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The Papercut Nov-Dec 2009

The Papercut Nov-Dec 2009

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Published by Marta Genie
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Published by: Marta Genie on Mar 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Grupo Roble Agreement
| NOV-DEC 2009
hristmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. -Mary EllenChaseI would like to dedicate the Paper Cut Editorial for three major events that 
took place during the me of this edion: Thanksgiving, the Democracy 
march and the upcoming Christmas.
We made this issue regarding the Thanksgiving holiday because my writerswere sent out during the Thanksgiving break to look for inspiraon and ideas to write in this edion, and they found them. Some of them found out that Thanksgiving is a holiday to give thanks of what we have, othersthat it’s me to get together with God, and others preferred to go to thebeach or stay home and do a good deed. I personally was thankful becauseI saw how our lile country is heading towards a brighter sunrise, with thedemonstraon of civism that we saw November 21st by both sides of our  polical spectrum.In this new edion we wanted you, our readers, to feel more included. For that reason we included two new secons. Our new environmental corner in which we have feature arcles regarding the Copenhagen protocol and also a eld trip of the environmental science lab that went to theFlor Reserve to see the turtles nest. The second secon is what we called Got 2 read secon, in which we had collaboraon from a SalvadorianBlogger Elisa Guadrón and other interesng columns regarding personal 
experiences of our writers.
November was very hecc, and December will be even more. People isgeng ready for nals, some are nishing up projects or term papers
and we will see a lot of people running around dressed up nicely for their 
 nal grade presentaon. Aer nals Christmas arrives with its enresplendor, we include a note on what to buy under a C$100 that will be very useful for the secret santas and also the good bye presents to some of our  friends that are not coming back unl graduaon. I personally want to sagoodbye to my friends who are not coming back in January, the school will not be the same without you guys! And for the nal touch we have so many cultural things happening that is almost incredible how much creave work we are geng. THANKS!!!!!We hope to include all your pieces over me and at the same me I inviteyou to keep reading the paper, following our blog, and paying aenon,because you never know what we can write next (it might be about you).Thanks again team and see you next year for a new semester full of stories,Merry Christmas and God Bless,
Emilia Yang Rappaccioli Editor in chief 
Editor in Chief 
Emilia Yang Rappaccioli 
Carlos J. Perez Vega & Maria JoséHernández
  Art Directo
Mario González Zablah
 Alicia Chávez
Markeng and Distribuon
Lucila Delgado
Sta Writers
 Ana FuentesOchy Montoya Javier PintoFrancisco Chamorro Alejandra BorgeCarlos Guardado
Ernesto Mejía
Gabriela Flores
 Art and Imagery 
Erick MarnezMario Guardado
Cynthia Luna
 Advisory Board 
 Arturo WallaceDr. Kenia Halleck Beth GarcíaWilbert SalgadoDesiree Román
Special Thanks to
Karen ArbizúYahoska Jiménez
ovember 9th is a verymeaningful date for German
history, from the proclamaon
of the Weimar Republic in1918 to the Kristallnacht in1938, when synagogues wereburned and more than 1,300Jews were killed. Therefore,
it is sll surprising that this
date, which is full of joy andsadness in German history, isthe date in which the BerlinWall fell.Germany was divided into
four secons correspondingto the Allied Powers aer
World War II (Great Britain,France, United States of America and the SovietUnion). Berlin as the seat of the Allied Control Councilwas divided as well among
these naons. Two yearsaer shared management of 
the country, divisions arosebetween the Soviet Unionand the rest of the powers.
Aer massive immigraons
from Eastern Germans toWest along with many otherfactors, the decision to build
the wall was taken. It was unl
August 12, 1961 that WalterUlbricht (General Secretary
of the Central Commiee
of the Socialist Unity Partyand Chairman of the Councilof State of the German
Democrac Republic) signed
the closing of the border andthe building of a wall.During the existence of the wall, there were 5,000successful escapes andabout 200 deaths. PresidentsKennedy and Reagan wereespecially known for lobbyingto the cause of the tearingup of the wall. However, the
separaon connued creanga lot of dierences culturally
and economically speaking.
Such dierences are sll felt
in modern Germany, were lifestandards are higher in whatused to be Western Germanythan that of Eastern Germany.
The sudden creaon of thewall split families, cut o East
Berliners that worked in the
West and caused an isolaon
feeling in Western Germans.
Aer years of repression,
Germans began to protest as
a part of the Pacic Revoluon
of 1989. They expressed their
will by channg “We wantout!” and “We are staying
here!” By November 4th, 1989the protests had increasedin such a way that therewere gathered half a millionpeople at the Alexnaderplatz
demonstraon in East
Berlin. On November 9th,the borders were openedand that date is seen as thedate in which the border fell.The following days peopleappeared with hammers todestroy the wall, they were
known as “wall-peckers”.Nowadays, some seconsof the wall have been le to
remind the people that suchthing should not be repeatedever again.
Te Berlin Wall 
Ernesto Mejía-Traña
Celebraon of the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Belin.

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