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The Official Bulletin: 2013 Q1 / No. 639

The Official Bulletin: 2013 Q1 / No. 639

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Published by iatse
The Official Bulletin: 2013 Q1 / No. 639
The Official Bulletin: 2013 Q1 / No. 639

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Published by: iatse on Mar 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Printed in the u.s.a.
Countdown tothe Convention
In accordance with Article Three,Section 1 o the International Constitution, this Alliance shall meet in Convention rom July 22 – 26, 2013in Boston, Massachusetts.
No purchase necessary to enter. A purchase will not increase your chances o winning. All Sweepstakes are void where prohibited or restricted by law. This Sweepstakes is provided by Union Privilege andis open to current union leaders, sta and members o afliated unions who participate in the Union Plus programs. This Sweepstakes is not open to employees o Union Privilege, Walt Disney Company,and their amilies. To claim the prize you must be a resident o the United States, be 21 years or older and have a valid driver’s license in the United States. You may enter only once in the Sweepstakes.Multiple submissions will be removed by Union Privilege. Approximate retail value o the prize is $3,625.00. The Walt Disney Company is not a sponsor o and not afliated with this Sweepstakes. Walt DisneyWorld images and logos are the property o The Walt Disney Company.
Contest begins March 5, 2013, and ends May 15, 2013
To enter, visit
OR text
Msg&Data Rates Apply. Reply STOP to opt-out. Reply HELP or contact ino@unionplus.org or help. Expect no more than 2 msgs/mo.
and enter your email address for a chance towin the Union Plus Disney Dream Vacation for 4.
Enter to Win a Disney WorldDream Vacation for Four
Here’s what you can win:
 Four Walt Disney World4-Day Park Hopperwith Water Park tickets(2 adult & 2 child tickets)
 Airfare for four
 Four nights Hotel
 5 days car rental
First Quarter, 2013 number 639
Repr  e GeeraExecve Bard
Nvll, TN – Jnury 7-11, 2013
Cdw e Cve
Boton, Mutt, July 22-26, 2013
General Secretary-Treasurer’s Message
IATSE and LaborMovement News
On Location
On The Road
Education & Training
Safety Zone
Crew Shots
Local News & Views
On Stage In Focus
In Memoriam
Directory of LocalSecretaries andBusiness Agents
James B. Wd MaryA Key Davd Geer
Editor Assistant to the Editor Special Asst. to the Editor 
The OFFICIAL BULLETIN (ISSN-0020-5885) is published quarterly by the General Secretary-Treasurer o the International Alliance o Theatrical Stage Employees,Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crats o the United States, its Territories and Canada, (IATSE), 207 West 25th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY10001. Telephone: (212) 730-1770. FAX (212) 730-7809. Email: bulletin@iatse-intl.orgMaterial or publication must be received beore the rst day o January, April, July, and October, to meet deadlines, respectively, or the First, Second, Third,and Fourth Quarter issues.POSTMASTER: Send address change to the OFFICIAL BULLETIN, 207 West 25th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001. Entered as periodical postage paidmatter at the Post Oce at New York, NY and additional locations.Canadian Publications Mail Agreement No.: 40845543. Return Undeliverable Canadian Addresses To:2835 Kew Dr., Windsor, ON N8T 3B7Subscriptions: IATSE members receive the OFFICIAL BULLETIN as part o their IATSE membership services. Nonmembers may subscribe or $10.00 per year.
BullEtin AnD Photo SuBMiSSion GuiDElinES
Please send your Bulletin submissions to bulletin@iatse-intl.orgAll digital photos should be taken with a camera that is at least 3 megapixels or higher, and set on the highest quality/resolution setting.JPEG or TIFF le ormats only please.Please do not crop or otherwise modiy photos - the original version usually has the highest quality.
intERnAtionAl AlliAnCE oF thEAtRiCAlStAGE EMPloYEES, MoVinG PiCtuREtEChniCiAnS, ARtiStS AnD AlliED CRAFtSoF thE unitED StAtES, itS tERRitoRiESAnD CAnADA, AFl-Cio, ClC
eXeCutIVe OFFICerstrustees
Maew D. leb
International President
James B. Wd
General Secretary–Treasurer 
tmas J. Ceary C. Faye harper
216 S. Jeerson St., #400 2695 Dayview LaneChicago, IL 60661 Atlanta, GA 30331
Gerge Paazz
1811 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506
CLC DeLeGate
Key M
1640 Boundary Road, Burnaby, BC V5K 4V4
GeneraL COunseL
Dae W. Sr
GeneraL OFFICe
207 West 25th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001Tele: (212) 730-1770FAX: (212) 730-7809
 west COast OFFICe
10045 Riverside DriveToluca Lake, CA 91602Tele: (818) 980-3499 FAX: (818) 980-3496
22 St. Joseph St.Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4Y 1J9Tele: (416) 362-3569 FAX: (416) 362-3483
CanaDIanentertaInment InDustryretIrement pLan
22 St. Joseph St.Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4Y 1J9Tele: (416) 362-2665 Fax: (416) 362-2351www.ceirp.ca
I.a.t.s.e. natIOnaLBeneFIt FunDs OFFICe
417 Fith Avenue, Third Floor, New York, NY 10016Tele: (212) 580-9092 Toll ree: (800) 456-FUNDFAX: (212) 787-3607www.iatsenb.org 
Mcae Bares
1st Vice President2401 South Swanson StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19148
J. Waer Ca
2nd Vice President5010 Rugby AvenueBethesda, MD 20814
tm Davs
3rd Vice President2520 West Olive AvenueBurbank, CA 91505
Ay M. De Pa
4th Vice President207 West 25th Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10001
Dama Pe
5th Vice President201-208 57th Ave., S.W.Calgary, AlbertaCanada T2H 2K8
Mcae F. Mer, Jr.
6th Vice President10045 Riverside DriveToluca Lake, CA 91602
J t. Beckma, Jr.
7th Vice President1611 S. Broadway, #110St Louis, MO 63104
Dae D ta
8th Vice President207 West 25th Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10001
J Frd
9th Vice President326 West 48th StreetNew York, NY 10036
J M. lews
10th Vice President22 St. Joseph StreetToronto, OntarioCanada M4Y 1J9
Crag Cars
11th Vice President216 S. Jeerson St., #400Chicago, IL 60661
Wam E. Gears, Jr.
12th Vice President6673 Avila WayFishers, IN 46038
tmas C. Sr
InternationalPresident Emeritus
Mcae W. Prsca
General Secretary–Treasurer Emeritus
Edward C. Pwe
International Vice President Emeritus
P S. lCcer
13th Vice President432 N. Anthony St., Suite 305New Orleans, LA 70119
Dwadabe verss  te oca Be are psed  r webse: www.ase-.rg.Permss ms be graed by e iAtSE bere reprg r dsrbg ay prs.
L us n F: www..m/tsFllw us n Twtt: @ts Vst us n th W: www.ts-ntl.gwww.f.m/gups/ts
207 Wes 25 Sree, 4 Fr, new Yrk, n.Y. 10001te: 212-730-1770 Fax: 212-730-7809
One Voice, One Goal
Countdown ToThe Convention
 As we approach our 67th Quadrennial Convention, you will nd that this issue o the
 Ofcial Bulletin
contains a substantial amount o Convention-related inormation.
 Answers to many o the most requently asked questions and additionalconvention inormation is contained on pages 6 to 15 o this issue. In ad-dition, all delegates are advised to review Articles Three through Five o the International Constitution in order to better amiliarize themselves withConvention procedures.Preparations or the Convention have been taking place in the GeneralOce or many months, but beore the delegate credential packages can bemailed, all local unions intending to send delegates to the Convention mustulll two key requirements.First, the General Oce must have received all Quarterly Reports, up toand including the 1st Quarter Report or 2013. Although Article Nineteen,Section 7 o the International Constitution allows or that report to be led aslate as April 30th, we cannot complete our calculation o the average mem-bership size between conventions until the 1st Quarter Report is received.Once the calculation is made, the number o delegate votes each local unionis entitled to can be determined and the appropriate number o credentialpackages can be assembled.Second, each local union must have purchased at least twice the numbero 2013 per capita stamps as the numbers reported on the 1st Quarter Reportor 2013. Article Three, Section 5 o the International Constitution requiresthat local unions must purchase per capita stamps or all quarters up to andincluding the quarter that precedes the Convention. Since the 2nd QuarterReport or 2013 is not due until July 30th, the numbers reported on the 1stQuarter Report are doubled and used as an estimate in order to calculategood standing.Once these two requirements have been met, the delegate credentialpackages will be sent to each local union. The package will contain thedelegate’s credential as well as a host o additional inormation, includingairline reservation and hotel inormation. Delegates are encouraged to returntheir credentials to the General Oce as soon as possible. Only when cre-dentials are received in the General Oce, will delegates be able to makeairline reservations on the IA Master Airline Account and be eligible or com-mittee assignments. When making reservations, delegates are reminded that the District Con- ventions (see page 7) precede the International Convention and that in theaternoon o Saturday July 20th there will be a series o education sessionsavailable or all delegates as well as the return o our Plenary Session onSunday, July 21st (see page 11).
 While it seems we’re on an economic roller coaster, we have ush-ered in what we hope will be a long period o labor stability in the en-tertainment industry. Beore some o our major negotiations in 2009,our health plans were acing grave challenges and our own economicorecast was cloudy. We are making huge strides in organizing, in the areas o reality television, audio visual work, touring production, broadcast and tradeshow. We have also succeeded in getting IA con-tracts at stage venues in the United States and Canada where we haveought long periods o time to achieve.
Things are better than they have been in the past several years, but thisis not a time or complacency. We are up against an anti-labor majority inthe U.S. House o Representatives. We continue to ace State and Provinciallegislatures looking to hobble labor in both the public and private sectors.Right Wing Canadian politicians are supporting rightening national “right to work” legislation. It is clear that labor’s opposition continues to look or any excuse to deprive working amilies o hard-won benets and going so aras to wipe out pension plans. We must remain united and strong, and neverlet this happen.The only way we can help ourselves is to help each other. More thanever now, we need to stand together to demonstrate the value o laborunions, the strength in our numbers, and the benets that labor can oer to working amilies in our industry and every other industry, both public andprivate in the U.S. and Canada. We know that without unions, workers are not protected rom corporategreed, or rom those employers that shirk the moral responsibility o look-ing ater their workorce. Even so, the voices o labor’s opposition are shrill.But ours are stronger, and we won’t budge. So we have to make certain thatthose strong voices are heard, that we are united and determined, and thateven when the roller coaster takes its dips, we can ride it out with strengthand resolve. As we head into our 67th Quadrennial Convention this year, it’s a goodtime to remember what our union has done or us. For decades we haveought hard to achieve better working conditions, kept pace with the dra-matically escalating costs o health care, and held onto our pensions. As ourbrother and sister members o unions in other industries have suered, wein the entertainment industry have been ortunate so ar that we have beenable to protect our members, grow and increase strength. We will demonstrate our unity at the convention in July, and our voices will be one voice, our goals one goal: to protect the working lives o ourmembers through whatever challenges we ace – together!
ts s  advse a e regar Md-Smmer Meeg  e Geera ExecveBard s sceded  be ed a SeraBs he, 39 Da Sree, Bs, Mas-sacses 02199 a 10:00 a.m.  Mday,Jy 15, 2013, ad w rema  sessrg ad cdg Frday, Jy 19, 2013.A bsess  cme bere e Bard msbe sbmed  e Geera oce  aera ee (15) days prr  e meeg.lca u represeaves pag aed e meeg ms make e reser-vas w Sera Bs he by ca-g 800-325-3535. Ges rm rae r eiAtSE s $205.00, ps appcabe axes, rb sge ad dbe ccpacy. i rder esre a y receve e preerredrm rae esabsed r r meeg, yms dey yr aa w e iAtSE.te 67 Qadrea Cve wcvee e week mmedaey wge Bard meeg. i accrdace w Ar-ce Eeve, Sec 8  e ieraaCs, e Geera Execve Bardsa ac as e Credeas Cmmee.C- dae: Je 11, 2013.
67th QuaDrennIaL COnVentIOn
i accrdace w Arce tree, Sec- 1  e ieraa Cs adByaws, a ca  a s   gdsadg w er Dsrc s deemed  gd sadg w e Aace ad erere egbe  aed e ieraa C-ve. lca  cers are advsed very w er Dsrc Secreary a elca s  gd sadg.Fr a e rma  e e, gesrm rae ad reservas r e Md-Sm-mer Geera Execve Bard meeg ad e67 Qadrea Cve, pease r page 9  s sse.
4 Ofcil BlliFiQ2013 5

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