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Magic Booklet-12 easy tricks

Magic Booklet-12 easy tricks

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Published by epqworkAlexLee
A booklet describing how to do 12 easy tricks for budding magicians.
A booklet describing how to do 12 easy tricks for budding magicians.

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Published by: epqworkAlexLee on Mar 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A collection of my favouriteeasy to learn tricks.
Most tricks are mainly misdirection andshowmanship
The three important tips are
1.Never get flustered, everything is part of your act.
2. Practice makes perfect.
3.Showmanship makes a performance, sobe confident in what you can do.
I would recommend performing the-se in front of a mirror before showingan audience as some tricks involvehiding cards behind others whichmay be seen if held incorrectly alsomake sure you practise every trickbefore showing it so you know whatyou are doing, you don’t want tohave to refer to the instructions.
Sleight of hand, known as presdigitaon ("quick ngers")is the set of techniques used by a magician to manipulateobjects such as cards and coins secretly.
Sleight of hand is not a separate branch of magic, ratherone of the means used by a magician to produce aneect. Advanced sleight of hand requires months or yearsof pracce before it can be performed prociently in frontof spectators. Sleight of hand is mostly employed in close
up magic, but it can also be used in stage magic. There arehundreds of dierent sleights at the performer's disposal,but they can generally be classied into groups such asswitches, changes, and others.
This guide hopes to teach you enough to trick your friendsand family.But be careful,with great power comes great responsibility...

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