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Published by mas80304
3 poems inquiring into the nature of death
3 poems inquiring into the nature of death

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Published by: mas80304 on Mar 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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continuing the word mosaic seriescontinuing the word mosaic seriescontinuing the word mosaic seriescontinuing the word mosaic seriesby Mary Ann Schaefer © 2009by Mary Ann Schaefer © 2009by Mary Ann Schaefer © 2009by Mary Ann Schaefer © 2009
Creation Notes: My friend and I had made a date to go out in the worldand look for inspiration. This assignment was both easy and hard!After spending several hours viewing the Continental Divide (such anobvious place to look for inspiration!), we were heading home with somesense of disappointment. And then we spontaneously decided to stop at acemetery. We both understood this more unexpected moment as theinspiration offering for that day.After sitting with the many culturally-prescribed implicationsassociated with death, I found myself looking for alternate entry pointsinto the subject as a way of reaching for other meanings. The pieces inthis mosaic are part of that conjuring intention.
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Briefly, I washere where youare now betweenearth and skyinhabitinga universe,a forest,flesh. The storyabout who I wasand what happened,how I endedup here hasdisappearedbut you canimagine. Todayof all days, youturned toward andparked, you pushedopen the irongate and crossedinto this fieldpurposefullyas if the hushwere callingyou too.Is it accidental,the seeming semblances attracting notice, the changing light streaming throughaperture, focusing in, reflective edges emerging from a dazzle of flecksbillowing across the viewfinder like starlings swarmingimpossibly intelligently in washes of utter grace?I remember now,essence as form,and beingsurvivedby you.

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