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Media Release - Ortman - Gun Crime Enforcement Proposal - SF 1359 2013

Media Release - Ortman - Gun Crime Enforcement Proposal - SF 1359 2013

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Published by SeanOlsen
Ortman press release
Ortman press release

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Published by: SeanOlsen on Mar 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Senator Julianne Ortman
District 47
 Serving Carver County
Office: 119 State Office Bldg., Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155
State Senator Julianne Ortman Introduces Bill to Protect Gun-
Owners’ Rights
 and Target Gun Crime
(St. Paul, MN) - On Wednesday, March 13, State Senator Julianne Ortman (R-Chanhassen) and abipartisan group of over 20 co-authors introduced the Gun Crime Enforcement Proposal (SF 1359).This bill has been introduced in conjunction with companion House bills.In introducing the bill, Senator Ortman stated,
This bill contains a variety of initiatives intended tokeep firearms out of the hands of individuals who are already legally prohibited from possessingfirearms--by targeting instances of gun crime and assisting law enforcement and prosecutors in
enforcing current restrictions.”
“It‟s a crime for a convicted felon to possess a gun; it‟s also a crime for someone to lie on a gun
permit application, or to buy a gun illegally.
That‟s current federal law and state law,” said Ortman.
 We need to make sure our county attorneys and local law enforcement in Minnesota have all thetools they need under state law to ensure that individuals who are already prohibited by federal lawfrom owning or buying a gun know that we will hold them accountable for their criminal behavior.The Gun Crime Enforcement Proposal includes several important elements, and by supporting it, weprotect both the rights and the lives of law-abid
ing citizens.”
 Below is a brief overview of the Gun Crime Enforcement Proposal 2013 (SF 1359):
Cracks Down on Straw Purchases
Prohibits individuals from knowingly encouraging private sellers or licensed dealers totransfer firearms or ammunition under circumstances that the person knows would violatestate or federal laws.Prohibits individuals from knowingly providing materially false information with the intentto deceive a licensed dealer or seller about the legality of a transfer of a firearm orammunition.Penalizes an individual that procures another to commit the illegal transfer as a principal.
Improves State and Federal Background Check System
Accelerates the time periods for sharing criminal data and information on individualsineligible to possess firearms based on criminal convictions and disqualifications, and mentalhealth adjudications and commitments
essentially ensuring that background check databases have the most current and accurate information available.Requires reporting of the duration of firearm prohibitions in order to remove individuals whoare no longer prohibited.
Improves Reporting of Court-Determined Mental Health Disqualification and Creates aProcess for Restoration of Rights
People who have been placed under certain types of mental health-related orders are bannedby federal law from possessing firearms.The provisions in this legislation would implement requirements set forth in the federal NICSImprovement Amendments Act (NIAA) of 2007, and allow persons who have lost theirfirearm rights because of a mental health commitment or adjudication the right to petition tohave them restored.
Strengthens Penalties on Felons and Repeat Criminal Offenders
Prohibits felons from possessing ammunition -- mirroring the federal prohibition on felonspossessing ammunitionCreates mandatory minimums for violent felons that are convicted of possessing firearms ona second or subsequent offenseProvides felony penalties for individuals that engage in repeated knowingly false reports of lost or stolen firearmsProvides felony penalties for individuals that intentionally transfer a firearm to an ineligibleperson they know intends to use the weapon in the furtherance of a felony crime of violence.This bill contains no new restrictions on gun purchases or gun ownership. It has no impact on lawabiding citizens. More specifically, this bill does not require universal background checks on gunpurchases.Some strong supporters have recently emerged in favor of the Gun Crime Enforcement Proposal (SF1359):
Sheriff Jim Olson, Sheriff of Carver County
This proposed bipartisan legislation will provide me with accurate and up to dateinformation that I need before issuing a gun permit. It imposes harsh penalties on strawbuyers who intentionally buy guns for those that should not have them. Criminals and thosethat have been committed,
mentally ill and dangerous
should not be able to purchase guns.
Chris Rager, Spokeman for the National Rifle Association,
NRA supports Senator Ortman's Senate File 1359 because it offers real solutions toaddress problems of violent crime in Minnesota. Instead of infringing on the rights of law-abiding and responsible gun owners, SF 1359 seeks to crack down on straw purchasers,strengthen penalties for felons and repeat offenders, and improve the background check system. NRA applauds Senator Ortman and the dozens of bipartisan coauthors for protectingand respecting the Second Amendment and getting tough on crime.
Andrew Rothman, Vice President of the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance,
Senator Ortman's bill, first and foremost, protects and respects the rights of law-abiding gunowners, while focusing on the real problems: identifying violent criminals and thedangerously mentally ill who slip through the cracks of our existing background check systems, and keeping violent criminals behind bars where they belong. The Gun OwnersCivil Rights Alliance, Minnesota's Second Amendment defender for the last quarter century,is proud to stand with Senator Ortman, her bipartisan co-authors, and the Minnesota SheriffsAssociation in support of this bill.

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