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*Auditions 3/13

*Auditions 3/13

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Published by ninicoff_7

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Published by: ninicoff_7 on Mar 13, 2013
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Keys to Success 
 I reserve the right to change my studio policy at any time. I will always contact youthrough email and/or written notice with any changes in the policy and have you reply tomy email or notice with your signed agreement to the change.
How do I set up an audition for my child?
 If you would like to audition for my studio please email me and I will let you know my availabletimes for our potential lessons. If the time slots available work for you then I will email you back with a few questions and instruct you what your child will need to bring and have prepared for theaudition. I will direct you to my website and instruct you on how to print off and fill out therequired documents. The audition will be focused on the relations between myself and your childand to determine the skill level of your child. But you are welcome to sit in and listen. Please letyour child know that their skill level doesn't matter - I just want to get to know your child andintroduce them to the routine of my studio. I will contact you within 24 hours to let you know if your child can study with me.
What do I need to bring to the Audition:
 Please bring the following documents (printables are found below) that you will need to print off,fill out, sign the bottom and bring to the auditions:
 Beginner Students
 -Studio policy and tuition document that is signed and dated.-Student information-Contact information
Transfer Students:
 -Studio policy and tuition document that is signed and dated.
-Transfer Student information-Contact information-2 prepared (memorized is not required) pieces to preform
How long will auditions last?
 Auditions rarely go longer than an hour and is usually about 30-45 mins.
When will we know if my child is accepted into the studio?
 I will let you know if your child is accepted into the studio at the auditions or contact you within24 hours to let you know if your child will study with me.
What costs should I foresee for lessons in this studio?
Below are the items you will need to have at home and during lessons.Students will be required to purchase their books for practicing. I can buy them for you at a
teacher’s discount and charge the money to the next semester’s bill or I can give you a few
weeks notice so you can purchase the material.
Tuition offers the student a place and time slot in my studio.
Tuition can be paid for each of the3 to 4 semesters you will be taking lessons.
There are no refunds for student cancellations. Justas with ballet lessons, preschool, baseball or martial arts lessons, if a student misses a lesson or  practice, that lesson cannot be made up.
Tuition includes master classes which
are aninvaluable asset to the studio! They are held about once a semester in replace of their regular weekly lesson. In essence, a master class provides a fun and informal opportunity for each studentto perform one piece for each other that they've been working on that month or semester, to learnor review much needed theory and to be publicly rewarded for their efforts in music. Master classes are usually done around recitals for the students to participate in performing in front of their peers in a non- pressured environment.Finally there is a small library/registration fee in the winter that will cover costs of damages tomy books and games loaned to students, recital fees, master class material and administrationexpenses.
What will we need at home if we are start taking lessons from this studio?
 You will need a piano, metronome, a 3 ring binder and a pencil packet in the 3 ring binder for games they will take home, music bucks and pens and pencils.
As far as what kind of piano to purchase, I strongly suggest an upright piano. There is no need to
 pay a lot of money for a child’s first piano. If you would like to start out on a keyboard that is
 just fine. But after a few years we will be teaching and studying volume and pedal on the pianoand both are hard to practice and define on a keyboard. By the second or third year of lessonsyour child will need an upright piano to practice on. These can be found used online and pleasediscuss the purchase with me and I can tell you what to look for and avoid when purchasing a piano.There are 2 types of metronomes. There are traditional or digital metronomes. Either one is finewith me. The traditional metronome works on a pendent that needs to be wound and clicks back and worth. A digital metronome beeps the sound and usually comes with earplugs that can be
 plugged into the device so others can’t hear the noise. This can be helpful if the piano is in theliving room but it can also hurt because the parent can’t hear to help out the child.
What will happen if my child does NOT get accepted?
 If it is due to a lack of time-slots then I will keep your student information, put your contactinformation on my waiting list and will give you a call when something opens up. Sometimes itis pretty clear to a piano teacher or the parent of a student that the student would do better withdifferent teaching techniques. It is nothing against your child or myself when personalities or abilities don't mesh and I will be more than happy to recommend another piano studio that would better suit your child.
What will happen if my child does get accepted to take lesson at your studio?
 I will contact you with scheduling information for the private lesson and discussrequired repertoire. For the first lesson your child will need to bring a 3 ring binder for assignment sheets and worksheets I will print out for the student with a pencil pouch for theorygames to take home and music bucks. I will give your child their lesson notes, theory pages andquizes and misc. worksheets each week. I will give you a list of the repertoire your child willneed to bring to their lessons each week.
How will payment work out if I start in the middle of the semester?
 I will divided the 11 or 12 lessons a semester by the semester tuition to get the cost of eachindividual lesson. You will pay per lesson until the next semester starts where tuition will be dueat the first lesson of every semester. Please see the Tuition Policy for details on paymentsmethods and exceptions.

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