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Knights Diary

Knights Diary



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Published by Kyle Ivory
A Knights Diary form the medieval era.
A Knights Diary form the medieval era.

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Published by: Kyle Ivory on Mar 08, 2009
Copyright:Public Domain


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February 1
1162 AD
Today was the day when I payed money to the king and be aknight! I was waiting for this since I was a boy. It took a lot of training on a lot on wooden dummies to be a strong knight. Italso took me a lot of time making the money for the paymentbut it will be worth it. I still have money for a warhorse,armour, and some weapons. It is very expensive! I chose tobe a knight, not archer, or foot soldier because I would like toshow my bravery in front of my king and fight the opponentright in front of them. Also I could take all the valuables whenwe take over a city or a village. Heh... heh…I got up asquickly as I could and wolfed down my coarse black breadand some ale. I got out of my good old grass hut in a hurrywith all my money. I went to the blacksmiths and bought somebrand new hard metal armour. It was so cool! Then I went tothe blacksmiths shop to get some weapons. It was hard tochoose out of maces, swords, spears, and daggers. I chose asword because it feels like the strongest and it is easy towield it. This sword is very shiny and sharp. Every time I wieldthe sword I keep on wanting to stab someone to death! I wentback home to put away my armour and sword because theyare too heavy to walk around with it. I can’t imagine wearingall that and going to fight in a war. Then I went to the stablesand to bye a white warhorse. I chose white because itmatches my new shiny silver armour. Just in case, I boughtarmour for the horse too, because the horse might die reallyeasy in the war. Afterwards I went up to the king’s estate onmy new horse in my shiny armour and paid him all the moneyto become a real knight! I look so cool with everything onwhat I bought today. I saw other knights at the gatheringwalking around with huge maces. I thought to my self “ah, I
should have bought the mace…” I am so happy that I’m aknight now!Today was the tournament!!! I was so happy that I got to usemy armour in a battle it’s a shame we aren’t really fighting for I’m not allowed to use my sharp sword for it is only practice. Iwanted to win really badly because I could get a huge amountof money. It was the first round. We fought in teams. I was onthe red team. We won because the opponents were mostlyarchers and the arrows didn’t hurt me because I had armour on. I was in the second round. I fought this knight with asword just like my sword except this one had been blunt. Iwas almost going to lose but at the last part I used my power to push him away. Then I got into the third round. I wasnervous every round. Again I won in the third round. Thesame thing happened until the final round. The opponent atthe last round looked very strong. He didn’t have any armour on except a huge shield and he had a huge axe resting on hisshoulder. I was so nervous that I couldn’t use all my power.After the long fight I fainted and lost… I was very sad that Ididn’t get the money but I think it was a good session trainingfor me. Man, that knight no armour was extremely strong. Iwonder where he got that huge axe. Man being a knightrocks, everything seems so much better even my wife’svegetable soup tastes better!!6 a.m – Breakfast. We ate coarse black bread, with ale todrink.10 a.m – Dinner. Coarse black bread, eggs and cheese,With ale to drink.4 p.m – Supper. Coarse black bread, pottage (a thick soupOf vegetables and sometimes meat), with ale to drink.Villeins lived on the manor in
. Their housewould have a small garden, where

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