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Nedc Enews February 2009

Nedc Enews February 2009

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Published by Justin

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Published by: Justin on Mar 10, 2009
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• Niagara scientists develop avian radarsystem• New use for former CanGro facility inSt. David's
Keeping You Informed on Economic Development News in Niagara Canada
Niagara Economic Development Corporation E-News February 2009
Ontario's Economic Development Minister, the Honoura
le Michael Bryant (inset) addressesattendees to the 2009 Niagara Industrial Tradeshow at the Niagara Fallsview Casino onFebruary 19, 2009. The day-long tradeshow was aimed at promoting networking betweenlocal manufacturing and industrial companies.
Tradeshow boosts awareness, interestfor local manufacturing companies
Niagara Development Corridor partnershosted the second annual Niagara IndustrialBuyer Seller Tradeshow at the FallsviewCasino Resort on February 19. Representa-tives from more than one hundred compa-nies across Niagara and southern Ontarioexhibited a range of goods and services inan effort to increase trade and awareness of Niagara's strong industrial sector.The day’s opening address was given bySt. Catharines MPP, the Honourable JimBradley, Minister of Transportation. TheHonourable Michael Bryant, Minister of Economic Development and GovernmentHouse Leader was the featured luncheonspeaker. Bryant spoke of the governmentsupport for businesses across Ontario,noting that the province is providing muchneeded loans and grants to many businessesin order to stimulate the economy. He alsomentioned Ontario’s signicant efforts inthe Niagara region, specically $2 millionto the Fort Erie Economic Development andTourism Corporation and a $1.9 million con-tribution to Niagara Economic DevelopmentCorporation to apply to various businessinitiatives.“We are very appreciative of the supportour corporation and Niagara businesses arereceiving from the provincial government,”notes Patrick Gedge, CEO of NiagaraEconomic Development Corporation.Throughout the day, various workshopswere held on innovation and efciency,opportunities for supplying to the oil sandsin Alberta, and how to access new programfunding for marketing and training.This is the second year the Niagara BuyerSeller Industrial Forum was presented by thecommunities of the Niagara DevelopmentCorridor Partnership and many privatesector and public sector partners. TheNiagara Development Corridor Partnershipis comprised of a team of area municipalbusiness development organizations whichincludes the cities of Niagara Falls andSt. Catharines, Welland DevelopmentCommission, Port Colborne Economic andTourism Development Corporation, FortErie Economic Development and TourismCorporation, and the Niagara EconomicDevelopment Corporation
When Pelham based Accipiter Radar Tech-nologies Inc.’s engineering team developedits sophisticated tracking radar, the targetsthey had in mind were small, fast boatsand low-ying aircraft used by terroristsand smugglers. In 2003, U.S. Navyscientists seeking better radar solutionsfor tracking birds at Navy airelds becameaware of Accipiter’s high-performance andcost-effectiveness and made the connec-tion that the technology would apply tobirds as well as it did terrorists.Accipiter Avian Radar has since beeninstalled at Navy, Marine Corps and AirForce bases from Alaska to the Carolinasincluding Elmendorf Air Force Base wherea tragic crash due to a bird strike with aock of Canada Geese killed an entire crewof 24 in 1995 and raised awareness of therisks of bird-aircraft collisions.The recent high-prole crash of U.S.Airways ight 1549 into the Hudson Riverhas generated public interest in the risksof bird strikes to aircraft and the initiativesthat may be used to reduce the risk. It hasalso raised the prole of Accipiter wheredevelopment of avian radar systems iscontinuing at a rapid pace at the com-pany’s Niagara Research and Developmentfacility.The Accipiter® system already permitsseamless integration of multiple radarsinto a single display to cover large areasand remote control and viewing from anylocation with network access. The devel-opment team will continue to introducenew features driven by specic needs of the wildlife control personnel who use thesystems to improve aviation safety.“We, at Accipiter Radar, have greatrespect for the challenging work done bywildlife control, air operators, and safetypersonnel at airports worldwide, and areproud to be able to assist them with thedevelopment of new radar based tools”commented Dr. Tim Nohara, President &CEO.Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc. offersthe world’s most advanced, tracking sur-veillance radars using affordable PC-basedprocessing to the Homeland Security andAviation Safety markets worldwide. TheAccipiter® product family encompassesthe complete wide-area radar surveillancesolution including target data acquisition,storage, management, analysis, distribu-tion and visualization.Accipiter has won the business of theworld’s most demanding customers includ-ing the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security,the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration,every branch of the U.S. military and lawenforcement agencies on both sides of the U.S./Canada border. Accipiter is a sub-sidiary of the experienced and respectedCanadian defence contractor, SicomSystems Ltd. and boasts one of the topradar engineering teams in North Americawith over 175 combined years of militaryradar development experience.
2Niagara Economic Development Corporation E-News February 2009
Peace Bridge to boost truckprocessing abilities
A fth truck-processing lane at the PeaceBridge will be constructed thanks to a $2million grant from the Government of Canada.The additional lane and inspection booth willhelp reduce the number of trucks backed upon the three-lane bridge, allowing a smootherow of trafc.
BizPaL welcomesSt. Catharines, Welland
The City of St. Catharines and Welland havebeen added to Industry Canada's BizPaL onlineservice.BizPaL simplies the business permit andlicence process for entrepreneurs, govern-ments, and third party business service provid-ers. Easy and convenient, BizPaL providesCanadian businesses with one-stop access topermit and licence information for all levelsof government. The service’s primary goalsare to slash document research time and helpentrepreneurs start up faster.For government, BizPaL provides theassurance that business clients will have theinformation they need to meet all permit andlicence requirements quickly and efciently.It also provides a way to improve the serviceexperience for business clients, while gaining acompetitive edge over other jurisdictions.BizPaL is currently being run as a projectby Industry Canada in partnership with severalprovincial, territorial and local governments.The BizPaL service is tailored specically toeach partner’s needs and business base and isexpanding rapidly across Canada.
Port Colborne’s “StrategicBorder Gateway” gainsattention of U.S. magazine
Port Colborne has been identied by BusinessExpansion Journal as a strategic bordergateway. The U.S.-based-publication's Janu-ary 2009 Logistics and Warehousing issueincluded a half-page overview of the cityand highlighted many unique advantages forthe port and the community, which includedseveral key infrastructure components such ascanal access, range of port facilities, a publicgrain elevator, and short-line rail connections.
Niagara scientists develop avianradar system
Enrolment swells atNiagara College
Niagara College is experiencing a recordincrease in enrolment for winter 2009.Enrolment in the January start programsincreased by 34 percent over the previousyear. The provincial average was 10 percent.The college also had the largest enrolment jump in Ontario for fall 2008.
2009-2010 Niagara CanadaBusiness Directory
The 2009-2010 Niagara Business Directorywill be available in March. Published by theNiagara Economic Development Corporation,this comprehensive information source providesvaluable contact and corporate information onmore than 2,800 Niagara manufacturing andprofessional services businesses.The directory is available in both print andelectronic formats. Reserve your copy today bycalling 905.685.1308. 

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