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Experience the Passion

Experience the Passion



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Published by Shirley

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Categories:Types, Resumes & CVs
Published by: Shirley on Mar 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shirley OrtegaMary FoxEnglish 8502 Dec 2008Experience the PassionWhile there are so many genres of music to choose from not everyone enjoys just one. Two very different genres of music are country and hip hop; I enjoy thesetwo styles the most. Although they are so different, they have a lot in common. Howpeople organize and present their music determines their genre. Music is passion;when a songwriter puts their experiences on paper, music is born.Country music is deeply rooted and can be traced back as far as the 1920’s.Country music began in the Southern United States and the Appalachian Mountainsas immigrants brought music and instruments of the Old World with them. The mostcommon instruments that immigrants brought with them were the Irish fiddle, adulcimer from Germany, the Italian Mandolin, the Spanish guitar, and the Africanbanjo. The first recorded country music was a collaboration of different ethnicgroups and their instruments; this style is known as old-time music. Country musichas not always been called, “country,” the earlier term was “hillbilly” music. Manythought this term was too degrading, so in the 1940’s they changed the term tocountry music. In the 1970’s the term was widely accepted. These days, countrymusic is a broad term used to describe different styles and genres, such as Old-timemusic or hillbilly. In the 1920’s, neighboring communities would gather together anddance the night away. Line dancing became a popular form of dancing for country
Ortega 2music in the 1990’s. Sadly, before the decade was over country line dancing was nolonger.In the early 1970’s, hip hop music was created by its own culture in New YorkCity. Block parties hosted by an emcee or disk jockey were very common in the city,especially in the Bronx. This is Wikipedia’s description, “The early DJ’s at blockparties began isolating the percussion break to hit songs, realizing that these werethe most dance-able and entertaining parts; this technique was then common in Jamaica and had spread via the substantial Jamaican immigrant community in New York City, especially the godfather of hip hop, DJ Kool Herc.” (“Hip Hop”) Using anaudio mixer and two records, DJ’s are able to extend the percussion breaks andremix different songs together to create a whole new style of music. MCs or DJswould often play at block parties but a recording contract was not likely. Finally in1979, Sugarhill Gang released the very first hip hop album,
Rapper’s Delight.
In the1990’s hip hop was no longer one genre; artists produced new styles, creating sub-genres within hip hop music. Gangsta rap is written with explicit lyrics to describetheir violent and promiscuous lives. Nu Soul is a softer sound, with combined soulmusic and the upbeat style of hip hop music. Dance is a huge part of the hip hopculture; break dancing is a distinctive and exciting style of dance that has beenaround since block parties in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s go-go dancing played a rolein hip hop culture, but today break dancing remains the most popular style of dancein hip hop.All music is written from ones heart, a surreal experience for some. Hardshipand gratification have always been a part of life; artists share their personalexperiences in their lyrics. Both country and hip hop music have combinedtechniques from all over the world to produce their own styles. It’s unrealistic to say
Ortega 3that everyone gets along at all times with that, feuds between artists are inevitableregardless of their genre. Feuds within the country music industry tend to arguemore about politics and opinions. Since hip hop began in the 1970’s, violent gangshave been founded and the rivalry between the East and West Coast rappers hasturned deadly. Reporters have often added to the feud, because of themisinterpretation of MC battles. To further explain, Wikipedia states, “MCs could becreative, paring nonsense rhymes and teasing friends and enemies alike in the styleof Jamaican toasting at blues parties or playing the dozens in exchange of wit.”(“Hip Hop”) Both country and hip hop music today have multiple cable channelsdedicated to their genre. There are awards ceremonies within each genre to honormusicians, and also ceremonies that honor musicians in multiple genres, such asthe
 American Music Awards
.Music is culture, which can often be identified by the lyrics written in themusic. I enjoy both country and hip hop music; each style brings something to thetable that the other one doesn’t. I was raised in the culture of country music, butbecause of the hardships that I have endured in my life I can relate to lyrics of hiphop. Coming from an isolated town in the country, it was helpful for me to know thatI was not the only child whose parents were drug addicts and that there is life afterhardship. Country music will always remind me of my roots; hip hop reminds methat when things get tough, it’s not just me, everyone falls on hard times.Regardless of the genre, music is an inspiration to many, keep on listening.

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