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The Glory of Africa

The Glory of Africa



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Published by Timothy
Africa is the homeland of my blood and my ancestors. My name is Timothy and i wrote this article. So, it's time in the 21st century to give a fair, accurate depiction on the history including the composition of the Motherland of Africa. These are words fulfilling that duty. I wrote these words after thinking about Africa for long years.
Africa is the homeland of my blood and my ancestors. My name is Timothy and i wrote this article. So, it's time in the 21st century to give a fair, accurate depiction on the history including the composition of the Motherland of Africa. These are words fulfilling that duty. I wrote these words after thinking about Africa for long years.

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Published by: Timothy on Mar 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Glory of Africa 
The glory of Africa is still a reality today as it was in the past. Scientists from numerous quarterspronounce Africa as the precise continent where human life originated from. Africa has gone throughtrials and tribulations. Likewise, Africa is accumulated with a lot of positive stories and histories to tell.Africa has some of the most beautiful and diverse fauna and flora in the world. Its residents are madeup of very humble, strong, intelligent, resilient, and imaginative human beings. Africa is apart of myblood since my ancestors came from Africa. Therefore, it's certainly time to present an accurate, fairdescription about the great land of Africa. Also, I wanted these words to be a reference point inshowing the world the truth. My mind have been entrenched in this subject of studying real Africanhistory since I was a child. My mother and father brought books on black history back in the 1980’sand the 1990’s for us to look at.
I’ve looked at various websites & books to comprehend a clearpicture pertaining tothe magnificent cultural aspects of Africa as well.
Certainly havingconfidence in our hearts, yet having a sense of promoting justice in your deeds are great deeds toperform. So, I do encourage you who read these words to become doctors, lawyers, engineers,technicians, writers, teachers, musicians, architects, athletes, business people,
a true activist fortruth & justice
, computer software experts, political leaders, religious leaders, and otherendeavors of life in order to fulfill your own life destinations. I will never a hate another human beingfor any reason. Yet, I will fight against corruption and injustice whenever they manifest in the world.
Ireally can't speak about Africa without discussing about Darfur and Sudan. For decades, the
regions of Northern Sudan (who are mostly Arabic and Muslim. These aren‘t all Muslims andArabic people worldwide, so I want to make that clear) andSouth Sudan (who are mostly blackbeing Christians and animists) have fought with each other. The North readily enslaves thoseof the South to immorally force Arab, Islamic culture unto them for centuries. A peace treatywas "signed" in 2005, but conflicts are still occurring in Darfur. Darfur is a region in WesternSudan with a mostly black, Muslim population. Muslim Arab radical "Janjaweed" militias aremurdering those in Darfur. Some of these Arab imperialists are still enslaving my people inAfrica (The good news is that brothers and sisters are fighting against these imperialists dayin and day out). The genocide is therefore extremist Muslims killing innocent Muslims. I saw aprotest in Washington, D.C. talking about Darfur from CSPAN on April 30, 2006. People fromthe Left and Right agree that something must be done to stop this genocide. There is the issueof blood diamonds.What is that? It's about how diamonds in Africa (in places like SierraLeone) are readily created by the work of poor Africans (even children). These workers aretypically given bad working conditions, abused, and some die. These diamonds are owned byseveral corporations and spread globally. Some activists have taken a stand to oppose blooddiamonds. Many fights and conflicts come about in creating diamonds as well. The blood inblood diamonds represent the death and bloodshed many Africans have suffered by certaincorporations' lust for diamonds along with huge profits. West Africa and other region havethis problem. An African professor taught me and others about blood diamonds. Pallas,Lecepede, Hunter, Dornik, and Link believed that all of humanity existed from the tropics orAfrica.
Africa is still here and it will continue to exist here on Earth.
Also, it’s important to not promote hatred against anyone since on many times,certain factions among Western powers (that embrace the lie of white supremacy.White supremacy is facilitated bymonopoly capitalismas brothers and sisters haveexposed for a long time now. You have to create real economic equity if you trulydesire freedom & justice) use adivide and conquer strategyto promote tension in theThird World and even in America. Hence, people of color shouldn’t fall into the trap ofshowing bigotry against each other, which is promoted by outsiders in numerouscases. So, I’m not hating anyone of any color. I want to mention this too.
There isnothing wrong with cultivating black culture, having black families, rejectingpolitical correctness, and learning about real black history too(that historyincludes our strong ancestors and heroes living amongst us today in the 21
 century).LEARNING ABOUT THE WISDOM OF SELF IS VERY IMPORTANT. So, I want to make their perfectly clear.
 As Malcolm X said:
My own -- when I was in East Africa, I noticed that there was a strong feeling among theAfricans along the East African coast against the Asians. When I went to West Africa, Inoticed that there was a strong feeling among the Africans against the Arabs. And in parts of Africa where there were neither Asians or Arabs, I noticed a strong feeling among Africans --if they were Muslim, it was against Africans who were Christian, or if they were Christian, itwas against Africans who were Muslim. And when you study the divisive forces at work onthe African continent today, you'll find that these divisive forces are not indigenous to theAfrican or the African continent, but they are coming from outside.
And the powers thathave ruled Africa in the past are aware that the real independence of Africa began totake its impetus from the Bandung Conference, 8 which was a forging together of theAsian-Arab-African bloc.
And this bloc, with no nuclear weapons or weapons of modernwarfare, were able to gain a great deal toward independence against the European powers,because of their numerical strength, their unity. So these powers realize that they've been
pushed against the wall during recent years and the only weapon that they have against thisforce that has been pushing them against the wall is divide and conquer -- the tactic thatthey've always used. So that, if I may finish, so that in every area where you find people whohave been colonized and oppressed today striving toward freedom, you find that whereas inthe past they got along, today they're fighting each other. Just like in British Guiana -- it's theAsians against the Black man.
And this is not indigenous trouble that stems from thepeople themselves. It's instigated by outside forces. And then it's blown up to give theimpression that the fight that's going on among them or between them is somethingother than what it actually is
*Great cultural legacies of Africa (that exist among our people back then and now) include the appreciation of our ancestors ( which is a key part of Black culture  ),the unapologetic expression of our creativity & rhythm [inside of the confines of art, music, dance, science, mathematics, athletics, oratory,comedy or humor, literature, politics, engineering, computer skills, etc.], our intellectual development,the building up of our communities, the respect for our elders, the respect for our people among all genders, and the realization of the worship of One Supreme God ( which existed in Africa for thousands of years  ). I believe in fighting against evil and fighting for my liberty as a man. In the 21
century, a lot of black people in America are calling themselves Africans.Yes, I am an African. It’s fine to stand up for one’s self. Although, it’s also important to stand up for others when other people need our dedicated assistance in the experiences of life.

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