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Published by johncaseyforamerica
Jim Stoppani
Jim Stoppani

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Published by: johncaseyforamerica on Mar 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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T 12-w program I am about to ta you trougis basd o o o t oldst, trid ad tru mtodsor gaiig strgt ad muscl. Tis typ o traiigas succssully prpard almost ry typ oatlt imagiabl, rom Olympic wigtlitrs tosoccr playrs. It wors so wll tat it as b usdcotiually or dcads.I ow tat I am bst ow or my uiqu xrcissad ol traiig programs, but somtims you ato rly o t basics. Tat’s spcially tru w abasic program wors as wll a tis o. O cours, Ia ta t basic, but ry cti program adtwad it to prct its ctiss ad to maximizt rsults you gt. Ts rsults iclud gratrstrgt, biggr muscls, ad lss body at.
Tis program is basd o t traiig cocpt calldpriodizatio. Priodizatio is t mtod o cagigup your traiig at spcid tim poits. T ryrst priodizd scm to b usd wit wigts iscalld Liar Priodizatio (also ow as ClasscPriodizatio). Tat simply mas tat you startwit ligt wigt ad ig rps ad as t programprogrsss t wigts usd gt air ad airad t rps compltd pr st gt wr ad wr.Most priodizd programs ta may mots tocomplt. May last aywr rom 4 to 12 motsto complt t cycl. But tis priodizd programutilizs a cocpt ow as microcycls. Wr atypical liar priodizd scm migt stic wit tsam wigt ad rp rag or a mot or logr, tmicro cycls cag up t wigt ad rp ragsry w.I w o your rp rag will b 12-15 rps. I wtwo you bump up all t wigts ad drop rps dowto 9-11. W tr adds wigt agai to ac xrcisto drop t rp rag dow to 6-8. Ad i w ouryou bump t wigt up agai to drop rps dow to3-5 pr st. Tos ar t our microcycls tat youwill rpat. O t ourt w you a compltdt rst 4-w pas. O t t w you drop twigt bac dow ad start all or at 12-15 rps prst. Tis is t start o Pas 2. But ow you will babl to do ac rp rag wit at last 5 ad up to 20pouds mor ta you could i Pas 1. I t sixtw, or w 2 o Pas 2, you will b bac at 9-11rps pr st. I w 7, or w 3 o pas 2, wigtwill go up agai to drop your rpa dow to 6-8 pr st.Ad i w 8, or w 4 o pas 2, wigt will goup to limit rps to 3-5 pr st. Tat complts Pas2. Ad i w 9 you start T al pas, pas 3by droppig bac dow to 12-15 rps pr st ad rutroug t our microcycls agai util you ar bacdow at 3-5 rps pr st. O cours, i ac pas youwill b usig 5-20 pouds mor ta you did i pas2 ad 10-40 pouds mor ta you usd i Pas 1.Tis is ow you gt strogr... Muc strogr, or tis12-w program.T costat icras i wigt ac w ad trcyclig o ts our pass lads to imprssistrgt gais. T microcyls also lad to musclyprtropy du to t costat cagig up o trp rags ac ad ry w. Aotr raso ort strgt ad mass gais as to do wit t acttat you p t wigt stady o ac xrcis orall sts ad you ar orcd to complt t miimumumbr o rps i tat rp rag.Gratr gais i strgt ad muscl mass arguaratd wit tis program. I a s somimprssi rsults wit tis program. I m, I as gais o strgt or 90 pouds o t squatad or 50 pouds o t bc prss. Ad ormuscl, som guys a gaid or 15 pouds omuscl. Ys, pur muscl, wil actually droppigbody at. Spaig o body at, w maximizig bodyat wit my traiig ad dit twas som m alost or 20 pouds o body at. Ad wom a alsos imprssi gais i strgt ad muscl willosig body at. Wom ollowig my program aicrasd tir squat strgt by or 60 pouds,ad bc prss strgt by 30 pouds. Ad gais imuscl o or 10 pouds ad at loss or 10 pouds.But I’m ot t oly o to rport isa gais imuscl siz ad strgt wit cocomittat losssi body at. Rsarcrs rom Fdral Uirsity oSao Carlos (Sao Paulo, Brazil) rportd imprssirsults usig a similar microcycl liar priodizatioprogram or 12 ws. Ty ad o group o malatlts ollow a liar priodizatio program witwly microcycls rpatig tr tims or a total o12 ws ad a scod group ollowig a rrs liarpriodizd program wit microcycls or 12 ws.
Wil t liar priodizd group startd wit 12-14rps pr st ad dd ac pas wit 4-6 rps prst, t rrs liar group startd ac pas wit4-6 rps ad dd wit 12-14. Ty masurd tirmuscl mass, body at ad strgt o bc prsss,lat pulldows, barbll curls, ad lg xtsios borad atr t 12 ws. Ty rportd tat t liargroup gaid 7 pouds o la muscl mass wil trrs group oly gaid 3 pouds o muscl. Tliar group also lost or 5 pouds o body at wilt rrs group lost a littl or 3 pouds o bodyat. Altoug bot groups icrasd strgt o allxrciss, t liar group mad gratr gais tat rrs group.T rst xrcis you do or ac muscl group(xcpt or abs ad cals) will rmai costattrougout all 12 ws. Tis is t xrcis tat youar ocusig o icrasig your strgt o. Most ot assistac xrciss tat ollow t rst xrciswill cag ry pas. For abs, t xrciss willcag ac w basd o t rp rags. Tis isdu to t act tat som ab xrciss ar asir todo or igr rps, wil som ar dicult to do orlowr rps. So I orgaizd t bst ab xrciss or tprscribd rp rags.
As I alrady mtiod, tis program wors wllto icras t tr mai goals tat w all a –icrasig muscl strgt, boostig muscl siz, adacig at loss. To boost muscl mass as muc aspossibl, w’ll b usig two itsity tciqus: rst-paus ad dropsts.
Maximizing Muscle Growth –
Durig wso ad two o ac pas o t program, you will doo rst-paus o t last st o ac xrcis. To dotis, rac muscl ailur o t last st, t rac twigt ad rst 15 scods. T cotiu t st utilyou rac muscl ailur agai. Durig ws trad our o all pass, you will do a drop st o tlast st o ac xrcis. To do tis, ta t last st tomuscl ailur t immdiatly rduc t wigt tot amout you usd or tat xrcis durig w 1,ad cotiu t st util ailur agai.
PHaSE 1:
Week 1
Rest-pause set as last set of each exercise
ExErcisE sEts rEps
Bc Prss 4 x 12-15Icli Bc Prss 3 x 12-15Icli Dumbbll Fly 3 x 12-15Cabl Crossor 3 x 12-15Tricps Prssdow 3 x 12-15Lyig Tricps extsio 3 x 12-15Cabl Orad Tricps extsio 3 x 12-15Stadig Cal Rais 4 x 25-30Satd Cal Rais 4 x 25-30
ExErcisE sEts rEps
Dumbbll Bt-Or Row 4 x 12-15Wid-Grip Pulldow 3 x 12-15Stadig Pulldow 3 x 12-15Straigt Arm Pulldow 3 x 12-15Barbll curl 4 x 12-15Dumbbll Icli Curl 3 x 12-15O-Arm hig Cabl Curl 3 x 12-15hip Trust 3 x 20-30*Cruc 3 x 20-30*Obliqu Cruc 3 x 20-30*
* Shoot for at least 20-30 reps, but if you can do more,continue until reaching failure. If you cannot complete 20 reps, do as many as you can tring to get as close to 20 reps as possible.

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