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The Diastema - Winter 2013

The Diastema - Winter 2013

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Published by BruinASDA
The Diastema - Winter 2013
The Diastema - Winter 2013

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Published by: BruinASDA on Mar 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Always striving to be on the cung
edge of technology, UCLA has made thesingle largest purchase of CEREC machines
of any dental school in the naon. Dr. Rich
ard G. Stevenson, Chair of the Division of Restorave Denstry, has worked closelywith Dean No-Hee Park to make this largepurchase possible with gracious donaonsfrom both Dean Park and Sirona, the den
tal company that makes CEREC machines.A ribbon cung ceremony was hostedby Dean Park in August for the new CERECmachines. Representaves from Sirona,Paerson Dental, and Ivoclar aended,along with UCLA School of Denstry stu
dents and faculty. While 44 other U.S.dental schools also ulize CEREC equip
-ment, UCLA boasts three Bluecam de-sign centers, four Redcam design centers
(which Sirona has agreed to upgrade to
Bluecam in May), two MC XL milling units,
and ve Compact milling units. To put thecost of this venture into perspecve, oneBluecam plus MC XL unit costs $111,000.
So what exactly is CEREC andwhy is it so special?
CEREC stands for Chairside Economi-
cal Restoraons of Esthec Ceramics, thekey words being “chairside” and “ceram
ics.” CEREC restoraons are all-ceramic,individualized, and delivered in one singleappointment. The single appointment
eliminates the need for impressions and
temporaries–paents will leave the dentaloce with a cemented nal esthec resto
raon on the same day. Paents can evenwatch as the denst designs their new in
lay, onlay, veneer, paral or full crown, ortemporary bridge on the CEREC soware.From the moment the preparaon is com
pleted, it is only a maer of minutes unlthe nal product is ready for cementaon.While there are several opons for ce
-ramic materials, UCLA has chosen to use
only Emax blocks for our CEREC restora
ons due to their superior strength. The
top-of-the-line machines at UCLA can milla full Emax crown in about 10 minutes and
then nish the crystallizaon, staining, andglazing of the crown in 20 minutes. Thecreave possibilies that the system en
-ables are endless, the results are superb,
and paent convenience is maximized.
How will CEREC training be in-corporated into the UCLA cur-riculum?
To prepare for the introducon and in
tegraon of the new technology, ten UCLAfaculty members received CEREC cerca
on by parcipang in a four day formalCEREC training led by Dr. Rick Fox, a Paer
son Company cered basic and advancedCEREC trainer, and Betsy Ashworth, Sirona’sCEREC Sales Representave for Universiesand Instuons.Since then, about y 3rd and 4th
year dental students have also been CEREC
UCLA Adopts Cutting-Edge
CEREC Technology
To the lef:
Drs. Steven
-son, Capio, Morgan, Lo-
pez, and Betsy Ashworthwith UCLA’s new acquisi
2UCLA School of Dentistry | ASDA
by Allie Inouye (2014)
On the cover: (toplef)
Dr. Stevenson,
Betsy Ashworth, and
Dr. LeSage at theRibbon Cung Cer
(top right)
CEREC technology at
work creang an all
ceramic crown for #9;
(boom lef)
studentsat the CEREC Ribbon
Cung Ceremonyon August 22, 2012;
(boom right)
milling unit.
trained and cered. These students
completed training over several sessions
throughout the past summer and fall quar
ters led primarily by Drs. Richard G. Steven
-son and Brian Lesage, with the help of the
other UCLA CEREC trained faculty. Starngwith the Class of 2015 and PPID studentsin the Class of 2014, CEREC training will beintegrated into UCLA’s pre-clinical curricu
-lum and every student will be trained dur-
ing the summer and fall of their third year.
What are other excitingCEREC developments comingto UCLA?
UCLA is the rst school to developa CEREC cercaon scker. Sirona hasdesigned a hologram scker that will beplaced on the student ID cards of UCLAstudents who have been CEREC trained.Sirona actually likes the idea so much thatthey are now creang sckers for otherdental schools as well. UCLA will also bethe rst dental school to upgrade to the
new Omnicolor cam, which could be ar-
riving as early as May. Omnicolor involvespowder-free scanning and 3D images tak
en by video in natural color.It is without queson that the incor
poraon of CEREC technology in UCLA’s
revamped pre-clinical curriculum will revi-
talize the excitement of our student clinicand paents alike, while providing thehighest standard of care and convenience.Thank you Dr. Stevenson and Dean Park!
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The Diastema
| Winter 20133

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