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Glossary of Terms in Parapsychology - M Daniels

Glossary of Terms in Parapsychology - M Daniels



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Published by: ReadFate on Mar 07, 2009
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from http://www.mdani.demon.co.uk/para/paraglos.htm
Glossary of Terms in Parapsychology 
Michael Daniels PhD
Absent Healing
Healingthat takes place when thehealeris not in direct contact with the person to be healed.
Absent Sitter
 A person, not present during asitting, on whose behalf readingsare given. See alsoProxy Sitting.
 Traditional Chinese medical practice that involves sticking needles into specific locations on the body. See alsohealing.
 (a) Person who attempts to communicate information to another in anESPexperiment. Cf.percipient.
(b) Thesubjectin apsychokinesisexperiment.
(c) Person who is the focus of poltergeistactivity.
Akashic Records
 "Memories" of all experiences since the beginning of time, believed by some mystical doctrines to be storedpermanently in a spiritual substance (Akasha).
Alien Abduction Experience
 Reported experiences of being abducted by alien creatures, often into spacecraft. Abductees often experiencelost time and suffer loss of memory. When memories are recovered, often usinghypnotic regression
,abductees may report that surgical operations were performed on them. See alsotemporal lobe activity.
Alpha Rhythm
 Electrical activity in the brain (about 10 cycles per second) associated with a state of mental relaxation. SeealsoEEG.
Altered State of Consciousness (ASC)
 A term used to refer to any state of consciousness that is different from "normal" states of waking or sleeping.ASCs includehypnosis,trance,ecstasy,psychedelicandmeditativeexperience. ASCs do not necessarily have paranormal features.
Ancestor Worship
 Religious practices involving the veneration of dead ancestors.
 Benevolent spiritual beings who help people in need. See alsoguardian angel.
Animal Magnetism
A term coined by F.A. Mesmer to refer to a putative force or fluid capable of being transmitted from oneperson to another, producinghealingeffects. See alsoMesmerism.
Animal Mutilation
 Refers to cases in which animal corpses (often cattle) have been found with bizarre injuries that do not seemto have a normal explanation in terms of illness, accident or action of predators. Cuts and injuries oftenappear to have been carried out with surgical precision. Typically the corpse is drained of blood. Certain bodyparts may be absent (e.g., genitals).
Animal Psi
 Paranormal abilities exhibited by animals. Also known as "Anpsi".
 Religious practices based on the belief that all living things and natural objects have their individual spiritualessence orsoul.
Announcing Dream
 A dream believed to announce an individual'srebirth. See alsoreincarnation.
Anomalous Experience
 A general term referring to unusual experiences that cannot be explained in terms of current scientificknowledge. Cf.psi.
Anomalous Phenomena
 Natural phenomena that cannot be explained in terms of current scientific knowledge. See alsoForteanphenomena.
 Seecerebral anoxia.
 SeeAnimal Psi
 A visual appearance (cf.hallucination), often of a person or scene, generally experienced in a waking orhypnagogic/hypnopompicstate. See alsocrisis apparition,ghost,haunting.
 A physical object which appears in a way that cannot be explained (seeming to come from nowhere). Apportsare often associated with theseanceroom andphysical mediumship. Cf.deport. See alsomaterialization
 In parapsychology, false evidence of paranormal phenomena, due to some extraneous normal influence.
 Seealtered state of consciousness.
Astral Body
 A term used byoccultists
,spiritualistsandtheosophiststo refer to a supposed "double" of the person's physical body. The astral body is believed to be separable from the physical body duringastral projection(out of body experience) and atdeath. See alsoKa.
Astral Projection
A term used byoccultists
,spiritualistsandtheosophistsfor theout of body experience. It is believed to result when theastral bodyseparates from the physical body.
 A theory and practice which attempts to identify the ways in which astronomical events are correlated withevents on earth (e.g., with an individual's personality and biography, or with social and political trends).
 Re-emergence of ancestral characteristics; a genetic throwback.
 A field of energy believed by some to surround living creatures. Certainclairvoyantsclaim to be able to see theaura (generally as a luminous, coloured halo). See alsoKirlian photography.
Automatic Art
Automatic Writing
 The ability to write intelligible messages without conscious control or knowledge of what is being written. Seealsoautomatism,dissociation.
 Physical activites (e.g., arm movements, writing, drawing, musical performance) that occur without theautomatist's conscious control or knowledge. Also known as motor automatism. See alsoautomatic writing
 (a) Seeing one's "double". See alsoastral body.
(b) Looking back at one's own body from a position outside of the body. See alsoout of body experience.
 Ancient Egyptian concept of a person's essence, believed to be be immortal. Cf.Ka. See alsoSoul.
 In Gaelic belief, a female entity who heralds a death by groaning and screaming.
 In Tibetan Buddhism, an intermediate state of existence, usually referring to the state between life andrebirth.
Basic Technique
Term used incard-guessingtests of clairvoyance, in which the top card of the deck is placed to one side after each guess.
Billet Reading
 Procedure in which a question is secretly written on a piece of paper which is folded or sealed in an envelope,and handed to thepsychicwho attempts to answer the question. Various trickery can be employed byfraudulentpsychics andmentalists.
 Being (or appearing to be) in two different places at the same time. See alsoautoscopy.
 A general term for techniques that involve giving a person information about their current physiological state(e.g., heart rate,EEG). Biofeedback is used to enable people to control consciously their physiologicalprocesses.
 Psychokineticeffects on biological processes. See alsoDMILS.
Black Art
 Conjuringtechnique of concealing objects using black covers against a black background. Also used byfraudulent mediums.
Black Magic
 Magicalspells or rituals practiced with the intention of harming others. Cf.white magic.
 An experimentalcontrolin whichsubjectsare not informed of certain key features of the experiment. Also used to refer to a procedure where a judgeis asked to comparetargetsandresponseswithout knowing which responses were made to which targets. See alsodouble blind.
Blind Matching (BM)
An identical procedure toopen matching
, except that thekey cardsare unseen by the subject.
Book Test
 (a) Acommunicationin which thesitteris asked to look at a specific book and page in order to receive a significant message.
(b) An effect in which thepsychicormentalistdivines the words written on a particular page of a book.
 A box or curtained enclosure in which aphysical mediumis secured and from which various phenomena maymanifest (e.g., lights, objects moving, instruments played). Certain stagemagicianscan simulate thisprocedure with great effect.
 Response made by asubjectin acard-guessingor otherESPtest.
 A Brazilianspiritistreligion. See alsoUmbanda
Card Guessing
 An experimental test forESPin which subjects guess the identity of a set of cards (e.g., playing cards orZener cards).
 Fortune tellingusing cards. See alsotarot.
Cerebral Anoxia
 Lack of oxygen to the brain, often causing sensory distortions and hallucinations. Sometimes used to explainfeatures of thenear-death experience.
 Random, unpredictable influences on events.
 Receiving messages and inspiration fromdiscarnate entities. See alsomedium.
 Aspellor object possessing magic power.
Christian Science
 A religioushealingmovement founded by Mary Baker Eddy. Rejects orthodox medical practice.
Cipher Test
 A coded message left by a person who intends tocommunicatethe cipher after death.

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