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Media Studies A2 Evaluation 1

Media Studies A2 Evaluation 1

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Published by KaleemRichards

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Published by: KaleemRichards on Mar 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Words: 1,149
Media Studies A2 Evaluation
In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?
Music videos usually consist of a variety of different camera shots, each shot is used for different effects, to evoke different emotions in the audience and to direct the
focal point to specific place a long shot or an extreme shot creates a largefocus of landscape and can also be called an establishing shot. In my music video Ideveloped this and used these two shots accordingly, various times in order toestablish the setting of a scene and to capture an introduction or a change theenvironment or location of scene. A full shot contains a full view of the characters inthe scene; this was a key shot In which I used many times in my music video as itallows me to establish the main characters and to portray the relationship betweenthem. This was essential as I had two main characters in the narrative of the musicvideo so it allowed them to be established as main characters. An extremelyconventional shot is a close-up shot, as it consists of a characters face or just a partof it. In numerous shots of my music video this enabled me to capture the emotion onmy characters or to emphasize the projection of key lyrics.Camera Movement in most music videos are essential as it adds a sense of movementand flow to the visual. The movement of the camera can be used to follow and tracethe artist or band or to highlight and capture the full width of something. Cameramovements include pans, tracking and crane shots or even shots taken fromvehicles. In my music video variant camera movements were used conventionally totrack the movement of my characters eg running or walking scenes and also tocapture the full extent of the scenery of settings through panned shots.Camera Angles are useful in presented alternate perspectives of shots and to conveyauthority hierarchy between characters. Eye-level shots are the most common in musicvideo and were most frequently my course as it allows the audience to relate to withcharacter and makes the viewer feel as if they are in the same place or position of thecharacter. This was beneficial in filming my main character as it he who we follow throughthe narrative and emphasise with. An additional angle of shot in which I included was a lowlevel angled sho,; these shots give the impression that the person filmed is larger than he is,perhaps implying power or authority....In my music video I also used a Canted
a camera angles shot, which when the photographer has turned the camera to one side so that the picture plane is no longer parallel to thehorizon. This angle is conventionally used to unnerve the viewer, perhaps causing theaudience to feel disoriented or scared. In a particular scene in my music video where themain character was stumbling whilst under the influence of alcohol this canted angleillustrated the sense of being under the influence and the drunken state of my character wasconveyed through this angle. This was a way in which I challenged the conventions of musicvideos as usually the camera itself is separate from the narrative or the events in the scene,however I incorporate the use of the camera as if my audience were to in the scene andwere in the same drunken state as the character.Mise-en-scene refers to an arrangement in the forefront or background of any sceneincluding props, colours used and costumes of any of the characters. Mise-en-scene placesimportance on a representation and any connotations in a scene, as well as establishing

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