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Ashringa: 4 Horses of the Moon = the Lore of the Unicorn

Ashringa: 4 Horses of the Moon = the Lore of the Unicorn

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Published by LauraHenson
Part 4 of my Ashringa Werehorse breedbook forWerewolf: the Apocalypse. This chapter contains new Gifts, Rites, and Fetishes for the World of Darkness.
Part 4 of my Ashringa Werehorse breedbook forWerewolf: the Apocalypse. This chapter contains new Gifts, Rites, and Fetishes for the World of Darkness.

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Published by: LauraHenson on Mar 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Werehorses for White Wolf’s Werewolf: the Apocalypse
By Laura M. Henson © 2005
Chapter Four 
 Joachim, the Silver, the Horse-in- the-Moon Looked down from a nighttime skyTo a ribbon of dark that was river With his Moon’s unwinking eye.“Come down!” the beech trees whispered With a dried leaf rattle and hiss.“Come down,” they sang with a breezy snarl,“Come down for a beech trees kiss.”  Joachim, the Ageless, the Horse-in-the-MoonWhose heart beat ardent with time Looked past to the forest’s dark secretsWhere his shadow lay pooled in the pines.“Come dance,” the meat-eaters invited, Hiding their hunger in song,“Come dance in the forest among us,” “We’ll spin as we play to your song.”  Joachim, the Waxing, the Horse-in-the-Moon Looked down in the farmlands to see Men with their whips and their bridles,“We’ll ride on your back- You’ll be free.”  Joachim the Waning, wise and aloof  Remained where he was in the sky. Like a spider, slow spinning, A web’s end to beginning,Watching the mortals pass by.
- “The Horse-in-the-Moon” from Mary Stanton’s the“Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West”
This chapter details the gifts, rites, and fetishes of the Ashringa. The powers given below are from varioussources but most of the gifts and rites given below can be found in
Werewolf: the Apocalypse, TheWerewolf Player’s Guide (second edition),
and the
Mokole’ Tribe Book.
“Funny thing how that Avalanche came up on that howling horse. He’d forgotten that, but it came back to him now, sharp an’ clear. That big old animal a howlin’ like a wolf, and then the snow crashen’ down on them and buryin’ poor Great Knox and somehow jest missing all the horses.” 
- “Weither a Borrower Be…” a Mad Amos story by Alan Dean Foster.
As in werewolves, Ashringa start with three gifts, one from breed, suhn, and bão. The gifts of theappropriate Garou breed and auspice can be learned by Ashringa as can certain Garou tribal gifts but insome cases the gifts in question may have to be modified in order to be appropriate for Ashringa characters.For example, the Garou gift
 Razor Claws
would only work in Chalico form as that is the only Ashringashape that has claws. Gifts unique to the Ashringa can be found below.
Homid Gifts
Hoof's Might (1)
In Homid form, the Ashringa may call on her foot to become as strong as a horse's hoof for feats of strength. This Gift is taught by a Horse-spirit.
The Ashringa spends 1 Rage and rolls Strength + Brawl difficulty 6. A kick of this can break doors, shatter wood, but not metal or stone, and is good for one kick only.
Nature’s plenty (1)
As the Gurahl gift.
Scholar’s Friend (1)
As the Bastet (Bubasti) gift.
Soothe Cousin (2)
Homid Ashringa gains the ability to soothe any horse, no matter how frightened it is. A Horse-Spirit teaches this Gift.
The werehorse spends 1 Gnosis and rolls Charisma +Empathy,difficulty depending on the height of the horse's rage. After thisGift succeeds, the horse will be calm for the rest of the scene.
Talk (2)
As the Mokolé gift.
Inspiration (3)
The Ashringa appears so impressive and inspiring that to humans that they are inspired to work just as hardto preserve nature. Some people affected by this gift have become activist for cleaning up pollution whileothers have been inspired to paint nature scenes.
 As soon as the avatar of Gaia blesses the werehorse withthis Gift, it stays in effect for as long as the Ashringa lives and affects any human who sees it in Monoceros form on a Charisma + Empathy roll ,difficulty = the viewers Delirium score.
Voice of a Thousand (3)
The Ashringa, to work together with humans of any race, may invoke the power to translate any humanlanguage in her vicinity, and speak in it. A monkey-spirit teaches this Gift.
 Roll Manipulation + Linguistics difficulty 6. Lasts for five minutes per success.
Adaptation (4)
As the Garou Gift of the same name.
Control Spider's Brood(4)
As in the Garou Glass Walker Gift
Control Complex Machines
Fools Luck (4)
As the level three Mokol
Icy Chill of Despair (5)
As the Garou gift.
Touch of Hoof (5)
some human Kinfolk of the Ashringa are so proud of their heritage, that they wish to be able to becomehorses themselves. With this special Gift, the Homid Ashringa may invoke an enchantment that turns ahuman into a horse for one day. This Gift is taught by a Horse-spirit.
The Ashringa spends five Gnosis and touches the Human, then rolls Manipulation + Animal Ken, difficultyequaling the human‘s willpower. The human turns completely into a horse and doesn't revert back to Human shape until the next morning.
Métis Gifts
Hobble (1)
The user can, by expending a Gnosis point and winning a Willpower roll at a difficulty equal to the target‘sdexterity + 4, cause any opponent to be hobbled. The user may only take small steps and may not run(divide speed by the number of successes) and has a -3 penalty to dexterity. This gift lasts for one scene andis taught by a snail spirit.
Unicorn's Favor (1)
The Ashringa can call upon the spirit of the Unicorn, grow a temporary horn on her skull in any form.Although this protrusion is a bit unsightly, it allows horn attacks in shapes other than Monoceros. This Giftis taught by an avatar of Unicorn.
The Ashringa spends one Gnosis point to grow the horn. This lasts for one scene, and allows her to goreher opponent for Strength+2, Aggravated damage Difficulty 7.
Hoof of Diamond (2)
The Ashringa may turn her Hoof as hard as diamond allowing her to walk through rocky terrain, over  broken glass or on hot coals unharmed. A Rock-Spirit teaches this Gift.
The Ashringa spends one Willpower point and the gift is activated, and stays on for one scene per successon a stamina + athletics, difficulty 6, roll…
Mother's Touch(2)
As the Garou gift.
Open the Gate (2)
The user can, by expending 2 Gnosis, open any door or gate that bars his path. This gift will not work onelectrical locks. This gift is taught by a pony spirit.
Stomp (2)
The Ashringa focuses all her strength into one devastating kick, which can break bone and shatter steel.This Gift is taught by an Elephant-Spirit.
The Ashringa spends one Willpower point, and rolls Strength + Primal-Urge, Difficulty depending on what the target is. This Gift works only once and inflicts strength + 3 aggravated damage. If the kick misses, theroll has to be repeated and the Willpower point is lost.
Eyes of the Dragon Kings (2)
As the level one Nagha gift.
Scent of Sweet Honey (2)
As the level one Garou Bone Gnawer gift.
Love of Gaia (3)
The Ashringa can look a human in the eye and activate this Gift which shows the human the beauty of 

Activity (4)

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