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Review Answers

Review Answers

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Published by crisrolo253832

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Published by: crisrolo253832 on Mar 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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REVIEW ANSWERS, UNIT 41. Rewrite the sentences in three different ways using the wordsin brackets:
1)There is a good chance the weather will improve in the coming months. / There is a distinct possibility that the weather will improve in the comingmonths. / The weather could well improve in the coming months.2)There is a remote chance that they will succeed in contacting us. /Theyprobably won´t succeed in contacting us. / there is a slim possibility thatthey will succeed in contacting us.3)There is every likelihood that we will move house in the spring./ There is agood chance that we will move house in the spring./ We´re bound tomove house in the spring.4)He hasn´t / doesn´t have a hope of being offered the job. /he doesn´tstand a chance of being offered the job./ There´s a distinct possibility hewon´t be offered the job.5)Presumably attendance will be high this year. / There is bound to be ahigh attendance this year./ there is a strong possibility that attendancewill be high this year.6)It is almost inconceivable that Thompson will score./
The odds areagainst
Thompson scoring a goal. /Thompson could possibly score agoal.
2. Choose the most appropriate words.
1)Retires / ´ll be looking2)Coming3)´ll be4)Be seeing5)´m going to work6)´ll make /say
3. Choose the correct option.
4. Complete the text with suitable words.
5. Use the prompts in brackets and the phrases in the box tocomplete the sentences.
1)In a blue moon.2)Bits and pieces3)At a loose end4)Up to5)More or less6)Cropped up7)Time to time8)Put my feet up9)Snowed under10)Fell through
6. Complete the text with suitable words.

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