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MCI Service Agreement

MCI Service Agreement

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All new clients will need to fill out and sign this document, to submit files.
All new clients will need to fill out and sign this document, to submit files.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Mortgage Compliance Investigators on Mar 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is a Private Contract between Mortgage Compliance Investigators, hereinafter referred to as
“Service Provider”, and _______________________________________________________________,
referred to as “Customer”.
The Customer understands, and the Service Provider specifically states, the ServiceProvider is NOT a Law Firm or a Lawyer and the Parties agree that NO Legal Advice or Opinion isbeing provided or will be provided under this agreement. Customer further confirms that he/she hasbeen encouraged to consult an Attorney of his/her choosing before entering into this agreement.Acknowledgment of Disclaimer: _________ InitialThe Service Provider provides the service of preparing certain documents and I understand that I amcontracting with the Service Provider to have letters, requests and/or other documents prepared.Customer believes that sending certain documents to certain individuals and/or entities is the correctcourse of action for him to take and is seeking the competent completion of those documents.Customer is desirous of a certain outcome; namely, finding if the loan has been securitized, the name of the Trust, and/or an analysis of the mortgage documents to determine if they contain defects/errors ormay prove to be unenforceable for any other reason. Customer understands that there is no guarantee of any outcome as a result of the use of the documents created.
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Customer declares and agrees that the extent of services being provided to him/her is limited to readilyavailable information through specialized, licensed software which is not accessible to the generalpublic, and that he/she has come to the belief that the documents to be prepared are necessary in order topossibly help facilitate reduction or removal of debt or encumbrances upon the property referred toherein.Customer further declares his/her understanding that should the use of said documents not produce orachieve the desired results, he/she should consult with an Attorney in order to institute formal Legalaction to further address and/or correct any and all defects he/she may believe to be in said arrangement.Customer agrees that this provision of services is specifically at his/her request and Customer agrees to
indemnify and hold Service Provider harmless in any actions which may arise out of Customer’s use of 
such services.Customer understands and agrees that since the Service Provider cannot force the Customer to use thedocuments in any particular way, once they come into possession of the Customer, the Service Providercannot and does not guarantee any particular outcome. Further, no matter how the documents are usedand/or other actions taken, NO particular outcome is guaranteed.Customer understands that Service Provider will incur costs immediately upon accepting the request toprepare documents and, accordingly, agrees that the up-front fee charged for the preparation of saiddocuments is non-refundable.Customer understands that he/she is representing himself/herself and that he/she has no agreement withService Provider to provide him/her with an Attorney. If Customer wants an Attorney to represent
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him/her, Customer can request Service Provider to give names of qualified Attorneys to represent
him/her for an independent fee which Customer must negotiate on his/her own behalf. All Attorneys’
fees negotiated by Customer will be sole responsibility and expense of Customer and will not affect thisagreement in any fashion.
Both Customer and Service Provider, hereinafter referred to as “The Parties”, agree that this agreement
forms the basis of their contract and that said contract may be amended only by mutual consent and anysuch amendment will only be valid if in writing and signed by both parties.The Parties agree that this contract (and any amendments hereto) is/are the only agreement(s) betweenthem, that it is the whole agreement, and that no warranties, representations or other inducements,express or implied, have been given or made in this regard.This agreement constitutes the final and complete statement of the agreements between The Parties andsupersedes/replaces all prior negotiations and proposed agreements, whether written or verbal, betweenThe Parties.If one or more of the provisions of this agreement is/are held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable inany respect or for any reason, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining portion of suchprovisions and of the remaining provisions of this agreement shall not be in any way impaired oraffected.This agreement, subject to the restrictions on assignment herein, shall be binding upon and shall inure tothe benefit of each of The Parties and their respective successors-in-interest and/or assigns.

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