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A Gun Culture Textanswer Key

A Gun Culture Textanswer Key

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Published by: Angel Angeleri-priftis. on Mar 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘A Gun Culture’
 Type of document:
an extract/excerpt from an essay / an article / a book 
Michael Bellesites
Date :
 Title :
A Gun Culture / Arming America ; The origins of a national Gun CulturePick out the following information (indicate line numbers)
 Two American news magazines :
 The two covers represent
a young boy with a gun§1
 The names of the two children :
Andrew Golden
Mitchell Johnson
 The traditional figure associated with Christmas period:
Santa Claus / Father Christmas
 The two murderers live in (town, state, country) :
 Jonesboro, Arkansas (USA)
 Their age at the time of the tragedy:
 The number of victims / casualties :
4 children / their teacher killed
10 other people wounded /injured
Date of the tragedy (in full) :
March 24, 1998 ( on the twenty-fourth of March )§3
Another school concerned by a bloodbath :
Columbine High School
 Town, state :
Littleton (Colorado)
Date of the tragedy (in full) :
On April 20, 1999 ( on the twentieth of April)§4
 The annual total of violent crimes in the 90’s:
2 million
 The annual total of murders :
 The murderers’ favourite weapon (= arm) :
a gun (firearm)
What schools use now to fight the problem:
metal detectors§5
Where we realize that Americans are crazy about weapons : on
and in
.Where Americans can practice shooting :
video games
 The name of a researcher on violence:
Dave Grossman
Why it’s impossible to know the exact number of weapons in the USA :
the US does not REGISTER guns
Use your notes above to help you answer the questions.
RECAP : What happened on March 24, 1998 ? Is this sort of event exceptional in the US?On March 24, 1998
two heavily armed children, (called )Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson, respectively aged 11 and 13 shot 4children and their teacher dead and injured 10 other people when they opened fire at their school in Jonesboro, Arkansas.Unfortunately this sort of event is quite common / familiar in the USA and what occurred in Jonesboro reminds us of other massshootings of children by children such as the Columbine bloodbath
on April 20, 1999
or more recently the Newtown tragedy. Thesame accidents and violent crimes involving young children and teenagers keep repeating!
Here are 5 headings corresponding to the 5 paragraphs: put them back in the order of the text
a. causes b. comparisonsc. questionsd. the shootinge. unusual front covers
1.E 2.D3.C 4. B 5. A
All the words linked to violence and arms Look up their translation in a French dictionary
a gun :
revolver / pistolet
camouflage :
a rifle :
un fusil de chasse /fusil/carabine
a pistol:
un pistolet
deadly weapons:
armes mortelles
a shotgun:
fusil de chasse
they shot at:
tirer sur
they fired twenty-two shots:
tirer 22 coups de feu
killing: =>
a killing :
assassinat / meurtre
they wounded:
ils ont blessé
the shootings:
civil wars:
guerres civiles
social chaos :
désordre social/chaos social
violent crimes :
crimes violents
murders :

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