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God Hears the Cries of His Little Ones

God Hears the Cries of His Little Ones

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Published by Patricia Backora
A prophetic message to those tempted to abuse children and babies with harsh "discipline". The same measure of mercy you mete out is the same measure you'll receive from the Lord.
A prophetic message to those tempted to abuse children and babies with harsh "discipline". The same measure of mercy you mete out is the same measure you'll receive from the Lord.

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Published by: Patricia Backora on Mar 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Millions of tiny children live in a prison of spiritual fear because their parents are so eager to find reasons to beat them, in the name of Christ. Proverbs stands alone in commanding children to be beaten. But it also commands:1. Fools must be beaten with rods Prov.!":#$ %f your pastor got caught ma&ing a fool of himself, would he literally be beaten with a rod or 'ust rebu&ed(.!. ) fool should get his mouth slapped Prov.1*:"$. +o My people literally slap each other when they say something silly( #. old a &nife to your throat if you li&e to eat a lot Prov.!#:!$. Many grown preachers do li&e to eat, as their e-panding waistlines testify. heir for& is always in their mouth, never at their throat./. hose who disrespect their parents will get their eye pic&ed out and eaten by a bird Prov.1#:10$ ow many of you have ever committed such a sin and received My forgiveness for it afterward, while still &eeping both your eyes because % mercifully set you free from the curse of the aw$(2. hieves shall be re3uired to pay bac& 45657 times what they stole, and for& over everything in their house Prov.":#89#1$. %f the deacon stole a few dollars from the church till, would the pastor force him to donate all his belongings to the church( ow many church members enforce this scripture as rigidly as the span&ing scriptures(". 4imple people who dont have all the answers should get their bac&s beaten Prov.18:1#$. ;esus praised Me for revealing is teachings to babes instead of wise men Matt.11:!2< u&e 18:!1$. 4olomon taught that the pursuit of wisdom should be the first priority of a righteous life, but failed to use it himself sometimes, to his own detriment.0. Fools should be beaten with a mortar and pestle Prov.!0:!!$ ow often is this enforced in church today(4olomons tragic life left a legacy of cruelty, as when his son =ehoboam threatened the %sraelite people with scorpions instead of the whips his father had used on them % >ings 1!:11$. 4olomon, praised by span&ing advocates and certain Christian family authors as the worlds greatest child rearing e-pert, departed from Me in his latter years when his multitude of wives led him astray into idol worship. 4olomon built child9eating idols Molech and Chemosh$ to please these heathen women % >ings 11:0$. Children were literally thrown alive into flames as sacrifices to these satanic gods ev.1*:!1<
!8:!$. 4acrificing your children to Molech was punishable by being stoned to death. But this didnt stop 4olomon from sponsoring Molech worship or worshipping heathen gods himself$. 4o when it comes to dealing with children or people in general$, who should you listen to, 4olomon or ;esus( ?ne %sraelite @ueen Mother lost her position at court because she built ?75 idol in a grove % >ings 12:1# and ! Chron.12:1"$. 4olomon sponsored the building of countless idols, as many as his wives demanded. But he stayed in power, even though he never fully repented of this sin.;esus said e was A=5)5= than 4olomon Matt.1!:/1< u&e 11:#1$. ;esus 3uoted from Moses, the Psalms and the Prophets, but never from Proverbs. oull see not one reference to 4olomon after )cts. 4tephen mentioned him in )cts 0: /0 as having built Me a house of stone. But 4tephen also added that % cannot be contained in the structures of men, nor can % find rest in places constructed by men. he wor&s of human hands are imperfect. )nd so is the reasoning of humans. Consider how none of the apostles mentioned 4olomon in their epistles, in which they taught My ways to the church, and sought to help My saints grow in wisdom. +avid was mentioned many times, as was )braham, 4arah, even the bac&slider ot and numerous heroes of faith in the ?ld estament. hese people definitely had flaws and problems in their lives. But they did 7? sponsor idol worship or ma&e it easier for others to worship false gods. )nd none of them wrote treatises in support of beating little children who dont &now their right hand from their left. 4olomon, who wrote many proverbs on beating fools and children, never once volunteered to be beaten for his own idolatryhere are multitudes of eminent men and women the Bible. But ;esus alone is My beloved only9begotten 4on. ear ye him Matt.10:2$.)side from countless D757F?=C5+, neglected, and seldom9preached9on verses in Proverbs, why arent these other ?ld estament passages enforced in church as much as the span&ing proverbs( 1. ev.!8:!0: Eitchcraft is punishable by stoning to death. ow many Christians read their horoscopes or go to tea leaf readers with no fear of the pastor stoning them for it +eut.1*:1891!$( hose activities are sinful and need to be repented of if committed. But unli&e ancient
%srael, your secular government doesnt impose a death penalty for these things.!. )ll adulteresses must be stoned ev.!8:18< ;ohn *:1911.$ 7otice, Christ 4P)=5+ and =5FD45+ ? C?7+5M7 the woman ta&en in adultery, even though others 3uoted ?ld estament scripture to try to persuade im to carry out Moses penalty of stoning. ;esus didnt &ill her li&e the aw commanded. e didnt even paddle her #. oud9mouthed, gluttonous, disrespectful teenagers are commanded to be put to death +eut.!1:1*9!1$ %f church people literally enforced %4 law, half the teenagers in church would die. /. 4abbath9brea&ers must either be &illed be cut off from the congregation of My people forever 5-.#1:1/$. 7o Christian imposes these penalties today for wor&ing on 4aturday, the true 4abbath.)dults go so much easier on themselves then they do on helpless children who cant defend themselves from cruel, un'ust or e-cessive punishment. %f a preacher commits adultery, he 'ust might tearfully confess in front of the church and as& forgiveness, and thats usually the end of the matter, so far as other Christians are concerned. 7o whipping is administered to reflect the seriousness of his sin against Me, because the preacher rightly$ believes that if he confesses and forsa&es his sin % ;ohn 1:$, that sin is now under the blood and he shouldnt be span&ed for it. )lthough, life itself Gspan&sH My people. 5ven if they do repent, there might still be severe repercussions which naturally spring from their gross sin. 4uch people might suffer financial ruin, illness, bro&en relationships, etc. )n adulterous husband might end up having to support the offspring of his affair, causing e-tra hardship to his lawful wife and
 children. he innocent wife, in turn, might be forced out to wor& herself to replace the child9support money her husband must pay each month. er own children are deprived of some of her time, and others must care for them, and they, in turn, might suffer from neglect. )ll these spin9off ramifications might create resentment and marital strain, on top of the hurt of being cheated on. %f the wife cant handle the conse3uences of her husbands affair, she might 'ust end the marriage altogether, ta&e
 children and leave. hen the man would have to pay money to maintain two households in addition to maintaining himself.?r, if the wife is the one to commit adultery, and she has a baby from the affair, even if her husband can forgive her, the temptation will always be there to resent the child who isnt his own biological offspring. %n all cases of adultery, the children involved get hurt and

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