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Cults Freemasonry Exposed

Cults Freemasonry Exposed

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: thelightheartedcalvinist6903 on Mar 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Masonry Exposed
5 January 2005Dr. Stanford Murrell, PastorSovereign Grace Baptist Church705 Frederick CourtApollo, PA-15613Dear Pastor Murrell,I wrote you awhile back (one year) requesting a CD you offered. Art Alexander, pastor inLima, Ohio passed out several at a pastor's meeting I was at and ran out. I received several fromyou by return mail. I wish to thank you for such.On the disk, you had many files, one of which was "Cults, Origin of Freemasonry". I'msending you, as a token of my appreciation, articles I believe you'll find interesting. You maywish to include them on/in a file concerning the Masons. I was a member of the Masonic Lodgein years gone-by prior to my salvation and thankfully left it after finding out I was expected toteach (as truth) lies.There is much in bookstores about the Lodge, but not the Oaths. Needless to say, I wasn'ta popular fellow when they found out a I was publishing the Oaths. I speak on it when ask,whether a one on one situation or more. I want those in the lodge, claiming to be my brother inChrist, to hopefully realize they are being lied to. Should you have any questions concerning theinformation. Feel free to write or call.By His Grace Alone,Eugene M. Baker10245 Milton-Potsdam Road(937) 698-5350West Milton, Ohio-45383P.S. I was pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Phillipsburg, Ohio for 22 years before retiring. Mywife and I now are members at Union Baptist Church in Englewood, Ohio-45322.
May 6, 1 970To the members of Lodge # _____,Once again it's time to pay dues and once again I'm refusing to pay. That's right, I'mrefusing to pay because I'm still waiting for THAT MAN that you people were to send to answersome questions. A few of you were in attendance several months ago when I submitted a list of questions to be answered and none of you were able to answer them to my satisfaction. I stated,
"The God of the Masons and the God of the Bible is not the same God."
I had several examplesof which you disagreed with and we finally stated the meeting wasn't fruitful and you'd find aminister in Dayton to answer.Gentlemen, I received a notice on Feb. 16th that as of Feb. 28th - I would no longer be amember of your great Lodge because of non-payment of dues. IF YOUR WORD ISN'T ANYMORE STABLE THAN IT WAS SHOWN - then I will be quite happy to be dropped as amember.You teach falsehood of the only hope you'll see the Bible grant the veil of blindness be
"Great Architect"
be shown. All of your claims as such are contained within the Old Testament.Christ is revealed as The Way, The Truth, and The Life in the New Testament. So as you maysee - you miss the mark for the route to the Master of Whom you seem to base some concepts.The Great Light of Masonry reveals the only way unto God, but the Lodge is to busy withinspections and the raising of candidates to seek the depth of understanding the Great Light hasto offer. (John 3:19-20) The Great Light (Bible) says darkness (which is unbelief) will not haveanything to do with light (which is the Spirit of truth) because light reveals what ever is hidden.As for the character of the men in the Lodge - I have only seen three in the lodge whichseem to have searched, or are searching beyond their noses for the RIGHT the Bible doesdeclare. Those three are: Mr. S, Mr. S and Mr. K. They are concerned and do seem to want thelodge to stand on what is RIGHT. There's still depth they need, because the search ends onlywhen Christ is there to lead. Christ said,
"No man cometh unto the Father, but by me."
Gentlemen, you have not Christ as your leader. He (the Way) is not declared in the lodge.Yet - you wear a symbol of His innocence - the lambskin apron as a sign of purity - that apronshould be black as sin - if you have refused Him as your guide. Bible says,
"He who has the Sonhas life, he who has not the Son has not life and the wrath of God abideth in him."
Maybe thiswill give you
a brief idea of why I ask questions of a lodge and it may also reveal why thelodge has failed to find the man to answer my questions.Scriptures and call it fact. I can in the true light and that God will lifted and the true routeto the These are statements to several members: Mr. P - you must have lost interest, you nevercalled back, or ask for a personal meeting. Mr. S - was the statements confounding - you neveranswered or called either.
Re-read after a prayer for understanding and you may see. Mr. H - it does indeed make adifference what you believe. If you die without Christ - you die in your sins and Christ died invain. If you believe not what He stated - you make God a liar. Examine very carefully yourbelief.Mr. D - trust is the key word for our conversation. You lack the trust that God could, canand did directly inspire men to write word for word the words necessary to lead to Christ.Translations cannot distort one thing
- "Christ died for my sins, that I will stand justified beforethe throne of God - righteous in Christ."
WITHOUT THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD, THEREWAS NO REMISSION OF SIN.Gentlemen - I've stated all this out of concern for the falsehood I've seen and not fromhate, so in closing I say this;
"I'd rather have you as Brothers in Christ - than Brothers in Lodge."
I wait an answer,Eugene M. Baker121 Vine St., Box 81Ludlow Falls, Ohio-45339P.S. Sorry - I left one man out.Mr. C - It would be very nice if you sought the honor of God as you seek the praise of man. God's honor would last forever~ but that necklace you wear will pass from your hands intosomeone else's upon death. Where are your treasures stored Mr. C?Current address (Jan. 2005)Any questions call or write:Eugene M. Baker (retired Baptist10245 Milton-Potsdam Rd.(937) 698-5350West Milton, Ohio-45383Minister

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