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Letter to a First Time Author

Letter to a First Time Author

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Published by Tom Scilipoti
Pragmatic Advice for anyone looking to publish a book for the very first time.
Pragmatic Advice for anyone looking to publish a book for the very first time.

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Published by: Tom Scilipoti on Mar 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Letter to a First Time Author
The following letter is intended for anyone who is ready to publish their first book and comes across this page.
Dear Gary,Congrats on almost being done your book! Writing a book is a lot of hard and thankless work 
Iknow from experience if you know what I mean. Here's what I recommend you do.First, make sure the book is the best it can be before you publish it. No grammatical ortypographical errors, no clichés and heed the advice of Max Fischer by ensuring that
every line matters 
. Send it to me, I'll gladly read it and give you timely, objective and constructive notes. Justremember that the publishing industry is ruthless and you'll have to deal with a lot of criticism evenif it's a five star work of High-Renaissance art. And don't apply any of my suggestions unless YOUthink they'll help the work.Second, when you're completely confident the book is the best it can be, it's time for the next step. Ipublished my first two books with PublishAmerica but please, please
do not publish with them
. They're greedy con-artists and there are so much better options for a freshmen author. I'drecommend using "Create Space" with Amazon to publish it. It's free to publish, very user friendly and you can sell it as an E-book for a price you set with the majority of the royalties going to you.Plus, you can order hard copies to sell yourself for a very low base price (my last book was like a $4base for a 50,000 word book). If you really want to get a mainstream deal, you'll need an agent of course. In that case, you'll need to prepare a one page cover letter or pitch for your book. A cover letter is three paragraphs. The first is a logline, basically the entire plot in one or twosentences. The second paragraph is a half-page synopsis of the book, key characters, conflict andplot, all-inclusive. Finally, the third paragraph is the author bio. You can Google further info oncover letters but here's a sample cover letter that I'm using for my "Up All Night" remix, "The Pink Palace."
Dear Agent,Below is my query for my latest work of narrative non-fiction, "The Pink Palace". I chose to query youbecause I know this story has the rare power to induce belly laughter and empty tissue boxes. When nineteen year old virgin Tommy Cicero stops sleeping and, invariably, starts tweaking during a summerat the shore, his circle of sunbaked friends solicit a sexual favor from their promiscuous neighbor Mary 
 Tommy's self-proclaimed "queen", in hopes that she will wax his waning mind AND his pole."The Pink Palace" is adapted from a true story I experienced when I was at the age of first serious onset forBipolar Disorder. It's a very Quixotian tale about a grandiose dreamer who rapidly loses touch with the reality of the teenage wasteland surrounding him, yet stays stubborn, passionate in pursuit of his lofty goals. Chief among his ambitions is scoring something more corporeal than a Platonic friendship with the one girl
Mary Cooper, who's the been the quintessential muse of his manic affection since the beginning of summer. Poorly  versed in women's ways and richly delusional however, Tommy puts Mary on a queen's throne. He obsessesover the limitless beauty and purity he perceives in her, only to discover she's been recruited by his buddies to"cure" his illness via a sexual favor and has been intimate with his arch nemesis, Jack all summer long. The

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