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Today's news under Leveson licence.

Today's news under Leveson licence.

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Now that the UK is to lose its free press, here is the news at it might be without one. Don't tremble: ACT. Cast down Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, and the stitch-up.
Now that the UK is to lose its free press, here is the news at it might be without one. Don't tremble: ACT. Cast down Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, and the stitch-up.

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Today’s news, under licence: 
Nati nal G vernment stays steady c urse
 The Chancellor, Dr Vince Cable, and the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Ed alls, announced today in advance of the ud!et that the National Government were on tar!et with recovery measures and "ublic investment# Des"ite irres"onsible forei!n "ress re"orts, it is understood that the recovery is "roceedin! a"ace# $rime %inister Cameron and Ed %iliband, the &eader of the Council, met with the Chancellor and the Treasury Secretary earlier today at Number ''( the De"uty $rime %inister, Nic) Cle!!, and Geor!e *sborne, the usiness Secretary, held tal)s with the Governor of the an) of En!land#News from abroad re!ardin! the bailout of Cy"rus, which includes a one+off ta u"on savin!s accounts in that country, was addressed by the %inister for Euro"ean -nte!ration, .en Clar)e, on behalf of the /orei!n Secretary# 0*bviously, we welcome the measure,he said# 0-ll+informed comment in certain 1uarters is ma)in! this out to be some wic)ed act# 2ubbish# The Euro"ean 3nion must, naturally, act in certain  ways in certain uni1ue instances4#’
Chief C nstables address terrace utra!es
 The %etro"olitan $olice are actin! swiftly and thorou!hly to root out disorder at s"ortin! events# The Chief Constable of Esse, who currently heads The 5ssociation of Chief $olice *fficers, 5C$*, today addressed on 5C$*’s behalf incidents that marred the match at Stamford rid!e between Chelsea and 6est 7am# -n remar)s welcomed by the %et, he said, 0-f we have learnt anythin! from the "olice en1uiry almost a 1uarter+century a!o into the 7illsborou!h Disaster, it is that certain sorts of su""orter must  be dealt with, and that the terraces must be "rotected from themselves 1uite as much as clubs, "layers, and "olice must be "rotected from them#’ 7e went on to say that4#
$arliamentary e,"enses "ass scrutiny
%r S"ea)er %artin, who is to retire at the end of this $arliament, announced today that, for the fourteenth year in a row, there have been no 1uestions raised by %$s’ e"enses# The $arliamentary 5udit Committee, chaired by the 2t 7on# Elliot %orley, %$ for Scunthor"e, "assed the e"enses unanimously# 0-t will be a "leasure, as it is
a credit, to the 7ouse to )now that ritish "olitical life remains the cleanest in the  world,’ the S"ea)er said4#
$ress &icensin! 5uth rity acts in several cases
&ord 5rcher stated this mornin! that the $&5, which he chairs, has been sei8ed of several com"laints a!ainst licensed and unlicensed 9ournalists and information "roviders# 05s a novelist who has s"ent a lon! and unblemished career in "ublic life,’ he said, 0- really must insist that fiction and fact be )e"t se"arate#’ &ord 5rcher, who made his name as a writer with his .ane and 5bel series, s"ecifically noted the incorri!ibility of
The S"ectator
The New Statesman,
 which he decried as 0wilfully unlicensed or!ans of the radical 2i!ht and &eft’( both "ublications, their editors, staff, and "ro"rietors, are facin! criminal char!es for re"ortin! unsubstantiated claims# The 2S$ and several wind+ener!y firms are understood to  be contem"latin! "rivate "rosecutions a!ainst scurrilous stories alle!in! that bird life is at ris) from turbine farms, after the $&5 has acted, on the model established  by the 3E5 Climate 2esearch 3nit a!ainst climate+chan!e deniers#
*r, a!ain, loo) at the wild alle!ations bein! circulated without authority re!ardin! the %id Staffs hos"ital records# This is nothin! less than a concerted cam"ai!n to undermine "ublic confidence in one of our !reatest national institutions, the N7S,  by s"readin! alarm and des"ondency# - wish - could say it was merely irres"onsible,’ &ord 5rcher said, 0but - !reatly fear it is a deliberate attac) by shadow fi!ures with a!endas of their own# 6ell, they shall be dealt with#’*n /riday last, the Court of 5""eal, &ord ustice &eveson actin! as Vice+$resident of the Criminal Division, declined to allow "ermission to dis!raced former  9ournalists %ary 2iddell, Geor!e %onbiot, and ames Delin!"ole, to a""eal a!ainst their convictions# Earlier in the wee), "ermission to a""eal had been denied to /raser Nelson, to -an 7islo", and to 5ndrew Gilli!an# The sentence handed down a!ainst /ran)ie oyle, the former comic, was u"held( moves by the Crown $rosecution Service for the etradition of Dara ; riain from the 2e"ublic of -reland survived le!al challen!e#-n $ort Stanley, former %$ and %ayor of &ondon oris ohnson insisted that he should )ee"
The S"ectator
afloat as a web+based "ublication, des"ite 3. and E3 measures that bloc) its dissemination in Euro"e, ritain included# %r ohnson’s on!oin! fli!ht from ritish 9ustice has become a ma9or issue in the 3.’s relations  with the /al)lands, and ne!otiations for a transfer of soverei!nty between the 3. and 5r!entina have accelerated since %r ohnson’s arrival in &as %alvinas after  bein! char!ed under the $ress &icensin! 5ct#&ord 5rcher welcomed the visit of $rofessor Cass Sunstein, the *bama  5dministration’s new Secretary for -nformation and 2e!ulatory 5ffairs# 0ritain led the way in ins"irin! 5merican liberty of the "ress( now ritain is an eem"lar of res"onsible !overnance of the "ress,’ &ord 5rcher said# $rofessor Sunstein4#
.ee" Calm and entertain
the iconic actor smiled# 06ell, of course, there’s always scurrility and baseless

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