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Eclipse Shortcuts 3.7.0adsf

Eclipse Shortcuts 3.7.0adsf

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Published by Charles Lee

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Published by: Charles Lee on Mar 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shortcuts of the Eclipse SDK 3.7.0
New Ctrl+N WindowsNew Menu Shift+Alt+N WindowsClose Ctrl+W WindowsClose All Shift+Ctrl+W WindowsSave Ctrl+S WindowsSave All Shift+Ctrl+S WindowsRename F2 WindowsRefresh F5 WindowsPrint Ctrl+P WindowsProperties Alt+Enter Windows
Undo Ctrl+Z Dialogs, WindowsRedo Ctrl+Y Dialogs, WindowsCut Ctrl+X Dialogs, WindowsCopy Ctrl+C Dialogs, WindowsPaste Ctrl+V Dialogs, WindowsDelete Delete WindowsSelect All Ctrl+A Dialogs, WindowsFind and Replace Ctrl+F WindowsFind Next Ctrl+K Editing TextFind Previous Shift+Ctrl+K Editing TextIncremental Find Ctrl+J Editing TextReverse Incremental Find Shift+Ctrl+J Editing TextToggle Smart Insert Mode Shift+Ctrl+Insert Editing TextShow Tooltip Description F2 Editing TextContent Assist Ctrl+Space Dialogs, WindowsContext Information Shift+Ctrl+Space Dialogs, WindowsWord Completion Alt+/ Editing TextQuick Fix Ctrl+1 Dialogs, WindowsQuick Diff Toggle Shift+Ctrl+Q Editing TextToggle Block Selection Shift+Alt+A Editing Text
Open Search Dialog Ctrl+H WindowsSearch Text in Workspace Ctrl+Alt+G WindowsSearch References in Ws Shift+Ctrl+G WindowsSearch Declaration in Ws Ctrl+G WindowsSearch Occurrences in File Shift+Ctrl+U Windows
Text Editing – Navigation
Cursor to Text Start Ctrl+Home Editing TextCursor to Text End Ctrl+End Editing TextCursor to Line Start Home Editing TextCursor to Line End End Editing TextCursor to Previous Word Ctrl+Left Editing TextCursor to Next Word Ctrl+Right Editing TextGo to Line Ctrl+L Editing TextScroll one Line Up Ctrl+Up Editing TextScroll one Line Down Ctrl+Down Editing TextToggle Folding Ctrl+Num_/ Editing TextCollapse Ctrl+Num_- Editing TextCollapse All Shift+Ctrl+Num_/ Editing TextExpand Ctrl+Num_+ Editing TextExpand All Ctrl+Num_* Editing TextReset Folding Structure Shift+Ctrl+Num_* Editing TextShow Ruler Context Menu Ctrl+F10 Editing Text
Text Editing – Selection
Select to Line Start Shift+Home Editing TextSelect to Line End Shift+End Editing TextSelect Previous Word Shift+Ctrl+Left Editing TextSelect Next Word Shift+Ctrl+Right Editing Text
Text Editing – Modification
Insert Line Above Shift+Ctrl+Enter Editing TextInsert Line Below Shift+Enter Editing TextCopy Lines Up Ctrl+Alt+Up Editing TextCopy Lines Down Ctrl+Alt+Down Editing TextMove Lines Up Alt+Up Editing TextMove Lines Down Alt+Down Editing TextDelete Line Ctrl+D Editing TextDelete Previous Word Ctrl+Backspace Editing TextDelete Next Word Ctrl+Delete Editing TextDelete to End of Line Shift+Ctrl+Delete Editing TextJoin Lines Ctrl+Alt+J Editing TextConvert to Lower Case Shift+Ctrl+Y Editing TextConvert to Upper Case Shift+Ctrl+X Editing TextToggle Overwrite Insert Editing Text
Source Editing
Show Source Menu Shift+Alt+S In WindowsToggle Comment Ctrl+/ Editing SourceToggle Comment Ctrl+7 Editing SourceToggle Comment Shift+Ctrl+C Editing SourceToggle Mark Occurrences Shift+Alt+O Editing SourceFormat Shift+Ctrl+F Editing Source
Java Editing – Navigation
Go to Previous Member Shift+Ctrl+Up Editing Java SrcGo to Next Member Shift+Ctrl+Down Editing Java SrcGo to Matching Bracket Shift+Ctrl+P Editing Java SrcOpen Declaration F3 WindowsOpen Type Hierarchy F4 WindowsOpen Call Hierarchy Ctrl+Alt+H WindowsOpen Attached Javadoc Shift+F2 WindowsOpen Structure Ctrl+F3 Editing Java SrcQuick Hierarchy Ctrl+T Editing Java SrcQuick Outline Ctrl+O Editing Java SrcShow In Breadcrumb Shift+Alt+B Editing Java Src
Java Editing – Selection
Select Enclosing Element Shift+Alt+Up Editing Java SrcSelect Previous Element Shift+Alt+Left Editing Java SrcSelect Next Element Shift+Alt+Right Editing Java SrcRestore Last Selection Shift+Alt+Down Editing Java SrcShow Parameter Hints Shift+Ctrl+Space Editing Java Src
Java Editing – Modification
Add Block Comment Shift+Ctrl+/ Editing Java SrcRemove Block Comment Shift+Ctrl+\ Editing Java SrcAdd Javadoc Comment Shift+Alt+J Editing Java SrcCorrect Indentation Ctrl+I Editing Java SrcAdd Import Shift+Ctrl+M Editing Java SrcOrganize Imports Shift+Ctrl+O In WindowsSurround With Menu Shift+Alt+Z In WindowsRemove Occurrence Shift+Alt+U Editing Java Src
Java Quick Assist
Assign to Local Variable Ctrl+2 L Editing Java SrcAssign to Field Ctrl+2 F Editing Java SrcRename in File Ctrl+2 R Editing Java Src
Java Refactoring
Show Refactor Menu Shift+Alt+T WindowsRename Shift+Alt+R WindowsMove Shift+Alt+V WindowsChange Method Signature Shift+Alt+C WindowsExtract Method Shift+Alt+M WindowsExtract Local Variable Shift+Alt+L WindowsInline Shift+Alt+I Windows
Java Project
Build All Ctrl+B Windows

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