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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Published by edgardels

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Published by: edgardels on Mar 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Here I am again. This time I am offering you a secret to get rid of the grayhair. Besides this the the second chapter of my story. Contact me my name isEdgar Guillermo de León Santiago and my address is 14 avenida 24-45 zona 5Guatemala city, Guatemala, Central America. Just send a contribution viawestern union. My e-mailedgar.gui@hotmail.comNegative response will mean thatI am not able to write stories that amuse you. God bless you.
Bill Stone was living in a small town. Its name was San Joaquin.Where life was quiet and he didn't have to worry about the rushhours as he did when he was living in the city of Los Angeles.There, the bumper-to-bumper traffic used to drive him out ofcontrol. But in this town, which could be counted among the mostquiet places among the earth, he could drive alone. Bill felthimself undisturbed. Its noiseless streets gave the town amysterious enchantment. Its people preferred to walk instead ofdriving, because, all the places were nearby. Besides, most of theresidents were healthy. They liked to take good breathes of nice,clean air while shopping or going to the bank. There was ashopping mall near his hotel where Bill could get most of anythingthat he might ever need. Bill was thirty years old, but he had notbeen blessed with a family yet. He was filling up invoices,sitting at a desk. He thought, "I have to get rid of this fearabout divorce, if I ever want to be happy being married. All Iwant is to settle down and to live a quiet life working for myfamily." Six persons used to work in that office but they talkedjust a little bit to each other. The rules of that company did notallowed chats. Bill was 5 feet, 10 inches tall; he tried toworkout some muscles but he did not have enough
determination to fulfill this. His concepts about life were laidupon moral principles. But coming from. Or going to the factory,driving his car had become a custom, something that Bill wasfighting to get rid of it. To cruise town every afternoon wassomething he enjoyed so much. He paid no attention to the factthat his car was a little noisy still he was driving in town. Hehad no friends at all because he had recently moved to this town,except for the few persons he had recently met. So he had to stayin the hotel where he lodged until he could rent an apartment. Thesun was sending its last beams of light, which spread almosthorizontally, tinting with red the lower clouds above theprairies. Bill came out from the shoes' factory tired and bored.The only thing in his mind was to get to the hotel as soon aspossible, and have some rest. But once behind the wheel, he droveto a near by hill to relax down. There he stood still watching thefarms in the landscape under a red mantle of clouds and thecalmness of the San Joaquin River. However, his lonely life didn'tseem to get better by now, he could only hope to live a tranquillife. But he was not going to remain alone. He was willing to finda girl who would like to share her life with him. Then, as usual,he started to

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