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What is Wisdom 5

What is Wisdom 5



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Published by Loek Hopstaken
The 5th edition (October 2006) of a newsletter intended for alumni of Dutch Delta University, Deventer, The Netherlands.
The 5th edition (October 2006) of a newsletter intended for alumni of Dutch Delta University, Deventer, The Netherlands.

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Published by: Loek Hopstaken on Mar 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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\u201cThe moment a person realizes that reality has many faces, he/she takes the first step on the road to wisdom.\u201d
Hopstaken\u2019s Newsletter \u2013 commemorative 5th edition \u2013 October 8, 2006

Nobody taught her, yet she knows how to pose in a truly charming fashion, and even, how to paint a Picasso-esque
shadow. Note her one horn, the way she wags her tail, her flirt with the fotographer, and the yellow ticket in her ear.
Her ID card ...

This newsletter is published by Loek Hopstaken of Hopstaken Bedrijfsadvies, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(www.hopstaken.com). Intended publics: Loek\u2019s personal international network, including many former students at
DDU of both himself and his pal Peter van Oosten. Regular contributors: Peter van Oosten, Martin Zuurhout, Larry
O\u2019Connor. This edition: Photos: Peter & Loek; Sashanka Poudyal; Eew Sawaluck Suwannawong; Zhou Lincheng
(Apple); Nguyen Thuy Duong (Tracy); Turkish photographers;
If you want to have original size pictures (if available), send me an email:hopstakeninternationa l@gmail.com.

1. Welcome to the commemorative fifth edition of \u2018What is Wisdom???\u2019 \u2013 by Loek Hopstaken
2. What do you know? - by Loek Hopstaken
3. About being a happy person \u2013 by Paul Scholey
4. Meet Mai Van \u2013 interviewed by Loek Hopstaken
5. Many children have the potential of developing genius \u2013 by Martin Zuurhout
6. What does it look like? \u2013 by Xiao Yezheng (Johnson)
7. The What is Wisdom??? Intern Program 2006-2007
8. Tips to become a good manager - by Le Thu Lan
9. Are you a Giver or a Taker? \u2013 by Loek Hopstaken
10. Summer trip to Andaluc\u00eda. - By Eew Sawaluck Suwannawong
11. Contribution of travel to cultural change \u2013 Zafer \u00d6ter (Grad.Ass., Dokuz Eyl\u00fcl Univ.,\u0130zmir, Turkey)16
12. Wise Quotes & Crackers from around the planet
13. What we can learn from dogs \u2013 by Cheri Baumann (www.myprivatecoach.com)
14. In my hometown the sun is shining \u2013 by Liu Jian Tian (Joe)
15. Experience is never enough \u2026 by Tran Thi Huyen Nga (Anna)
16. Accounting is not related to Love. - by Peter van Oosten
17. Cultural notes
19. Birthday news
20. This issue\u2019s lyric: Nature Boy
\u201cA friend is a treasure, more precious than gold. For love shared is priceless, and never grows old.\u201d
\u9646\u53ef \u970d\u666e\u65af\u8fbe\u6839
\u201cA friend is a treasure, more precious than gold. For love shared is priceless, and never grows old.\u201d
\u201cDo not do all you can, do not spend all that you have, do not believe all that you hear, and do not tell all that you
know.\u201d Chinese proverb
1. Welcome to the commemorative fifth edition of \u2018What is Wisdom???\u2019 \u2013 by Loek Hopstaken
\u201cPractice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.\u201d Anne Herbert
The Fifth \u2013 what makes it commemorative?

Commemorative: there is something to remember, as with a jubilee. First of all, \u20185\u2019 is a memorable number. Many
magazines don\u2019t even survive nr. 4. And second, this month one year ago What is Wisdom??? No. 1 arrived in your
mailbox. Within a year there have been many changes in people\u2019s private, family and career lives. The year around
Graduation \u2013 say, 2 months before to 10 months after \u2013 is one of many emotional highs and lows, ups and downs. First
getting your graduation credits sorted out and make sure you qualify for graduation, then back on your own again
getting your new life sorted out and make sure you get a job, and handle both your old and new network of friends, and
family. Of course, some continue their studies elsewhere.


However, several embark on a career path from Day One. Others go straight for marriage, have a baby and settle down.
It\u2019s as if for them the intensity and speed, so characteristic for the last months before Graduation, are replaced by an
intensity and speed to \u2018have it all, and fast, please\u2019. In a hurry to secure a sound future. Now, there\u2019s nothing wrong
with a sound future, but what happened to good old freewheeling? Or were the years spent studying the years of

When the Dutch Army decided they didn\u2019t want me in their ranks \u2013 officially, because of hay fever1 - this meant that I
could take a break between high school and college. Sure, many class mates went on to college, or joined the army
despite their objections. I managed to convince my parents to take a sabbatical year, in order to make and save money
for traveling. From July 1971 till September 1972 was my freewheeling year. This laid the foundation of my interest in
cultures, and to this day I pick the fruits of having established a small but international network of friends. I must
confess that freewheeling became a way of life \u2026 I was not exactly a model student. Most of the time went into, well,
exploring \u2018life\u2019. You know what I mean. For several years my life was making money to travel, travel further and travel
some more. In my case it took me 7 years to admit that finding a wife, having babies and settling down wasn\u2019t such a
bad idea after all. And that was it for freewheeling. Nelly and I married May 14, 1980; 3 weeks later our son Thomas
was born. Did I mention intensity and speed? Now I hear graduates talking about getting married and having babies 7
weeks after Graduation \u2026 Why? If you can freewheel for 7 years, and then have a family within 3 weeks? Are you
really in a hurry to get old? Read \u2018The Circle of Life\u2019.

Teaching & Traveling in the Far East

In the last edition I introduced my idea to create a subsidiary of my company in the Far East, notably, Vietnam (Ho Chi
Minh City) and China (Beijing, Shanghai). Several members of our network have been looking seriously the
possibilities. It\u2019s not easy. There is lots of paperwork involved, and the pay would not be sufficient to cover my
expenses; I have a household to run in Amsterdam. So far, there is no result. But, as the Spanish author and creator of
\u2018Don Quijote\u2019, Miguel Cervantes said: \u201cIn order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the impossible.\u201d Therefore,
I maintain my dream of establishing \u2018footholds\u2019 in both Vietnam and China. I\u2019ll keep promoting my dream until the end
of this year. If by then there is no result, I\u2019ll keep my dream, but change my plans. Which means, I\u2019ll re-focus and
become a tourist, and will start planning a tour, possibly with Peter, to meet many of you in your home environment.
And have some more of those wonderful reunion type meetings.

Meanwhile, I proudly present my Chinese name, as created by Fangbing Yuan (Amanda), with help from Zeng Qian
Pronounce: L\u00f9 k\u0115 H\u00f9o p\u01d4 s\u012b d\u00e1 k\u0115n
1 Unofficially, but the probable truth: the Dutch Ministry of Defense didn\u2019t want guys in their ranks who had been
active supporters of conscientious objection, like me. This was 1970-1971, the Vietnam war was still on, and as The
Netherlands and the USA were allies, many of my generation were against any form of involvement with that war.
2. What do you know?- by Loek Hopstaken
2.1 DDU: \u2018Small\u2019 is beautiful but \u201cbig\u201d is powerful.

Since three years Dutch Delta University has been looking for a strong partner. Part of a bigger university gives the
teachers and the students more opportunities. Since many years we have been cooperating with the University of Izmir
in Turkey, Columbus University in Spain and London School of Commerce in London. DDU students may continue
their studies at these universities. Some did this in the past: one year in the Netherlands, one year in Turkey and one
year in Spain. Last June three students graduated.

However, cooperating with European universities, as we have been doing up till now, is not a solution for all the
problems a small university encounters. Therefore we are planning to merge next year ( March 2007) with Management
Institute of Canada (MIC;www. mica na da .o rg ). MIC is strong in distance learning. We will need their knowledge in
the near future. A problem we can solve after merging is: the many years a student has to stay for education in Europe.
Following an education in Europe for 3 or 4 year for most students is too long and too expensive. MIC and DDU will
offer e new BA-program (BBA and MBA). Students can study the whole program by distance learning or he or she can
choose to study partly in Amsterdam/Deventer, Paris or Montreal.

At the moment we are in the middle of a reorganization. Right now, Dutch Delta is a tiny university with just 35
students in the last period of their study. In 2007 DDU will make a new start with more possibilities under MIC wings.
E.J. Deelstra
President of the DDU
2.2 The 3 Most Important Things To Do

One of the greatest factors of successful people is how they manage their time. The best way to begin this task is by
simply making a \u201c3 Most Important Things To Do\u201d list. Make this list at the end of your business day. This will be the
first thing you see in the morning, and will give you direction for the new day!

September: Meng Xiao Xiao graduated!
\u201cA friend is a treasure, more precious than gold. For love shared is priceless, and never grows old.\u201d

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