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army identifying ammunition 7

army identifying ammunition 7

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Published by PlainNormalGuy2

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Published by: PlainNormalGuy2 on Mar 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subcourse MM 2598
Edition 7
United States Army Combined Arms Support Command
Fort Lee, Virginia 23801-1809
4 Credit Hours
IDENTIFICATION OF AMMUNITION (Tasks 093-400-1100 through 093-400-1109), 7
Understanding Means of Identification, 7

Size, 7
Shape and Physical Features, 7
Color Code, 7
Markings, 7
Packing, 8
Type, 8

Identifying Small Arms Ammunition, 8
Size of Small Arms, 9
Types of Small Arms Cartridges, 10
Identifying Artillery Ammunition, 13

Use, 13
Loading Method, 15
Additional Identifying Features, 17
Artillery Ammunition Packing, 19

Identifying Mortar Ammunition, 20

60mm Mortar Ammunition, 20
81mm Mortar Ammunition, 24
4.2-inch (107mm) Mortar Ammunition, 27
Mortar Ammunition Packing, 29

Identifying Rocket Ammunition, 30
Classification of Rocket Ammunition, 30
Types of Rockets, 31
Identifying Hand Grenades, 37
Fragmentation Hand Grenades, 40
Offensive Hand Grenades, 40

Chemical Hand Grenades, 40
Illuminating Hand Grenades, 41
Practice Hand Grenades, 41

Identifying Land Mines, 41

Antipersonnel (apers) Mines, 41
Antitank (at) Mines, 44
Practice Mines, 47
Chemical Land Mines, 47

Identifying Fuzes, 48

Grenades Fuzes, 48
Mine Fuzes, 48
Mortar and Artillery Fuzes, 50

Identifying Small Guided Missiles, 54
Antitank Guided Missiles (ATGM), 54
Air Defense Guided Missiles, 59
Identifying Demolition Materials, 61

Demolition Charges, 62
Priming and Initiating Materials, 66
Demolition Kits, 69

Identifying Pyrotechnics, 71

Illumination Pyrotechnics, 71
Signaling Pyrotechnics, 72
Simulator Pyrotechnics, 75

Review Exercises, 77

In the preceding subcourse (MM2597), you learned how to interpret ammunition markings and color codes. Now suppose, for example, a using unit turns in ammunition that has been removed from its original containers and there are no markings or the markings have been obliterated. How are you going to determine what the ammunition is? If the color code paint is still present, you may know that it is high-explosive ammunition; but how can you tell if it is a mortar round, a rocket, or an artillery projectile?

Positive identification of ammunition is of vital importance to an ammunition specialist. If you issue the wrong ammunition item or place the wrong types of ammunition together in a storage stack, the results could be disastrous. This subcourse is designed to teach you methods of quick identification by type and use (by physical characteristics) of all types of ammunition items.

Tasks.This subcourse consists of one lesson based on the following tasks from STP 9-55B12-SM:

093-400-1100, Identify Fuzes.
093-400-1101, Identify Artillery Ammunition.
093-400-1102, Identify Mortar Ammunition.
093-400-1103, Identify Small Arms Ammunition.
093-400-1104, Identify Grenades.
093-400-1105, Identify Mines.
093-400-1106, Identify Small Guided Missiles.
093-400-1107, Identify Demolition Material.
093-400-1108, Identify Pyrotechnics.
093-400-1109, Identify Rockets.

Objective.When you have completed this subcourse, you should be able to identify ammunition items by type
and use.
Conditions.You will have this subcourse book and will work without supervision. There are no
supplementary requirements in material or personnel for this subcourse.
Standard.You must score at least 70 on the end-of-subcourse examination (answer 19 of the 25 questions
Credit Hours.Four credit hours will be awarded for the successful completion of this subcourse.

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