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The Enchanted Doll_unique

The Enchanted Doll_unique

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Published by allure_ch
Her dolls not only display a sense of timeless beauty, but also a historical significance that questions hat society has deemed acceptable in the realm of massproduced crafts.
Her dolls not only display a sense of timeless beauty, but also a historical significance that questions hat society has deemed acceptable in the realm of massproduced crafts.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: allure_ch on Mar 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Enchanted Doll— Unique and Exquisite
Historically, dolls have been in productionin one way or another since the dawn of civilisation, fashioned from a wide range of materials. Archaeological evidence of dolls inEgyptian tombs dating back to 2000 BC havebeen discovered. Europe later became thecenter of doll making, while in more recenttimes, the United States adopted doll makingas industry in the 1860s, after the Civil War.It was the Industrial Revolution that spreadthroughout Europe, North America and event-ually the world and with it the development of plastics, that led to the mass produced dollsthat line the shelves at almost every toy shopin major city centers. The most iconic is theBarbie doll, manufactured by Mattel in 1959,which quickly became the best loved Americantoy for girls. Since then Barbie has becomeespecially well known for her keen fashion sense.In many ways she’s the best dressed toy onthe market, with hundreds of outfits includinga space suit. The Barbie doll is not without controversy, evenin modern times. The thin, blond representationof the American cheerleader certainly doesn’tpromote individuality or equality that is part of the American dream. It was these issues thatled Marina, born in Canada and well aware of Words by Jonathan DewetPhotos coutesy of Marina Bychkova
Marina Bychkova is a revolutionary  artist at heart. Her disappointment  in the mass-produced doll market as a young girl inspired an avant-garde approach to doll making. She explains her main interest was “not only the life- like articulation of the body, but also the beautiful balance between a delicateform and an extraordinary function of adoll.” The result is unique and exquisite, award winning dolls that are rapidly  gaining global popularity from bothdoll enthusiasts and those who simply  admire their beautiful form.
Her dolls not only display a senseof timeless beauty, but also a
historical signicance that ques
-tions what society has deemedacceptable in the realm of mass-
produced crafts.
mass production in art, to pursue her dreamof creating uniquely handmade dolls.Because of this, her dolls not only display asense of timeless beauty, but also a historical
deemed acceptable in the realm of mass-produced crafts. Supporting Enchanted Dollsis supporting a grassroots art movementand individuality in an otherwise unoriginalconsumer sphere.Unsurprisingly, it is not only Marina’s EnchantedDolls that are gaining increasing media ex-posure in magazines such as Vogue, Maxim,Freelance Portfolio and Avenue, but also the
handmade to match the personality of eachdoll. The dolls stand at 34cm and can befully articulated. By ordering through Marina’sWebsite— www.enchanteddoll.com —lipcolour, eyes, skin tone, freckles and otherfeatures can be customised.

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