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Published by: api-25945645 on Mar 17, 2013
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Australian Agenda 17 March 2013 Malcolm Turnbull
Sky News Australian AgendaMalcolm Turnbull17 March 2013
Interview with Malcolm Turnbull Australian Agenda program, 17 March 2013Peter van Onselen:We are joined here in the studio by shadow communications spokesperson, MalcolmTurnbull. Mr Turnbull, thanks for joining us.Malcolm Turnbull:Good to be here.Peter van Onselen:Last night there was footage that came out about Kevin Rudd, we're going to talk aboutmedia reform in detail, but just quickly, there was footage of Kevin Rudd jokingly saying"I challenge", and then he moved and talked about Liberals instead rather thananything to do with the Labor Party. It was in the context of a speech around StPatrick's Day. He always seems to pop up at the wrong time for Julia Gillard and causea bit of trouble, doesn't he?
Australian Agenda 17 March 2013 Malcolm Turnbull
Malcolm Turnbull:I think he's having a lot of fun. But, you know, you're entitled to have fun on StPatrick's Day.Peter van Onselen:One other issue before we move to media reform, this morning Tony Abbott called apress conference which started or was due to start at 8:30 a.m. We've got the footageof the press conference release that went out just this morning just before we came onair. Unfortunate coincidence, given that we're meant to be talking in detail here withyou about media reform.Malcolm Turnbull:Well I - I've got no idea - I don't know what your point is.Peter van Onselen:My point is just that the leaders' office is so good at co-ordinating Sunday mornings yetthey've unfortunately coordinated that the Opposition Leader is doing a pressconference at the same time that we're trying to have a detailed discussion aboutmedia reform with you.Malcolm Turnbull:I was talking to Tony about this program at 7:30, so he was well aware that it's goingon and I'm sure that if he misses us live he'll catch us when we replay.
Australian Agenda 17 March 2013 Malcolm Turnbull
Peter van Onselen:Let's get into the media reform questions, Mr Turnbull. How likely do you think it is thatthis reform package will be successful getting at through the parliament, given thatSenator Conroy has made it clear that he's not willing to even entertain amending it?Malcolm Turnbull:It will certainly get through the Senate, because I suspect the Greens will support itcome what may. In the House Rob Oakeshott's obviously taken great offence at theunseemly haste with which it's been pushed through the parliament. Andrew Wilkie hasexpressed a lot of reservations about it. I haven't spoken to the other independents,but I think it's quite possible it won't get through the House. The Government has - thishas been a shocking shambles of an exercise. Whatever your views are it is a very bigdeal to involve the Government or a government official in regulating the content of newspapers for the first time in our peacetime history. This is a huge step; there's noquestion about that.So to present that there, rush it through cabinet, it only went to cabinet in a technicalway, it wasn't properly debated or considered at cabinet as we know, and then to sayto the parliament "you've got four sitting days to deal with it or the whole thing's off" is just treating the people of Australia and the Parliament that represents them withcomplete contempt. And you have to ask yourself, is Conroy doing this to design it tofail? Is he seeking to embarrass the Prime Minister? It's hard to find a rationalexplanation for his conduct.Peter van Onselen:

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