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Published by Timothy
This focuses on the history of Sudan and the controversies that still reign in that nation.
This focuses on the history of Sudan and the controversies that still reign in that nation.

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Published by: Timothy on Mar 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Genocide in Sudan
African Americans struggled for independence from genocide and slavery forcenturies; yet slavery is still a foot in Africa.Sudan is the largest country insidethe Motherland of Africa with over 39 million people. Sudan is the Arabic wordfor black. Well, how did this genocide begin?In the 1800s, the Turks andEgyptians subdued Sudan then the nationalist Mahdist revolt existed in 1881. By1898, Anglo-Egyptian rule reigned supreme and gravitated a policy ofpreventing Southern Sudan off limits to Arabic-Islamic influence. Sudan finallyreached independence in January 1, 1956, but civil war immediately commencedbetween radical Arab Muslims and my black brothers and sisters. The first civilwar ended by 1972 with a federation proposal.
In 1972, a cessation of the north-south conflict was agreed upon under the terms of the Addis Ababa Agreement, following talks which were sponsored by the World Council of Churches. This led to an eleven-year  hiatus in the national conflict.
It fell apart by the mid-1980s with human rightsviolations continuing on both sides, but the Arab Muslim extremists areobviously much worse in their violence.
President Gaafar Nimeiry attempted tocreate a federated Sudan including states in southern Sudan, which violated the AddisAbaba Agreement that had granted the south considerable autonomy in 1983.
In a spanof 20 years from 1983-2003, 2 million black Sudanese Christians and animists(those are blacks who follow traditional, pagan religions) died by the radicals
from Northern Sudan. One of the mean of this occurring is by Sharia Islamic lawimplemented by President Nineiri of Sudan in 1983. Sharia is an Islamic form oftheocracy in a nation. Theocracies that’s man-made for the most part lead intotyranny. That is why I’m oppose to any form of a man-made theocracy.
For over two decades the Sudanese Government and the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army(SPLA) were involved in a civil war in southern Sudan.
Sharia law orders all non-Muslims to convert to Islam or die. At 1989, Lt.General Omar Hassin Bashir and the Sudanese Peoples Armed Forcesoverthrew Sudans democratic government.
The new government has a PopularDefense Fund (PDF), which is controlled by the National Islamic Front, afundamentalist Islamic group. They’ve dissolved all political institutions. As aresult, John Garang (a Dinka resister) headed the Sudanese People LiberationArmy (SPLA) to fight for Southern Sudan. Tons of raids have transpired to forcenorthern Sudanese economic, cultural, and religious expansion onto the citizensof the South. Louis Farrakhan, who meets with the National Islamic frontdictator General Al Bashir in Sudan years ago, denied that slavery even exists inSudan, which is a total lie.There is tons of proof of slavery in Sudan. Francois van Deventer, vice Presidentof United Christian Action, in a press release admitted to slavery on Christianblack people. According to the London Economist at January 6, 1990, in 1989, awoman or child could be brought for $90 and in 1990 it was $15 for raidincreases. In April 1996, U.N. Special Representative for Sudan, Gaspar Biroreported that an alarming increasein cases of slavery, servitude, slave trade, andforced labor. Two reporters in June 1996 illegally visited Sudan. They’veproduced Witness to Slavery, a series of articles that documented slavery inSudan plus they brought tow young slaves and set them free. Jacobs (Director ofResearcher of AASG) and Athie also exposed folks in bondage.Dr. Peter Harmond’s Christian Organization, Anti-Slavery International,Christian groups, African American groups, congressmen, and others haveexposed slavery within Sudan for many years. Why is there little outcry from themedia and the majority of America? Its for 2 main reasons.One is about a bias against the problems of Africa (i.e. little radical help is givento Africa because of the mindset of the leaders of America having not interestthat they need except for oil and natural resources not freedom).Wherefore millions are dying by madmen with no mighty U.S. intervention, yetin the Middle East, we send thousands of troops to a country in an illegal war
and its genocide cause by U.S. given WMDs plus American/U.N. sanctions. Theother is fear that the truth will be shown of Arab racism against black people.In the 1990s even the Black Caucus criticized a relief groups at March 25 whenrelief groups called for stepped up pressure to the Sudanese government. Blackcongressman Floyd Flake (D-NY), Congressman Barney Frank, Frank Torricelli(D-NJ) all proposed hearings on the slave trade and improvements to the Sudan.By 2003, a treaty is in the works to end the violence, but only time will tell if areal peace is authentic and carry forward.
Freedom, the abolition of slavery, andReligious Freedom must subsist in Sudan if true peace prevails
. More AfricanAmericans are awoke to this immorality, uncovering it, and helping out theSudanese now, which is a good thing to do. Darfur is a region where it’s a mostlyblack Muslim population. Yet, the mostly Muslim people in Darfur are beingmurdered in genocide by the racist Muslim forces called the
Janjaweed, aSudanesemilitiagroup recruited mostly from theAfro-Arab Abbala tribes of the northern Rizeigatregion in Sudan. They are mainly camel-herdingnomads.The causes of this conflict are environmental and political. So, it’s Muslim radicals killing innocent Muslim black people. That is wrong. That is why many people from across the political spectrumeven have done a lot to help the victims in Darfur. Some refugees have escaped Darfur into the neighboring African country of Chad. While theUnited States governmenthasdescribed the conflict asgenocide, the UN has continuously stopped short of using suchlanguage. As many as 2.5 million are thought to have beendisplacedas of October 2006.The ICC's prosecutor for Darfur,Luis Moreno-Ocampo, asked a panel of ICC judges toissue an arrest warrant for al-Bashir. Violence in Darfur spread over the border to Chadand theCentral African Republic.In Chad, notably, the Janjaweed were accused of  incursions and attacks.Fresh Sudaneseoffensive by government soldiers andArab militiamen againstDarfur rebels has trapped thousands of refugees along the Chadian   border, the rebels and humanitarian workers said on February 20, 2008. Classes occur among both sides to this day.
 Just because slavery is gone from this country, doesn’tmean its extinct worldwide and this oppression is alive and well in Africa. Thegenocide in Sudan doesn’t mean I support neo cons or Western imperialismtrying to impose their will in Sudan (when Sudan has an abundance of oilresources).
Imperialism by radical Muslims is just as evil as imperialism doneby the Western elite
. So, I’m not naïve about competing hegemonies in theregion. Sudan does need regime, but it ought to be peacefully done by its ownpeople (
without Western interference at all
). Also, all forms of suffering is evilfrom Israelis suffering, Palestinians suffering, ca. 3.5 million people in Congo,and people dying in Uganda as well.

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