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The Prodigal African trapped in an alien civilisation

The Prodigal African trapped in an alien civilisation

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A depiction of the African identity crisis
A depiction of the African identity crisis

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Richard Runyararo Mahomva on Mar 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The prodigal African trapped in an alien civilizationVOICE OF THE RASTA NATIONRas Mkhonto weSizwe Mahomva
The prodigal African tormented in an alien civilization
The African like any other man on earth had passed the discourse of civilization which l defineas the ability to fight his daily survival challenges. This was unquestionable substantiated by hisability to make devices that were to suit his daily economic pre-requisites to survive. To somereaders, it may conceive antagonistic appreciation that, from the cradle of Africa, barbarismwas an allergy to the human beings who had been leading a nomadic life in the concrete jungles
of Africa. This is also clarified by these people’s swift transition from being a nomadic people
into organized state builders. Socio- Economical and political par-excellency being a key feature
of these people’s new surrounding became an inevitable cause for them to interact with the
external world. Little did they know that their virtue of hospitality to strangers was to cause anuncompansatable fade to their newly acquired prestige and cause this prestige to turn into abeggar at the door steps of other civilizations and cultures. In the 16
century Europeanslavery quickly raced with this civilization, which had left the world taken by storm. This sohappened since it was not in the vocabulary of the world that there was a degree of royalnessin the darkness which they claim surrounds Africa. The slave plantation acted as an instrumentthat created an identity bankrupt human-being whom from being noble became a slave. As aresult of not having hoped to return to Africa he turned himself into a white man with a blackskin. This reminds me of Malcolm X who sarcastically stereotyped such Africans as the
uncle Tom
Niger ’’
.Such was the slave who thought that by merely cooking and doingother chores for the white man he became superior than his other African clansmen who toiledin the scotching sun of the vast plantations. The western partitioning of Africa was the lastweapon that made the African nothing more than a cultural orphan with no identity at all. Thus
playing the ‘’prodigal son’’ in the vicinity of the Western world, mentally ingesting the European
culture. Just like one feasting on junk food that does nothing but causes mul-nutrition. In otherwords this African suffered from an identity deficiency or should l say identity kwashiorkor.Now the same black man cannot pay respect to his ancestors who blessed him with the geneshe carries. Over powered by self-hate, he prays to distance himself from his blackness
wipe my sins whiter than snow, that l may be found in the realm of your
white majesty. Amen’’.
While sitting in the bench reminiscence to exhume truths of this subject, imaginaryantagonistic criticism even from my own African clansman began to echo in my mind. This isdue to the fact that truth on Blackness is considered as trivial even by some Africans living in aworld they anticipate is designed along the progressive edge and modernisation. To start off with our mediums of communication, most Black people feel prejudiced to speak in theirindigenous languages. This involuntary makes me laugh my lungs out especially in some cases
where you find illiterate Africans struggling to construct English sentences when conversing. It’s
only a few white people who bother themselves about speaking to Black people using Africanlanguages.
It’s so amasing that wh
ite people
don’t want to be associated with Afrikanness,
while Africans are deeply rooted in the traits of the western world. This disgrace was conceivedby the inferiority complex that slavery and colonisation instilled on the African race. The factthat the white man presented himself as an architect of the whole human civilisation the restof the world was obliged to boot lick the western ways. However this faked superiority wasfounded on capitalism, barbarism and historical myths promoting racial prejudice. This issubstantiated by the history of Europe which alludes to wars of conquests by power hungryvultures like Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler and many more European heroes of violence. This cultureof violence was later inflicted on Africans by the Europeans who captured gold out of Africa.Notable among these were the Portuguese traders who attracted the coming in of otherwestern capitalist merchants. The next sweeping tide being slavery, then what could theAfricans do? . They had to receive their plight in the hands of these pig skinned, mercilessGoliaths. Hence in chains they were bond to captivity, this is where the story of culturaldilapidation began.
They may say Black is evil, but the bibl
e ‘’the pure book’’
is under thecaptivity of the Black ink. The same colour that they associate with evilsuperstitions.
Psychological denigration of Africans was another process used by the slave master to defeatthis gullible people. Thus the same clergy who had come bearing the banner of Christianitywhich inscribed the morals to govern mankind
’s virtue was the same villain
who blessed theslave batches that sailed to the west. In such circumstances the African began to regard thisplight as natural as it was sanctified and ordained by a member of the self-
proclaimed ‘’purerace’’
that also claimed to have known the true GOD. Now the Africans having been brandedas
the ‘’unclean
and cursed
as said to be symbolized by their
skin, humblyaccepted slavery to serve their God given masters who bore the gospel. After this successfulmental imprisonment, the African thought that Blackness was the ugliest thing ever; henceanything to do with Blackness had to be avoided by any means necessary. That meant bleachingtheir skin colour, using the western languages for communication. The lost sons and daughters
of Africa cursed their Blackness, simple because they were told ‘’Black is cursed and evil’’
The Black cat 
is associated with witch craft…
k magic… Black 
Black clothing for mourning

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