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Published by good_freind
romantic thriller
romantic thriller

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Published by: good_freind on Mar 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction:-1)Anil: -A modern photographer whois world famous for his pictures of nature & his art of capturing livepictures of objects of nature. Being anhonest & nice hearted person, heloved the country side & its beauty forvarious reasons .He was single & wasin search for his better half.2)Maya:-An old minded, village borngirl untouched by the modern glamour& fashion, she likes to wear traditionaldresses, she is simple & beautiful. Shecame to the town to find a job in ahair saloon & found it too but in arather isolated area. She is extremelycautious about her behavior withothers, she never wants to hurtothers, and she is very sensitive.
The Story 
It was such an auspicious day that Anilcould never forget it in his life time. The sunwas bright & high up in the sky, it wasspring time & all people were fresh asdaisies. Anil was photographing a water fallin the much isolated parts of Nepal, he wasalways fascinated by the beauties of nature,he couldn’t help but admire the charmingview of the water fall from a distance, thecrystal clear water flowing as if it had tomeet someone far away, the stones nearthe foot of the water fall were making aloud but soothing sound by the water fallingon them, the atmosphere was just perfectto make a start. Just as he was about tocapture the beautiful flowing crystal clearwaters of the fall, a girl accidentally got inbetween his lenses and the waterfall andthe photograph captured both the girls aswell as well as the waterfall. When the girlrealized that she had destroyed the
photograph she tried to say sorry to Anil butAnil was just spell bound, he couldn’t helphimself from admiring the perfectsymphony between her simple but beautifulface and the strong but humble nature of the beautiful girl, then he suddenly wasawaken from his day dream when the girl,whose name was Maya, again began toapologies, he said that it didn’t matter andsaid that it was just a coincidence and therewas no need to say sorry, so she bowedapologetically & went away still sayingsorry in her soft melodious voice, only thendid Anil realize the significance of theoccasion & also paid a small bow with asweet smile on his face. This was the firstoccasion when both of them met & fell inlove instantly with each other i.e. love atfirst sight. They were separated bycircumstances but nature made them meetagain by its own ways.On the following evening Anil wentto a hair saloon the one & only hair saloonwithin thousand mile radius. It was very

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