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If Men Could Give Birth

If Men Could Give Birth

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Published by Louis Cepeda
Men shouldn't be the ones who determine a woman''s right to choose.
Men shouldn't be the ones who determine a woman''s right to choose.

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Published by: Louis Cepeda on Mar 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By: Louis CepedaA friend of mine thinks that if men could give birth, the ongoing debate over abortionwould no longer be part of the American political landscape. He surmises that abortionswould be rampant because most men would never allow anybody to tell them what to dowith their bodies.I tend to agree with him. Most guys I know won't go and have their prostratechecked annually because of their fear of that probing finger. Tell a man that he's goingto be sick, probed and poked in his most intimate body parts for nine months, and themajority of them would probably say, "No way!"Which brings me to the biggest problem I have with the anti-abortion movement.For the most part pro-life demonstrations are either led or highly attended by men. Mencarrying signs that read "Baby Killers!" or "Murderers!" Men intimidating and yellingobscenities at women entering abortion clinics. Men refusing to rule out violence againstabortion doctors. Men acting as if God had given them permission to choose for womenwhat they wouldn't allow anybody to choose for them if they were in the same situation.In last year’s presidential election, the most controversial statements aboutabortion were made by men. Rep. Todd Akin, a Republican Senate candidate for Missouri, weighed in on his idea of what a rape victim should consider before having anabortion.“If it's a legitimate rape,” Akin said in a television interview. “The female bodyhas ways to try to shut that whole thing down." In Akin’s perverse way of thinking, awoman can prevent pregnancy if she is legitimately raped, whatever that means. Not long after Akin made a fool of himself, Indiana State Treasurer RichardMourdock , the Republican candidate for his state’s Senate seat, went a step further.According to theTea-Party backed Murdock, “I came to realize life is that gift fromGod, and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is
something that God intended to happen." In other words, if a brute beats you up andrapes you, go ahead and have his child.After all, the Good Lord meant it to be that way.Others like Republican candidate for vice-president, Paul Ryan, proposedlegislation to ban abortions, including those involving rape and incest. Not surprisingly,Todd Akin supported the bill. Another congressman who agreed with Ryan and Akinwas Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill). In addressing one of his constituents at a rally, Walsh said,"The common exceptions that people who are pro-life without exception are in cases of rape and incest -- horrific, evil, terrible events. In cases like that, I am still pro-life. Thereis still a life there."In recent years, this double standard of men deciding what's in the best interest of a woman's body reached all the way to the highest office in the land. During his eightyears in office, President George Bush was on the record as being against a woman'sright to choose. Vice President Dick Cheney also proclaimed his opposition to Roe vs.Wade. In fact, the majority of male Republicans in Congress and the Senate are againstabortions.The sad part of it all is that these same guys show up on cable or regular television far too often, preaching about the sanctity of life and the right of the unborn.They quote the Bible, mention the Good Lord a lot, and even suggest that their pro-choice opponents are less than moral people. The irony in all this religious posturing isthe fact that the majority of these same guys go back to Washington D.C. or their statelegislatures and vote against social programs that keep
children in a continuouscycle of poverty and violence. Their motto seems to be "We'll protect you until you're born."The bottom line is that abortion is not an easy topic to approach. Both sides havelegitimate and earnest reasons for their beliefs. On the one hand, you have deeplyreligious people who believe that destroying a fetus at any stage of a pregnancy is equalto killing an adult. They want to defend the unborn at any price. On the other hand, in a

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