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To Exit or Not to Exit

To Exit or Not to Exit

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Published by TMFJ

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: TMFJ on Mar 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To Exit or Not to Exit
By Nidal Sakr 
"We failed in upholding a due process as we all rushed to pump our chests and fake breasts to prove that we are the bully that cannot bebullied." 
Arabs have always been first in pointing out the difference between entering and exitingbathrooms. An analogy Bush evidently missed so gravely when deciding to invade theMiddle East. Perhaps what is more disconcerting is that he seems to, once again, havelearned all the wrong lessons as he prepares for another failing plot, namely upcomingMid-East conference.Although Bush’s failed conquest has become the curse that branded him as the USworst president ever, which candidates are now using as their free pass to WhiteHouse, we cannot help but to ponder: where have we all been through all of this?Where were we all while this whole thing unfolded? Why did we all speak from bothsides of our mouths keeping our fingers crossed before we took a stand on what is rightand what is wrong? How could we all look at Bush’s war on terror merely as a campaignand election issue and seemed indifferent to what it all meant in terms of those on thereceiving end of our failed conquests? September 11 or not, what gave us the right tohold other nations as dispensable items not even worthy of humanitarian advocacy weafford to lab rats?It has always been my contention that it has always been time for a change. A female or a minority president cannot be any worse than what we have in our latest white,“politically-mainstream” president. But how could we be reduced to simply having tochoose between a loser and less of a loser? Further, what moral obligation do we haveto remedy ourselves, as a nation, in front of the world and history as humanly-worthy?September 11, once again, has been the test in which we all failed. We failed inupholding a due process as we all rushed to pump our chests and fake breasts to provethat we are the bully that cannot be bullied. To show, once again, that we are the foolsthat can never cease to be fooled by our scum friends. To demonstrate how power without morality is a threat not only to the immoral but to those who sit idle watching theimmoral spreading havoc and mayhem. I do hear the rising voices against what wehave done but what I do not hear is what reparations must we afford to the nations weravaged in our madness which we all failed to stop.Hillary, Obama, or both cannot be any worse no matter how hard they try, but neither can be good unless they were truthful to their roots and to where they came from. Votedoes get you elected, but vote is also what inducted Bush to presidents’ hall of shame.

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