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Biblio Syriac

Biblio Syriac

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Published by jean-marie_mouesca

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Published by: jean-marie_mouesca on Mar 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Recently I've been compiling a bibliography of works on the Syriac NT relevant to textual criticism.I've tended not to put so much in about the Diatessaron, and in some cases have decided to excludeworks that others might include, e.g. the book reviewedhere.The bibliography merely covers the last 70 years. I would be most grateful to learn of any corrections or additions.Aland, Barbara. “Die Übersetzungen ins Syrische, 2. Neues Testament.” TRE 6:189–96. ——. “Die philoxenianisch-harklensische Übersetzungstradition: Ergebnisse einer Untersuchungder neutestamentlichen Zitate in der syrischen Literatur.” Mus 94 (1981): 321–83.Aland, B. and A. Juckel. Das Neue Testament in syrischer Überlieferung, I. Die grossenkatholischen Briefe, II. Die Paulinischen Briefe, 1. Römer- und 1. Korintherbrief, 2. 2.Korintherbrief, Galaterbrief, Epheserbrief, Philipperbrief und Kolosserbrief, 3. 1./2.Thessalonicherbrief, 1./2. Timotheus¬brief, Titusbrief, Philemonbrief und Hebräerbrief. 4 vols.ANTF 7, 14, 23, 32. Berlin, New York: de Gruyter, 1986, 1991, 1995, 2002.Amphoux, Ch.-B. “La parenté textuelle du syh et du groupe 2138 dans l’épître de Jacques.” Bib 62(1981): 259–71.Baarda, Tjitze. “The Gospel Text in the Biography of Rabbula.” VC 14 (1960): 102–127. ——. “The Gospel Quotations of Aphrahat the Persian Sage: I. Aphrahat’s Text of the FourthGospel.” Doctoral diss., Free University of Amsterdam: Amsterdam, 1975. ——. “‘The Flying Jesus’: Luke 4:29–30 in the Syriac Diatessaron.” VC 40 (1986): 313–41. ——. “He Holds the Fan in His Hand …’ (Mt 3:12, Lk 3:17) and Philoxenus.” Mus 105 (1992): 63– 86. ——. “Philoxenus and the Parable of the Fisherman: Concerning the Diatessaron Text of Mt 13,47– 50.” Pages 1403–24 in The Four Gospels, 1992: Volume 2: Festschrift Frans Neirynck. Edited by F.van Segbroeck et al. BETS 100; Leuven: Leuven University Press and Peeters, 1992. ——. “The Syriac Versions of the New Tes¬tament.” Pages 97–112 in The Text of the NewTestament in Contemporary Research: Essays on the Status Quaestionis. Edited by Bart D. Ehrmanand Michael W. Holmes. SD 46; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1995. ——. “Parablepsis in the Christian Palestinian Aramaic Lectionary: The Case of Matthew 17.26.”Aramaic Studies 3 (2005): 137–45.Baker, A. “The Significance of the New Testament Text of the Syriac Liber Graduum.” Pages 171– 75 in Studia Evangelica 5: Papers Presented to the Third International Congress on New TestamentStudies, Held at Christ Church, Oxford, 1965: Part 2: The New Testament Message. Edited by F.L.Cross. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1968.Berasategui, P. “Les versions de la Bible en usage dans les églises de langue syriaque,” L’OrientSyrien 1 (1956) 44–65.Birdsall, J.N. “The Recent History of New Testament Textual Criticism (from Westcott and Hort,1881, to the Present).” ANRW 26.1:99–197, esp. 123–32. Edited by W. Haase. Berlin and New
York: de Gruyter, 1992. ——. “The Old Syriac Gospels and the Georgian Version: The Question of Relationship.” Pages43–50 VI Symposium Syriacum 1992. Edited by R. Lavenant. OrChrAn 247; Rome: PontificioIstituto Orientale, 1994.Black, Matthew. “The New Testament Peshitta and Its Predecessors.” Bulletin of the StudiorumNovi Testamenti Societas 1 (1950): 51–62. ——. “Rabbula of Edessa and the Peshitta.” BJRL 33 (1950–51): 203–210. ——. “The Gospel Text of Jacob of Serug.” JTS 2 (1951): 57–63. ——, “Zur Geschichte des syrischen Evangelientextes,” ThLZ 77 (1952) 705–710. ——. “The Text of the Peshitta Tetraeuangelium. Pages 20–27 in Studia Paulina in HonoremJohannis de Zwaan septuagenarii. Edited by J.N. Sevenster and W.C. van Unnik. Haarlem: Bohn,1953. ——. A Palestinian Syriac Horologion (Berlin MS. Or. Oct. 1019) (Cambridge, 1954). ——. “The Syriac New Testament in Early Patristic Tradition.” Pages 263–68 in La Bible et lesPères (Centre d’études supérieures specialise d’histoire des religions de Strasbourg: Paris, 1971). ——. “The Syriac Versional Tradition.” Pages 120–59 in Die alten Übersetzungen des NeuenTestaments, die Kirchenväterzitate und Lektionare. Edited by K. Aland. ANTF 5; Berlin and NewYork: de Gruyter, 1972.Böhm, Thomas, „Bemerkungen zu den syrischen Übersetzungen des Johannesprologs,“ ZNW 89(1998) 45–65.Boismard, M.-É., with A. Lamouille. “Les témoins syriaques.” Pages 67–76 in Le Texte Occidentaldes Actes des Apôtres. Edited by M.-É. Boismard. Rev. edn; Paris: Gabalda, 2000.Brewer, J. ‘The History of the New Testament Canon in the Syrian Church,’ American Journal ofTheology (1990) 64–98, 345–67.Brock, Sebastian P. “Greek Words in the Syriac Gospels (VET and PE),” Mus 80 (1967) 389– 426. ——. The Syriac Version of the Pseudo-Nonnus Mythological Scholia (Cambridge, 1971) 34–42. ——. “Limitations of Syriac in Representing Greek.” Pages 83–98 in The Early Versions of theNew Testament: Their Origin, Transmission, and Limitations. [Edited by] B.M. Metzger. Oxford:Clarendon, 1977. ——. “The Syriac Euthalian Material and the Philoxenian Version of the NT.” ZNW 70 (1979):120–30. ——. “The Resolution of the Philoxenian/Harclean Problem.” Pages 325–43 in New TestamentTextual Criticism: Its Significance for Exegesis: Essays in Honour of Bruce M. Metzger. Edited byE.J. Epp and G.D. Fee. Oxford: Clarendon, 1981.
 ——. “Passover, Annunciation and Epiclesis: Some Remarks on the Term Aggen in the SyriacVersions of Lk. 1:35,” NovT 24 (1982) 222–33 ——. “Toward a History of Syriac Translation Technique.” Pages 1–14 in III Symposium Syriacum,1980. Edited by R. Lavenant. OrChrAn 221; Rome: Pontificio Istituto Orientale, 1983. ——. “Hebrews 2:9b in Syriac Tradition.” NovT 27 (1985): 236–44. ——. “The Lost Old Syriac at Luke 1:35 and the Earliest Syriac Terms for the Incarnation.” Pages117–31 in W. Petersen, ed., Gospel Traditions in the Second Century (Notre Dame: University ofNotre Dame Press, 1989). ——. “A Fragment of the Harklean Version of St Matthew’s Gospel in the Monastery of MarMusa,” Collectanea Christiana Orientalia 3 (2006) 337–42. ——. “The Dialogue between the Two Thieves (Luke 23:39–41),” The Harp 20 (2006) [FestschriftJ. Thekeparampil], 151–70. ——. The Bible in the Syriac Tradition. 2nd edn; Piscataway: Gorgias Press, 2006. ——. “Syriac Versions. B. New Testament.” ABD 6:796–99. ——. “Translating the New Testament into Syriac (Classical and Modern).” Pages 371–85 in TheInterpretation of the Bible: The International Symposium in Slovenia. Edited by J. Krašovec.JSOTSS 289; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1998.Buck, E. “Manuscript Studies in the Syriac Version of Romans” (Ph.D. dissertation, LutheranSchool of Theology at Chicago, 1978).Childers, J.W. “The Syriac Evidence for the ‘Pre-Johannine Text’ of the Gospel: A Study inMethod,” in D.G.K. Taylor, ed., Studies in the Early Text of the Gospels and Acts: The Papers of theFirst Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament (Texts and Studies3.1; Birmingham: University of Birmingham Press, 1999) 49–85. ——. “Patristic Citations and Versional Evidence: The Syriac Version(s) of Chrysostom’s Homilieson Matthew and the Old Syriac Text.” Mus 115 (2002): 129–56.Clemons, J.T. “Studies in the Syriac Text of Galatians” (Ph.D. Dissertation, Duke University, 1963). ——. “Some Questions on the Syriac Support for Variant Greek Readings.” NovT 10 (1968): 26– 30. ——. An Index of Syriac Manuscripts Containing the Epistles and the Apocalypse. SD 33; SaltLake City: University of Utah Press, 1968.Davey, G.R. “Old Testament Quotations in the Syriac Version of I and II Peter,” Parole de l’OrientIII 2 (1972) 353–64.Debié, Muriel. “Marc 1,1–11 : la tradition manuscrite syriaque,” Mélanges de science religieuse 62(2005) 27–36.De Zwaan, J., “Harklean Gleanings from Mingana’s Catalogue,” Novum Testamentum 2 (1957–58)

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