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Faa Foia Respn Draft

Faa Foia Respn Draft

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Published by CORALations
FOIA report from Environmental Impact Study for a wind farm overlooking Flamenco Beach, Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico, proposed by Windmar Renewable Energy
FOIA report from Environmental Impact Study for a wind farm overlooking Flamenco Beach, Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico, proposed by Windmar Renewable Energy

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Published by: CORALations on Mar 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DRAFT: privelidged and confidentialRe: response to FAA FOIA release – Windfarm Flamenco
Re: Feb 25th response to CORALations FOIA request.Ms. Elizabeth L. RayVice PresidentMission Support ServicesAir Traffic OrganizationU.S. Dept of TransportationFederal Aviation AdministrationMission Support Services800 Independence Ave. SWWashington, DC 20591March 11, 2013Dear Ms. Ray:CORALations is a non-profit coral conservation organization based on the island of Culebra, Puerto Rico.Through our normal course of doing business, we discovered a concern regarding “No Hazard” determinationsto air traffic for a proposed wind farm near the airport on this small Caribbean island. Culebra is growing intourism popularity. Visitors and locals access the island using ferry service from Fajardo or via small planesfrom San Juan, Ceiba and the Virgin Islands. There is no hospital on the island, and all medical emergencies de-pend on safe and smooth air evacuation to the big island via small planes, and during varying wind conditions.We first became aware of a problem when copies of “No Hazard” determinations were submitted by the “PuertoRico Administación de Asuntos Energéticos (AAE) (
), inan environmental impact study (EIS) for a proposed wind farm project, “Proyecto Punta Flamenco Windfarm,DIA-2012-AAE-28.
(LINK to No HAZ submitted in EIS)
The wind turbines were sited along the ridge insideor directly adjacent to the flyzone of Culebra's small airport.This letter references the Feb 25
2013 letter of response to our Freedom of Information Act request sent to youroffice on November 30th, 2012. With the FOIA response letter was a CD with the digital documents listed andattached to this communication. We understand a decision was made to redact some of the personal informationin this disclosure, and we have no problem with that.The response, however, does not appear to be complete, and we still have the following concerns:
The “No Hazard” determinations submitted in an AEE's, EIS were not based on the actual heightof the proposed wind generators. The physical characteristics of the wind generators were not
presented in the EIS submitted to Puerto Rico's Environmental Quality Board. The public onlylearns at a short noticed public hearing moving through an expedited planning process, that theproposed wind generators are in fact 370 feet tall.
The “No Hazard” determinations included in the EIS had already been terminated at the time of the public hearing, and replaced by others not available to the public online at the FAA website,forcing public to depend on a lengthy Freedom of Information Act process to evaluate a largewind generation project that would change the nature and character of the entire island, and thatwas proceeding via an expedited local Government planning process.
The FOIA response failed to produce any of our communications to the FAA regarding theseconcerns and on record with your agency prior to the date of the FOIA request.
The FOIA response makes no mention of determinations involving wind meters already installedon the ridge above the airport approach.
The FOIA response failed to include documentation of public notice associated with any and allrequired determinations near Culebra's airport.This should be of serious concern to the FAA. One is forced to question such a complicated federal process thatinvolves multiple branches of the Federal Government and public oversight, including the military, that could inany way conclude, and then also re-conclude new determinations, with no raised eye brows, given that the pro-posed site for these wind turbines lies inside or adjacent too Culebra's fly zone, and small air port.This intuitively seems reflexive of either a flawed or corrupted system, which warrants investigation by expertsfamiliar with FAA rules, and local Government abuse of an expedited permitting process for renewable energiesor otherwise, where the outcome could result in such obvious impacts to the safety of the local islanders, Cule-bra's medical emergencies and tourists that depend on air travel.We are re-writing again for all documentation – including record of our email communications with your person-nel and documentation and or negative certification of public notice regarding this FOIA. Any inconsistenciesregarding documents included in files copied on the CD are noted and highlighted in the enclosure entitled: “Listof Files Submitted in FAA FOIA response to Lucking dated Feb 25, 2013with online links to documents pro-vided for the public's benefit.Sincerely,Mary Ann LuckingDirectorc.e.
List of Files Submitted in FAA FOIA response to Lucking dated Feb 25, 2013.
2012 WTE_1048_OE (Lucking) FOLDER
Analysis Report Folder
DOD_DHS_LRR_158820875.pdf DOD_MILOPS_158820889.pdf Military Conflicts_USA.pdf Military Conflicts_USAF.pdf Military Conflicts_USN.pdf MVA_MIA_158820869.pdf NASWATCH_AF_15_158820854.pdf NASWATCH_DOD_155820865.pdf NOAA_NEXRAD_158820886.pdf POS_158820855.pdf Traffic_PATTERN_158820861.pdf 
Case Notes Folder
PRJT.pdf **No CASE.pdf?
Division Responses.pdf 
Documents Folder
159384400_12_1048-1053.pdf 159386375_12_1048 thru 1053.pdf 163369196_12_1048-1053-wte.pdf 178295679_BISCO...042019530012.pdf 
Letters Folder
**NO CIR file?DNH_167063337.pdf NPH_161005630.pdf TER_169026390.pdf 
Part 77 Analysis Reports
Part 77_CIV_158820842.pdf Part 77_CIV_160409632.pdf Part 77_CIV_167063155.pdf Part_77_MIL_158820848.pdf 

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