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Media Studies A2 Evaluation 3Real

Media Studies A2 Evaluation 3Real

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Published by KaleemRichards

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Published by: KaleemRichards on Mar 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What have you learned from your audience feedback?
Identifying my target audience was something really essential to my coursework as t allowedme to direct my products to a particular group of people. I identified my target audience agroup which will have passion for the type of products i produce and would also appreciatethem. This group consists of both genders Aged 13-35 (Mainly Females). In particular Females who fancy or are extreme fans of the artist individually, which will complement my focus on theelement of 
‘star power’. This target audience should be keen fans of the R&B genre
and of the Hip-hopgenre, who have a interest in songs with a rap feature. This target audience should also appreciate musicbased on common R&B themes such as; love and relationships and parties or celebration. Along with these common themes my target audience would also relate to common R&Bfeatures such as relationship based narratives in the music video. My target audience mustbe able to relate to the music of my artist so should therefore enjoy partying and having funand enjoy songs which are less serious and light-hearted. Along with the style of music myaudience should appreciate respectful representation of women as well as men who like to seemales perception of relations and their point of view. Conventionally of the R&B genre thereis a small element of eye candy in my music video, so a potential target audience may alsobe men who are attracted to models in the video and enjoy the gaze.In terms of gaining my audience feedback initially i had to establish where I could find them and then find themost efficient way of questioning them. Firstly I started by asking my fellow students who I knew had ainterest in music, I knew current media students were good to ask as they have the relevant knowledge andinterest in music video through studying the same course as me. I issued them the printed questionnaire andrecorded the results on a chart which gave me a better perspective of my results, and then repeated thisprocess by posting the questionnaire on my Facebook page as my friends on their were of the appropriateage. Audience feedback is essential as it is the audience themselves who you intend to pleaseand their needs and preferences are a key consideration if you plan to do so. It is the mostimportant critique as it allows you to see the areas in which you have done well in and mayhighlight areas of improvement in which you may not have noticed otherwise. These are allthings that if taking into consideration will improve the quality of the products and thereforethe overall satisfaction of the audience.

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