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Obama Speech

Obama Speech

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Published by andriks

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Published by: andriks on Mar 05, 2009
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Obama's Inaugural Speech
Wednesday, 21 January 2009 DA Tuesday 20th January 2009.My fellow citizens:  stand here today hu!"led "y the tas# "efore us, $rateful for the trust you ha%e "estowed, !indful of the sacrifices "orne "y our ancestors.  than# &resident 'ush for his ser%ice to our nation, as well as the $enerosity and coo(eration he has shown throu$hout this transition.)orty*four A!ericans ha%e now ta#en the (residential oath. The words ha%e "een s(o#en durin$ risin$ tides of (ros(erity and the still waters of (eace. +et, e%ery so often the oath is ta#en a!idst $atherin$ clouds and ra$in$ stor!s. At these !o!ents, A!erica has carried on not si!(ly "ecause of the s#ill or %ision of those in hi$h office, "ut "ecause We the &eo(le ha%e re!ained faithful to the ideals of our for"earers, and true to our foundin$ docu!ents.o it has "een. o it !ust "e with this $eneration of A!ericans.That we are in the !idst of crisis is now well understood. -ur nation is at war, a$ainst a far*reachin$ networ# of %iolence and hatred. -ur econo!y is "adly wea#ened, a conseuence of $reed and irres(onsi"ility on the (art of so!e, "ut also our collecti%e failure to !a#e hard choices and (re(are the nation for a new a$e. /o!es ha%e "een lost  o"s shed "usinesses shuttered. -ur health care is too costly our schools fail too !any and each day "rin$s further e%idence that the ways we use ener$y stren$then our ad%ersaries and threaten our (lanet.These are the indicators of crisis, su"ect to data and statistics. ess !easura"le "ut no less (rofound is a sa((in$ of confidence across our land 3 a na$$in$ fear that A!erica4s decline is ine%ita"le, and that the ne5t $eneration !ust lower its si$hts.Today  say to you that the challen$es we face are real. They are serious and they are !any. They will not "e !et easily or in a short s(an of ti!e. 'ut #now this, A!erica 3 they will "e !et.
-n this day, we $ather "ecause we ha%e chosen ho(e o%er fear, unity of (ur(ose o%er conflict and discord.-n this day, we co!e to (roclai! an end to the (etty $rie%ances and false (ro!ises, the recri!inations and worn*out do$!as, that for far too lon$ ha%e stran$led our (olitics.We re!ain a youn$ nation, "ut in the words of cri(ture, the ti!e has co!e to set aside childish thin$s. The ti!e has co!e to reaffir! our endurin$ s(irit to choose our "etter history to carry forward that (recious $ift, that no"le idea, (assed on fro! $eneration to $eneration: the 6od*$i%en (ro!ise that all are eual, all are free, and all deser%e a chance to (ursue their full !easure of ha((iness.n reaffir!in$ the $reatness of our nation, we understand that $reatness is ne%er a $i%en. t !ust "e earned. -ur ourney has ne%er "een one of short*cuts or settlin$ for less. t has not "een the (ath for the faint*hearted 3 for those who (refer leisure o%er wor#, or see# only the (leasures of riches and fa!e. 7ather, it has "een the ris# ta#ers, the doers, the !a#ers of thin$s 3 so!e cele"rated "ut !ore often !en and wo!en o"scure in their la"or, who ha%e carried us u( the lon$, ru$$ed (ath towards (ros(erity and freedo!.)or us, they (ac#ed u( their few worldly (ossessions and tra%eled across oceans in search of a new life.)or us, they toiled in sweatsho(s and settled the West endured the lash of the whi( and  (lowed the hard earth.)or us, they fou$ht and died, in (laces li#e 8oncord and 6ettys"ur$ or!andy and he anh.Ti!e and a$ain these !en and wo!en stru$$led and sacrificed and wor#ed till their hands were raw so that we !i$ht li%e a "etter life. They saw A!erica as "i$$er than the su! of our indi%idual a!"itions $reater than all the differences of "irth or wealth or faction.This is the ourney we continue today. We re!ain the !ost (ros(erous, (owerful nation on ;arth. -ur wor#ers are no less (roducti%e than when this crisis "e$an. -ur !inds are no less in%enti%e, our $oods and ser%ices no less needed than they were last wee# or last !onth or last year. -ur ca(acity re!ains undi!inished. 'ut our ti!e of standin$ (at, of  (rotectin$ narrow interests and (uttin$ off un(leasant decisions 3 that ti!e has surely  (assed. tartin$ today, we !ust (ic# oursel%es u(, dust oursel%es off, and "e$in a$ain the wor# of re!a#in$ A!erica.)or e%erywhere we loo#, there is wor# to "e done. The state of the econo!y calls for action, "old and swift, and we will act 3 not only to create new o"s, "ut to lay a new foundation for $rowth. We will "uild the roads and "rid$es, the electric $rids and di$ital lines that feed our co!!erce and "ind us to$ether. We will restore science to its ri$htful  (lace, and wield technolo$y4s wonders to raise health care4s uality and lower its cost. We
will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories. And we will transfor! our schools and colle$es and uni%ersities to !eet the de!ands of a new a$e. All this we can do. And all this we will do. ow, there are so!e who uestion the scale of our a!"itions 3 who su$$est that our syste! cannot tolerate too !any "i$ (lans. Their !e!ories are short. )or they ha%e for$otten what this country has already done what free !en and wo!en can achie%e when i!a$ination is oined to co!!on (ur(ose, and necessity to coura$e.What the cynics fail to understand is that the $round has shifted "eneath the! 3 that the stale (olitical ar$u!ents that ha%e consu!ed us for so lon$ no lon$er a((ly. The uestion we as# today is not whether our $o%ern!ent is too "i$ or too s!all, "ut whether it wor#s  3 whether it hel(s fa!ilies find o"s at a decent wa$e, care they can afford, a retire!ent that is di$nified. Where the answer is yes, we intend to !o%e forward. Where the answer is no, (ro$ra!s will end. And those of us who !ana$e the (u"lic4s dollars will "e held to account 3 to s(end wisely, refor! "ad ha"its, and do our "usiness in the li$ht of day 3  "ecause only then can we restore the %ital trust "etween a (eo(le and their $o%ern!ent. or is the uestion "efore us whether the !ar#et is a force for $ood or ill. ts (ower to $enerate wealth and e5(and freedo! is un!atched, "ut this crisis has re!inded us that without a watchful eye, the !ar#et can s(in out of control 3 and that a nation cannot  (ros(er lon$ when it fa%ors only the (ros(erous. The success of our econo!y has always de(ended not ust on the size of our 6ross Do!estic &roduct, "ut on the reach of our  (ros(erity on our a"ility to e5tend o((ortunity to e%ery willin$ heart 3 not out of charity, "ut "ecause it is the surest route to our co!!on $ood.As for our co!!on defense, we reect as false the choice "etween our safety and our ideals. -ur )oundin$ )athers, faced with (erils we can scarcely i!a$ine, drafted a charter to assure the rule of law and the ri$hts of !an, a charter e5(anded "y the "lood of $enerations. Those ideals still li$ht the world, and we will not $i%e the! u( for e5(edience4s sa#e. And so to all other (eo(les and $o%ern!ents who are watchin$ today, fro! the $randest ca(itals to the s!all %illa$e where !y father was "orn: #now that A!erica is a friend of each nation and e%ery !an, wo!an, and child who see#s a future of (eace and di$nity, and that we are ready to lead once !ore.7ecall that earlier $enerations faced down fascis! and co!!unis! not ust with !issiles and tan#s, "ut with sturdy alliances and endurin$ con%ictions. They understood that our  (ower alone cannot (rotect us, nor does it entitle us to do as we (lease. nstead, they #new that our (ower $rows throu$h its (rudent use our security e!anates fro! the  ustness of our cause, the force of our e5a!(le, the te!(erin$ ualities of hu!ility and restraint.We are the #ee(ers of this le$acy. 6uided "y these (rinci(les once !ore, we can !eet those new threats that de!and e%en $reater effort 3 e%en $reater coo(eration and understandin$ "etween nations. We will "e$in to res(onsi"ly lea%e ra to its (eo(le, and for$e a hard*earned (eace in Af$hanistan. With old friends and for!er foes, we will wor#

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