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Mathematics 121 Z1 (# 60922)
Calculus III
Summer 2013Instructor:
J. Lawlor ( jclawlor@uvm.eduorJohn.Lawlor@uvm.edu)
Room 301, 16 Colchester Avenue (Henry Marcus Lord House)
Office Telephone:
Department Telephone:
Office Hours:
MTWTh 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. or by appointment
Calculus (Seventh Edition)
by James Stewart(
Early Transcendentals
Class Hours:
MTWTh 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
: 102 Perkins
 Course Outline and ReadingGrading
There will be a midterm examination, six quizzes, several assignments and a final examination. The five best quizmarks will determine your quiz average, which will count as one score. The midterm examination will count as twoscores and the final examination will count as two scores. Of these five scores, the lowest will be dropped (in caseof ties, one of the lowest scores will be dropped). The remaining four scores and the assignment score willdetermine your course grade, with each of these five scores contributing 20% to the course grade. (There will betwo types of assignments: electronic assignments utilizing the WebAssign feature of the text and writtenassignments, some of which may involve
WebAssign Class Key:TBA 
All students are expected to regulate their class attendance and behavior in a mature and responsible manner. Insome situations, class participation and behavior could become a factor in the determination of your course grade.
Quiz Dates: May 22 (W), May 29 (W), June 4 (T), June 12 (W), June 18 (T) and June 25 (T).Midterm Examination Date: Thursday, June 6.Final Examination Date:
Thursday, June 27.
The last day to add or drop this course or to exercise the pass/fail option is
Tuesday, May 28
.The last day to withdraw from this course is
Wednesday, June 5
.There will be no class on
Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day).
 Copies of the text are available at the reserve desk in the Bailey-Howe library.Students who are eligible for course accommodations due to special needs are responsible for notifying me if theywish to utilize such accommodations and for coordinating with the Office of Specialized Student Services inestablishing the basis for and the implementation of the accommodations.Vectors and Three-Dimensional Space Sections 12.1 12.6Vector-Valued Functions Sections 13.1 13.4Partial Differentiation Sections 14.1 14.8Multiple Integration Sections 15.1 15.10Line Integrals and Green’s Theorem Sections 16.1 16.5Surface Integrals and Stokes’s Theorem Sections 16.6 16.9

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