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National Awakening upon Mihai Eminescu

National Awakening upon Mihai Eminescu

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Published by Wolfiefires
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Published by: Wolfiefires on Mar 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Translated from Romanian
 Radu Mihai CRIŞANDoctor of Economics – specialty
History of Economic Thinking 
YES! I AM AREACTIONARY! National Awakening uponMihai Eminescu
(Mihai Eminescu’s reply to the accusation of reactionarism –as well as and, at the same time,THAT HALF OF THE SAME BEING of Eminescu’s politicaltestament)
 All rights for multiplication, translation,adaptation and broadcasting of this work are absolutely free (free of charge and unconfined), both for Romania and for any other country in the world.
ISBN 978-973-87392-6-0
CIP Description of the National Library of RomaniaCRIŞAN, RADU MIHAI.Yes! I am a reactionary! National Awakening uponMihai Eminescu
/ Radu Mihai Crişan. - Bucharest: TIBOPublishing HouseISBN 978-973-87392-6-0821.135.1.09 Eminescu M.:32498
However, the experience hasproved that the introduction of content-deprived forms is far from representing anaccurate compensation of the sacrificesrequired for [their] creation, that the peoplesink into poverty by work waste, totallydisproportioned compared to the benefitsthat could be get from such innovations.(;)It would be finally needed, toperform a heroic attack to the causesproducing the decadence and diminutionof populations; it would be necessary thatthe general interest will not seem to us asa futile action or an unachievable utopianidea.The advanced forms of a hastycivilisation, stuck like exotic plants in our ground, would have probably beeninappropriate for us, but gradually andpatiently our culture will adapt itself and,from a cosmopolite culture, will become anational one.
Mihai Eminescu,
 Formă şi fond (Form and Content)
,11 decembrie (December 11
) 1888,Fântâna Blanduziei (BlanduziasFountain), in Mihai Eminescu,
, vol. XIII, Critical editionfounded by Perpessicius, PublishingHouse of the Romanian Academy,Bucharest, 1985, pg. 331, 332

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