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NEPR Five Colleges Report 2012

NEPR Five Colleges Report 2012

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2012 New England Public Radio's Five Colleges Annual Report
2012 New England Public Radio's Five Colleges Annual Report

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Published by: New England Public Radio on Mar 14, 2013
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Report to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Amherst, Hampshire,Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges
 Highlighting New England Public Radio’s Activities Related to the Five Colleges During 2012
For over 50 years, 88.5FM WFCR has been inextricably connected with the University o Massachusetts Amherstand the Five College consortium. This mutually benecial partnership has been at the heart o WFCR’s successand is a vital component o the station’s goal o creating a more inormed public—one challenged and invigorated bya deeper understanding and appreciation o events, ideas, and cultures. This remains at the core o New EnglandPublic Radio’s work throughout western New England.This summary o activity o NEPR with the Five College community is designed to provide a general sense o thedepth o that integration. By highlighting some o the services provided by WFCR and all-news WNNZ to the FiveCollege community during 2012, we bring into ocus the importance o the relationship the station shares with theeducational institutions o the area and the positive impact New England Public Radio has on the region.Historically, the Five College consortium has honored New England Public Radio’s editorial independence andintegrity just as New England Public Radio continues to be deeply committed to maintaining editorial control overstation content. Recognized widely as a national example o high quality broadcasting, New England Public Radioprovides a powerul voice or the events, news, and trends at each o the schools.With the consent o the colleges, the University o Massachusetts holds the broadcast license or the station as apublic trust. Through administrative support services and in-kind support, the University makes an especially im-portant contribution to New England Public Radio’s uture. In addition, the colleges directly support New EnglandPublic Radio by contributing to its annual revenue.
In turn, New England Public Radio makes a signicant contribution to the Five Colleges through each o itsimportant servicess.
WFCR and all-news WNNZ are primary news resources or members o the Five College community. Thisis our “beat” and we cover it every day o the year. At the same time, we each respect the boundaries o ourinvolvement. Objective and unbiased reporting relies on preserving the editorial integrity o the newsroom.Through coverage o local and national issues, in-depth analysis, colorul eatures, and insightul commentary,New England Public Radio’s news programs report not only what’s happening but also why it’s happening and what it means to our Five College audience. This report eatures all Five College news that was covered aseature length stories, spot news pieces (news stories that include audio clips), and newscast pieces (short men-tions included in the station’s regional news segments).
Each day throughout the year, the ve member institutions o the Five College consortium receive ve on-airmentions on WFCR and ve more on all-news WNNZ. The in-kind value o each school's on-air mentions(3650 mentions per year – 5 times a day, 7 days a week, on two stations) is about $47,450 per year. As its licenseholder, the University receives an acknowledgement, every hour, on the hour, or a total o 17,520 mentions,about $362,810 o additional in-kind value.
New England Public Radio enhances the educational programs o the ve colleges through an extensive, super-vised internship program. In 2012, New England Public Radio continued its paid internship program, extend-ing it to paid internships in the summer, and employing seven ve college students over the course o the year.This report includes a listing o all stories led by New England Public Radio interns over the course o the year– they are listed under “NI” (news intern). Also included in this packet is an audio CD o intern news reporting.
In 2011, UMass Amherst’s University Relations department agreed to provide the use o a car to interns romUMass and the our colleges to cover stories when requested by the news department. The station continued touse this service in 2012.In 2010, New England Public Radio, working with representatives rom the career services oces at each o the vecolleges, updated its intern recruitment strategy. Already a popular internship opportunity at all o the ve colleges,New England Public Radio saw a moderate increase in internship applications based on the changes to the recruit-ment plan again in 2012. Changes included: moving the summer deadline to April 15 (an earlier deadline) to allowstudents to apply or college unding, providing more inormation on nepr.net about unding opportunities or thesummer; participating in college courses and programs aimed at providing students inormation about internshipopportunities and expectations o students during internships; and attending intern and career airs happening oncollege campuses.
In 2012, New England Public Radio employed the same recruitment strategy on all ve campuses.
The strategy or each school is outlined below.
Post on e-recruiting siteAppear in weekly bulletin two weeks beore all, spring and summer application deadlineContact student sta at The Amherst Student, The Indicator, and WAMH 89.3 FM with reminder twoweeks prior to application deadlineMaintain relationship with Center or Community EngagementAttend the Amherst College Career Fair in the all semester
Post on two e-recruiting sitesAppear in weekly bulletin two weeks beore all, spring and summer application deadlineContact student sta at The Omen and The Yurt with reminder two weeks prior to application deadline
Post on e-recruiting siteAppear in weekly bulletin two weeks beore all, spring and summer application deadlineAppear in targeted email blast to go to Mount Holyoke studentsContact student sta at Mount Holyoke News and WMHC 91.5 FM with reminder two weeks prior to ap-plication deadlinePost on the Arts and Media track o the Nexus Program which encourages students to synthesize their aca-demic, extra-curricular and internship experiencesParticipate in discussion panel or course titled "Ready or the World: Preparing your Internship and Re-search Project"Attend Mount Holyoke Career Fair in the all semester
Post on e-recruiting siteAppear in email newslettersAppear as a “eatured internship” with lengthier description in email two weeks prior to applicationdeadlineContact student sta at The Sophian and WOZQ 91.9 FM with reminder two weeks prior to applicationdeadlineAppear in targeted email blast to go to Smith College studentsAttend Smith College Career Fair in the all semester
Post on e-recruiting siteContact student sta at The Collegian and WMUA 91.1 FM with reminder two weeks prior to applicationdeadline
 New England Public Radio welcomes any suggestions rom the Five College community on how to improveupon recruitment eorts on the campuses.
with an average o 21,800 page views per month, NEPR.net has a growing online presence. Our analysis indi-cates that many o the visitors to our website are seeking inormation on Five College events. Through theseevent listings New England Public Radio leads visitors to the events and the websites o each o the schools.
The station provides technical broadcast assistance to the Five College community including ISDN (digital) con-nections and recording services or aculty and sta interviews with national radio programs.
Each o the ve colleges benets rom the on-air impact o underwriting mentions through departmental pur-chases o underwriting packages on WFCR and all-news WNNZ.
As part o WFCR’s 50th anniversary celebration, the station compiled a selection o audio broadcasts culledrom our archive and made them available on NEPR.net. Several selections include material recorded at the vecolleges, including two lectures rom the weekly program Five College Lecture Hall, which aired in on WFCR in the 1960’s. The entire 50th Anniversary audio archive can be ound here: http://www.nepr.net/about/50th-anniversary.
NEW IN 2012
The New England Public Radio Foundation's 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign or WFCR has raised over $5 mil-lion since it began 18 months ago. That undraising momentum puts the station on course or the construction o itsnew acility in downtown Springeld, the centerpiece o the comprehensive campaign. O the $5.5 million raised todate, $4.1 million has been designated or acilities, leaving just $1.3 million to be raised to ully und the Springeldbuilding project. Fundraising eorts are ongoing, and the public phase o the campaign will begin in earnest in 2013.Upon completion o the building und, the campaign will ocus on raising money or local programming initiativeson WFCR and all-news WNNZ, a acilities endowment, new technologies and an endowment or classical and jazzprogramming.Renovations at the Hampshire House, where New England Public Radio will maintain a acility including studio andoce space, are also included in the capital campaign budget. Work there will commence ollowing the completiono the Springeld acility, we expect in 2014
In recognition o the combined git o $391,000 rom the Five Colleges or the 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign,and combined overall capital contributions since 1993 o over $1,000,000, New England Public Radio announcedin 2012 that its studios in Hampshire House on the UMass campus would be named The Five Colleges Studios atUMass Amherst.In January o 2013, the ollowing on-air mention was added to WFCR and all-news WNNZ: "Hampshire Countyproduction comes rom the Five Colleges Studios at UMass Amherst." This recognition airs on WFCR and all-newsWNNZ ve times a week: On WFCR, Monday - Thursday at the beginning o 
 All Things Considered
, and Fridays atthe end o 
 Morning Edition
, and on all-news WNNZ AM and FM, the recognition airs once a day in rotation between7am and 4pm (note: WNNI-FM in Adams, MA, and WNNU-FM in Great Barrington, MA will join this network in2013). This has an approximate in-kind value to each campus o $25,000 per year.In 2013 a plaque will be mounted on the wall outside o the studios. Once the 3rd oor is renovated, New EnglandPublic Radio will rededicate the studios with a ormal ceremony
In the all o 2012, New England Public Radio enthusiastically undertook a project that it had been looking orwardto or years. With the goal o providing more content or our communities and accessing the rich and varied resourc-es our region holds rom the Five Colleges and rom Williamstown to Worcester, AudoFiles, New England PublicRadio’s online-only content source, was born.AudioFiles consists o our distinct content areas that tap dierent resources, including WFCR’s 50 year-old archiveand lectures and happenings across the ve college campuses, to give the community access to new ideas, historical

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