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Who is Jesus

Who is Jesus

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Published by eltropical

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Published by: eltropical on Mar 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Te Creator o the galaxies—and the Creator o every single smallgalaxy within every atomic particle in the Universe—came to visit hisown Creation. He came to Visit our little earth, with our millions o poor and needy, sweaty and hungry, or proud and oolish inhabitants. We needed Him, and He came. Jesus chose to Visit us as a riddle andenigma, the ultimate challenge and the supreme blessing. He came robedin contradiction and poverty and chose to be born to a virgin in a smallcorner o the Middle East. He chose to experience us, or our sakes, andto rst spend 30 years working hard with his hands as a poor laborer, a common wood-worker.But, He had something to Say, and something to Do in those last threeyears He was here physically. He had waited and watched, and in just theright time, in just the right place, in just the right way that would conuseall but the honest seekers, He was born into an oppressed and occupiedimpoverished land and time and race. And, now, He had something to Say, and something to Do. In spite o the Miracles He had perormed in plain sight, and the laws o nature andphysics He demonstrated He owned and controlled as no mere humanever has or could, in spite o the perection o His lie and the radically rereshing wisdom He brought to man—blistering the hypocritical andritualistic religions o His day—they killed Him.
 As always, i we can help you in any way, please contact the church here atP.O. Box 68309, Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA.
Copyright © 2011, 1998 RealPeople@JesusLifeogether.comCopyright laws, as crazy as they are when we are talking aboutGod’s Word, require us to say the following: Tis material is copyrightedand may not be quoted and/or reproduced without its complete context(the entire document) except by the author’s permission. You may, however,freely reproduce this in its entirety. And, of course, this publication is neverto be “sold” for any price (2 Corinthians 2:17, Matthew 10:8).
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 As He had done or over three years, He proved HE ALONE had theright to have the Final Word, the Only Opinion, the absolute ruth thatmatters. Debate over. NO ONE ELSE walks on water and commands thestorms and heals the lame and blind, and raises the dead by Command. JESUS ALONE, Y’shua, has the Final Word. But thank GOD or that! HE ALONE is Relevant, rather than merely relative. Hear ye HIM! WhateverHE says, goes. Period. No one else can raise the dead but Jesus; no oneelse’s thoughts amount to more than a drip in the ocean o conicting opinions. Hear ye HIM!He was murdered out o rage and jealousy by the religiously poweruland greedy and dark-hearted o His day. But, how did it come about?How did this penniless man, “i it be lawul to call him a man” as the non-christian historian Josephus exclaimed, invade human history, change theDestiny o those who would abandon to Him and His ruth? Soon He will Crack the Sky and come back or those who are His! Will you be thatman, that woman, that child that is looking and longing or His Returnin the clouds to claim His own? Let’s consider Him or a ew minutes.... Jesus’ lie on earth was drawing to a close. For three years He had spentnearly every waking hour with a handul o men and women. ogether they had experienced so much—breathtaking miracles, penetrating teaching,hateul opposition. But it was obvious now that Jesus had something  weighing on His mind. Leaving behind the crowds and the critics, He withdrew rom the villages o Galilee to the seacoast city o Caesarea Philippi. He gathered His riends around him, xed His eyes on theirs,took a breath, and asked a question:
“Who do people say I am?” 
His riends—probably with a surge o pride that their popular teacherinspired such interest and a wave o attention—repeated the latest rumors. Jesus was a “prophet,” perhaps even one o the old prophets o centuriespast come back to lie! Or maybe a reincarnation o the recently martyred John the Baptist! Jesus waited or the banter to die down and the last chuckle to adeinto silence. He held His disciples in His eyes or a moment longer, thenasked them the most important question they had ever heard.
“But what about 
He asked.
“Who do
say I am?” 
He knew how they ticked, inside and out. And He knew how we wouldtick. He knew that people like you and me could
Him without really 
who He was,
Him without really 
to what He wassaying, and
hang around 
Him without really 
 getting to know 
Him. So Jesuschallenged every assumption, cut through every “Well, o course…” andasked the key question.
Who do
say I am? 
Tis man Jesus rom the Middle East, a man unlike anyone ever born,has been seemingly turned into anemic able and emaciated airytaleby Western nonsense, sentiment, love o the world and things o the world, love o entertainment shows and superstition, and ake orms o Christianity that do not honor nor obey Him, nor reect His Glory orlook at all like the Family o Lie and Love, His Church, that He birthedrom Heaven. Jesus was lied about, mocked, slandered, accused, arrested, tortured,and sentenced to death or daring to take a stand AGAINS the ritualistic weak religions o rote words, empty promises, selsh isolated lives, andpower-hungry medicine-men clergy. Just another “prophet” or Santa Claus or moral eacher or Mystic orFairytale? Who REALLY was and IS Jesus? How you answer that question romthe heart makes ALL the dierence as you look to the Father, or just look to the earth or lieless religions o convenience and powerlessness, as meremen may do.
“Who do YOU say that I Am,” He asks YOU, today! What would yourpersonal response be? In your own heart, what have you made o Jesus?
Let’s take a ew minutes together to sort through our pile o assumptions. Let’s examine each assumption in the light o what thepeople who knew Jesus best had to say about Him. Many o them werepresent on that day in Caesarea Philippi and the testimonies o these peopledeserve our respect. Many o these men and women whose convictionsare recorded in what we call the New estament
went to their deaths 
in theace o violent, hateul opposition, without wavering or a single momentin what they so condently declared.Tese ew pages can’t possibly do justice to the question o Jesus’identity and signicance. But let’s do give honest consideration to someo those men and women’s convictions about Him. As we read, let’s ask ourselves:
I what they said is true, what would the implications be or 
my life? 

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