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Eucharistic Miracles Around the World

Eucharistic Miracles Around the World



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Published by Quo Primum

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Published by: Quo Primum on Mar 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ITALY, 1228
Eucharistic Miracle of   
In Alatri’s Cathedral of Saint Paul the Apostle, there
is kept even today the reliquary 
of the Eucharistic miraclethat occurred in 1228 andconsisted in a fragment of the Host turning into flesh. A young woman, in an effortto regain the love of hersweetheart, consulted asorceress who ordered herto steal a consecrated Host tomake a love potion. DuringMass, the young woman hida Host in a cloth. But whenshe got home, she realizedthat the Host had been
transformed into bleeding flesh.
This miracle has extensivedocumentation, includingfrom Pope Gregory IX.
he most authoritative testimony regardingthis miracle is found in the Bull
Fraternitas tuae 
(March 13, 1228) written by PopeGregory IX in response to Bishop Giovanni V of  Alatri. The text reads: “Gregory, Bishop andServant of the Servants of God, to VenerableBrother Bishop of Alatri, greetings and Apostolicblessing. We have received your letter, dearestbrother, in which you informed us of a certainyoung woman misguided by an evil woman, who, after having received from the priest theMost Holy Body of Christ, held the Sacred Hostin her mouth until the right moment to concealthe Holy Eucharist in a cloth. After three days,she discovered the same Body which she hadreceived in the form of bread transformed intoflesh, as everyone has been able to verify with
their own eyes. Because both women have humbly 
revealed this to you, you desire our opinionregarding the punishment that should be im-posed upon them. First, we give thanks with allour strength to Him Who, though He alwaysoperates in marvelous ways, in this case repeatsmiracles and produces new wonders so that Hecalls to
sinners, converts evildoers and confoundsheretics
 while strengthening faith in the truthof the Catholic
Church, sustaining hope and re-igniting charity.
Thus, dearest brother,
by meansof this apostolic letter, we dispose that youinflict a milder punishment on the young woman, whom we hold to have done this morefrom weakness than malice, especially becauseit can be believed that she has sufficiently repented in confessing her sin. To the instigator, who with her perversion pushed the young woman to commit sacrilege, apply those discipli-nary measures that we believe opportune to leaveto your judgment. She should also visit thenearest bishop so that she can humbly confess hercrime, imploring pardon with devout submis-sion.” The Pope interpreted this episode as a signagainst the widespread heresies regarding the RealPresence of Jesus in the Eucharist and pardonedthe two repentant women. A commemorativemedal was coined on the 750th anniversary of themiracle; one side showed the cathedral façade andthe reliquary, while the other a bust of PopeGregory IX with the Papal Bull.
Paintings in the Cathedral of Alatri which illustratethe various phases of the miracleThe 750th anniversary of the miracle was solemnly celebrated in1978. For the occasion, a medal was coined which on the front showsan image of Pope Gregory IX with the Papal Bull and on the back,the façade of the cathedral with the Host above
Monstrance where thereliquary of the miracle is keptChapel inside the cathedral where the reliquary of the miracleis kept
Cathedral of Saint Paulin AlatriBull
Fraternitas Tuae 
of PopeGregory IX Letter of the rector of Saint Mary alle Terme, datedMarch 22, 1888, in which hegives thanks for the gift of partof the reliquary of the IncarnateHost conserved in AlatriDetail of the reliquary 
© 2006, Istituto San Clemente I Papa e Martire / Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association
The chapel where theIncarnate Host is exposed
SPAIN, 1348
In 1348, a priest on his way tovisit some sick people in orderto bring them Communion,slipped in the waters of a smallriver that he was crossing andoverturned the ciborium whichcontained some consecratedHosts. The poor priest, whohad by now resigned himself tothe loss, heard himself beingcalled by some fishermen ashort distance away, asking himto come closer to the shore inorder to see several fish withdiscs in their mouths which
appeared to be Hosts. The Hosts
 were immediately recovered andbrought back to the church in asolemn procession in which the whole village participated.
n 1348, in the town of Alboraya-Almácera,
a Eucharistic miracle occurred which seemed
to recall episodes in the life of Saint Francisthat demonstrate how, if men were to fully live inthe grace of God, all God’s creatures would live inharmony. A priest, carrying a ciborium containing the
Viaticum (Eucharist) destined for some sick people,
 was crossing a river on mule-back when he wassuddenly swept off his mount by a rushing wave.The priest tumbled into the water along with hisciborium, which was emptied of its preciouscontent. The Hosts fell out and were beingcarried away by the current toward the mouth of the river nearby. The priest, barely saving himself,full of remorse, and lamenting what had occurredas he tried to free himself from the mud and the waters, was approached by some fishermen who were stunned to have witnessed, in the place where the river water flowed into the sea, threefish, each with a little white disc resemblingCommunion Hosts, in its mouth.
The priest immediately 
rantothechurch and returned to the river bank withanother ciborium. He did everything in such ahurry that he didn’t even stop to ask himself if the fishermen’s story was believable. Great washis joy when he saw that the three remarkablefish were there, almost completely out of the water, lifting the Hosts intact with theirmouths, like little trophies. He fell to his knees,and extending his chalice, prayed as he hadnever prayed before in his entire life; and thus,he saw the fish deposit the Hosts in the chalice,one after the other, and then dive and slitherrapidly back into the water to disappear into thesea. Only at that moment did the priest noticethat he was surrounded by a group of men and women who had witnessed the entire scene.Today it is still possible to consult numerousdocuments testifying to the miracle. There evenexists a small church, with two fish sculpted onthe door, built on the site of the miracle, and twopaintings reproducing the entire event.
© 2006, Istituto San Clemente I Papa e Martire / Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association
Hermitage Church in AlborayaMosaic on the exterior of the ChurchCommemorative sculpture of the miracle in the city-center
Eucharistic Miracle of   
SPAIN, 1348
Great was his   joy when he saw that the three remarkable fish   were there, almost completely out of   the water, lifting the Hosts intact with their mouths,
like little trophies.
© 2006, Istituto San Clemente I Papa e Martire / Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association
The procession held every yearduring the Feast of CorpusChristi when the miracle iscommemoratedInterior of the Parishof Almácera
Commemorative tablet of the miracleThe fish in the miracle are represented on the entrance door to the Church
Detail of the main entrance to the Church constructed in memory of the Miracle
Tributary of the Calderona mountain range crossed by the PriestCommemorative candle of the fish of Alboraya -Almácera
The fish place the Sacred Hostsin the chalice. The presentfresco in the interior of theParish of Almácera
Eucharistic Miracle of   

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