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Kulasekara Azhwar

Kulasekara Azhwar

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Published by raj
SHort writeup on Kulasekara Azhwar, a prominent Vaishnava devotee
SHort writeup on Kulasekara Azhwar, a prominent Vaishnava devotee

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Published by: raj on Mar 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kulasekara perumAL Thirunakshathram- Maasi punarvasu
KumbhE PunarvasU jaatham KeraLE KOLa pattaNEKousthubhAmsam DharAdhIsam KulasEkaharam AasrayE
This AzhwAr born as a Kshathriyan is an amsam of the gem Kousthubham on the Lord's chest. He incarnatedon a Maasi Sukla DwAsasi day , when Punarvasu constellationwas in ascendance.He was born as the son of Dhruta Vratha RaajA ,king of Kolli Naadu, whose capital was VanchikkuLam in today'sKeraLA.THANIANS ON PERUMAAL TIRUMOZHI1. Composed by Emperumaanaar Sri Ramanujacharya
Innamudham Oottugen Inge Vaa Pain Kiliye /Tenn Arangam Paada vulla Seer Perumaal - Ponnan /Silai Ser Nudhaliar vel Seralar Kone - Engal /Kulasekaran Enre Kooru /
" O! Green hued parrot! Come hither ! I will give you some sweet nectar!. You shouldalways mutter the name of Kulasekara- who composed the sweet poem on the auspiciousqualities of Lord Ranganatha lying in the South direction at Srirangam; who is the darlingof beautiful damsels with bow - like eyebrows; who is the King of Chera kingdom; whois a great Prapanna and who is our crown jewel"2 Composed by Manakkaal Nambi
Aaram Kedap Paran Anbar Kollaar Enru - Avargalukke /Vaaran Kodu Kudap Paambir Kai Ittavan - Maatralarai /Veeram Kedutha Senkol Kolli Kaavalan Villavar Kone /Seran Kulasekaran Mudi Vendhar Sikaamaniye /
"Kulasekara is the one who put his hand boldly into the pot containing thedeadly King Cobra in order to vindicate the innocence of the Srivaishnavaswhen they were accused (by his ministers) of stealing the precious pearlnecklace; Kulasekara is the one who vanquished the valour of his enemies; He was theking of Kolli; he was the Emperor of other kings: the very gem of the Chera dynasty; thevery crown of the crowned monarchs"
ponpuraiyum vERkulasE karanE maasippunarpoosath thezilvaNYsik kaLatthuth thOnRiyanbudanE namperumaaL sempoR kOyilanaitthulakin peruvaazvu madiyaar thangaLinpamigu perunguzuvuNG kaaNa maNmEliruLiriya venReduttha visaiyiR sonnananporuLsEr thirumozinNooR Rainthu paattu
nanRaaka venakkaruL sey nalki neeyE.
[From Swami Desikan's prabandha saaram]The One who was born in ThiruvanjikkaLam in Maasi punarvasu. He sang with love andgreat devotion on NumperumAL of Srirangam (read below) in the very first ten, and thenon His devotees. He longed to be in the association of BhagavatOtthamas of Srirangamand along with them, wished to enjoy the Lord's ThirumEni. Swami desikan prays toAzhwAr to bless him with the wonderful 105 verses of PerumAL Thirumozhi (in fullestentirety in full glory- i.e. with right meanings and inner nuances, enjoyment, anubhavamof AzhwAr).Swami Manavala Maamuni's upadesa ratthina maalai says:
Maasip PunarppUsam KaaNmin inRu MaNNulahIrtEsit thivasatthukkEthennil --pEsuhinREnKollinahark kOnn KulasEkaran piRappAlnallavarkaL koNdAdum naaLL.......(13)
BhumaNdala Vaasis! Isn't today Maasi PunarppUsam? Let me point out the glory of thisday. This is the unique day, when righteous people celebrate the birthday of KulasEkaraAazhwAr, the chieftain of Kolli naadu.Let us enjoy Sri Anbil Swami's write up on this peerless azhwAr.Kulasekara, an incarnation of Koustuba, (divine gem of Lord Vishnu) was born to KingDridavrata at Tiru vanchi kalam. He was born in the year Paraabhava, Maasi month,Sukla Paksha Dwadasi ( a Friday) in the constellation of Punarvasu. As a prince, helearned all the martial arts besides becoming proficient in Sanskrit and Tamil. In duetime, he ascended the throne after his father. He married the Pandya princess. He was agreat devotee of Sri Rama. His other names are Kolli Kaavalan, Koodal Naayakan andSeralar Kone.
 Like Rama, he was born as a Kshatriya; Like Rama, he was born in Punarvasu Nakshatra; Like Rama, his Archa moorthi was that of Lord Ranganatha; Like Rama, he renounced royal pomp and preferred a simple ascetic life. Like Lakshmana, he desired to do service to Bhagavaan; Like Bharata, even whilecarrying out his duties as a King, he considered himself a vassal of the Lord's Paaduka; Like Satrugna, he valued Bhaagavata seva above all.
Sri Rama is called PERUMAL; Sri Ranganatha worshipped by him is known asPERIYA PERUMAL; Periya Perumal's temple is known as PERIYA KOVIL; Kulasekarawho was so devoted to all these, came to be called as KULASEKARA PERUMAL. And,

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