be honest6. Let them know why you chose them - and be specificV. How to maximize results from your partnership A. Set out clear expectations on both sides before you begin. At minimum:-Specific dates, specific “deliverables” (ex. a blog post, 2 tweets, FB mention, etc)-What are the measurable outcomes? Ask blogger to estimate -- how manypageviews, how many FB shares, how many RTs, how many repins? Is there a way totrack them?-Don’t add requirements after a deal has been struckB. Keep the lines of communication openC. Provide support in the form of -- product information, brand messaging, photos, anyavailable assets you have that will help the blogger promote your brandD. You get what you pay for -If you are not paying, keep your expectations lower -If you are paying, be specific about your expectations/requirementsE. How can I make sure the blogger will promote my product in a way that is compatiblewith my brand messaging?1. Provide brand assets2. Give blogger background info, do’s or don’ts3. Do your homework before you engage a blogger 4. Again, start small with bloggers to build trustF. Reciprocate: Promote blogger 1. Share blogger’s sponsored material on your social media channels2. Share blogger’s other relevant content on your social media channels3. Become a fan of the blogger 4. What can you provide them that they don't already have access to?
How to work with Bloggers to Maximize Product Promotion
Heather Mann -heather@dollarstorecrafts.com- Beckie Farrant -infarrantlycreative@gmail.com  Alexa Westerfield -swelldesigner@gmail.com

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