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Published by Almayaya

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Published by: Almayaya on Mar 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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http://www.scribd.com/doc/1024340/EnneagramEnneagram1. The Perfectionistthe rational, idealistic type, principled, purposeful, self-controlled and perfectionisticMotivated by the need to live life the right way, improve yourself and others and avoid danger.Ones at their best:Ethicalreliableproductivewiseidealisticfair honestorderlyself-disciplinedinspiringcaringwisediscriminatingsereneOnes at their worst: judgmentalinflexibledodmaticobsessive-compulsivecritical of othersoverly seriouscontrollinganxious jealouscynicalself-righteouscoldbigotedcontrollingangrysarcasticfear: being corrupted/evil, defectivedesire: to e good, to have integrity, to be balanced9-wing: the idealist2-wing: the advocate- supress reactions and emotions in favor of rationality- anger is freeing cathartic energy- resentment is rationalized anger.unacceptable rage is transmuted into acceptable thoughts, from frustration to irritability andresent.stress: toward four - under stress, ones emphasize their belief that perfection is unattainable, and that somehow theyare unworthy
- they focus shifts to relationships or emotions, and their feeling of being unlovable.- can be depressed- positive: enhance ones' appreciation of and longing for perfection, and opens up their feelingssecurity: toward seven- some ones seek out sevens as friends- allow themselves to relax into security they can have fun for a whileone subtypes:- self-prezervation: divert energy of anger into anxiety about personal security: getting thingsright, having exactly what one needs, keeping the job, looking after the family... it is permanentresentful worrying- social: ally with the worty group and support the correct cause; may cause them confusion,frustration or anger at the group or/and at themselves; criticize the group for not being perfect,and themselves for not being able to adapt.sexual: idealizing the perfect connection, fear that other people will be seen as more (...)relationships:- hard to trust the world- feel they may be unworthy of friendship because they are not perfect.- long for the perfect relationship, look to see if they're doing wrong, if not - resent and blamepartner.virtue&idea, serenity&perfection- serenity: allow all feelings to come and go without judging.- perfection: realize everything is already perfect even in its imperfection.ones' growth tips:- find a friend who can help depersonalize issues for which one is blaming oneself or others- join a group which encourages expression of immediate emotions, including anger, in a safeenvironment- notice thinking in terms of either/or, right/wrong and include more sides- notice that resentment at others who break the rules may mask a ish to do what they're doing- take time to observe the critical mind in action and dis-identify with it - use it to remind self of of achievements and skillsput play and pleasure in list of oughts, until one can allow them for their own sakeslearn to relax- do not expect others to change immediately- learn to recognize the attacks of your superego and how they undermine you rather than helpingyou- get in touch with feelings, particularly unconscious impulsesone in businessthe rational, orderly type-principled, purposeful, self-controlled, perfectionistic- concerned with maintaining quality and high standards- focus on details and like to improve themselves, be more efficient, and do things correctly- well-organized and orderly, overly critical of themselves and others- dislike waste and slopiness, but can deteriorate into micromanagement and constant,demoralizing criticism- at their best, they have good judgement, make wise decisions, and model ethical andresponsible behavior one's leadership: the idealist- a self observing idealist can be a wonderful leader: wise, tolerant, balanced, and focused onstandards of excellence in ways that provide an exemplary vision for followers. ones are often
thepurveyors of quality in an organization.- when less well-developed, they show their fixation on perfectionism. they carry an internal judging voice, which chastises themselves (or others) for falling short of perfection (preaching) or,in a very healthy individual, invokes higher attainment (teaching). their driving force is anger,which is typically over-controlled until it errupts as resentment when someone has failed to live upto their expectations. they're good at morla tyrades, yet they also show a 'running amok" side thatallows them to escape their own high standards.- developmental skills include reducing the power of their internal critic, channeling anger moreeffectively, learning to respond from to criticism non-defensively, and moving away from black-and-white thinking with positive reframing and creative problem-solving. the key developmentneed for this leadership style is patience, the willingness to accept conditions that do not conformto one's ideal.- leadership: principle-centered leadership- strategy: ethics oriented- decision-making: ideal-centered- managing change: rule-bound- delegating: workaholic delegator - communication: factual communication- negotiation: the uncompromising negotiator - power: authority power famous ones:mahatma gandhi, hilary clinton, al gore, john paul II, katherine hepburn, harrison ford, vanessaredgrave, jane fonda, merryl streep, johd bradshaw, george harrison, michael dukakis, jerrybrown, william f. buckley, g. b. shaw, margaret thatcher, ''mr spock" (star trek)2. the helper/giver/caretaker motivated by the need to be loved and appreciated and to express your positive feelings towardsothers.two at their best:- loving- caring- adaptable- insightful- generous- enthusiastic- tuned in how people feel- emphatic- supportive- perceptive- loyal- selflesstwos at their worst:- martyr-like- indirect- manipulative- possessive- hysterical- overly accomodating- overly demonstrative (more extroverted twos)- smothering- ambitious give-to-get- self-sacrificing intrusive

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